The Renaissance Soul Life Design for People with Too Many

The Renaissance Soul Life Design for People with Too Many

The Renaissance Soul Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One ➛ [KINDLE] ❅ The Renaissance Soul Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One By Margaret Lobenstine ➥ – The guide to leading a creative passionate and multifaceted life—big enough to embrace all your dreamsAre you unwilling to settle on doing just one thing “for the rest of your life” Do you jump The guide to Soul Life PDF/EPUB Á leading a creative passionate and multifaceted life—big enough to embrace all your dreamsAre you unwilling to settle on doing just one thing “for the rest of your life” Do you jump at the chance to learn something new—or after achieving success in one field find yourself yearning The Renaissance Kindle - for new challenges and looking around for something different to do If so you may be a Renaissance Soul The Renaissance Soul is the first book devoted to this personality type and in this updated edition—in paperback for the first time— author Margaret Lobenstine offers a life planning strategy perfectly in Renaissance Soul Life PDF/EPUB Á tune with those who fear becoming “a jack of all trades and master of none” Discover how to design a vibrant fulfilling life and how to• Manage Renaissance Soul Life Design for Epub / your time the Renaissance Soul way• Thrive on many interests without feeling scattered or overwhelmed• Pursue your passions even if they “don’t pay”• Carry Renaissance Soul Life Design for Epub / your dreams forward no matter what your day job isStocked with creative doable exercises relevant resources and interviews with successful Renaissance Souls this is “one self help book that is exactly as advertised well thought out and offering sage advice” Boston Globe.

  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • The Renaissance Soul Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One
  • Margaret Lobenstine
  • English
  • 11 March 2015
  • 9781615190928

10 thoughts on “The Renaissance Soul Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One

  1. Rowena Rowena says:

    “If I were to envision the Renaissance approach to life the traditional career metaphors of a highway to follow or a mountain to climb wouldn’t come to mind The Renaissance approach to life looks like a tree branching out in myriad directions some branches overlapping some intertwining and some just finding their own merry ways to the sunlight”I’m usually not a fan of these types of books; from my experience they usually have a catchy title and seem to offer so much yet I often end up feeling underwhelmed as the book spits out cliché upon cliché However I was pleasantly surprised by this book I think I read it at the right moment of my life just when I was considering going back to school and changing careers It resonated with me as a result The book is about the Renaissance Soul RS Lobenstine defines a RS as one who loves problem solving learning and experiencing new challenges A RS gets excited by many things at the same time finds it difficult to choose just one and is scared at the prospect of being stuck in the same career for life Though it may sound nice to have than one interest society doesn’t make it easy for us RS’s are called flaky and are admonished about not being able to stick to one career HoweverLobenstine says we must “honour our delight in varietyrather than forcing us to choose only one thing”This book is very helpful in teaching RS’s to own their uniueness and their curious natureThere are also many examples of RS’s both modern day and historicaland their lives in the book as well as advice about career options and time planning for RS’s Included was also some information that didn’t apply to me but may be useful for some other people ex The parents of RS teenagers I found the book uite informative It was very helpful to realize that having lots of interests could give one a competitive edge as in society we are often told to specialize on one thing or forget about ever making enough money to survive However this books shows that we all have several options; it’s comforting to know that Jack’s and Jill’s of all trades can make a living and be content at the same time

  2. Lain Lain says:

    Anyone who has three books going at the same time who hates the thought of constraining him or herself to just one thing or who gets swallowed up for hours in a bookstore will find themselves in this book Lobenstine does an excellent job of describing the renaissance personality and helping people who fall in this category to accept and embrace their diagnosis She offers concrete ways of working with instead of against our personality traits I love feeling like I'm not alone and I appreciated some of the concrete suggestions but I finished this book feeling a little lost as to what my next steps should be How do I select my four or five focal areas when it's nearly impossible for me to choose ANYTHING? I would have appreciated a structured approach to winnowing rather than narrowing my choices Overall though full of tons of great inspiration if a little light on the practical side

  3. Kat Kat says:

    I randomly came across this book and decided to check it out because I am one of those people who wants to do everything and I feel like I need to do it all right now It really is written for people like meIt was a uick read but that might be because I skimmed over all the stories about people like Dan who was fascinated by underwater basketweaving and African gorillas Dan found a way to combine his passions by getting a job doing underwater basketweaving and he could take time off in summer to go teach sign language to African gorillas AmazingSeriously though it's FULL of stories like that But if you don't read those and focus on the exercises I think it could be a helpful book I think I'll be able to make use of several of her recommendations They're things that might be simple or make complete sense to some people selecting values that are most important to you RIGHT NOW and then choosing four passions to focus on based on those values but for me that type of thing is a good reminder that there is timeIn other words don't read this if you a can't deal with lame stories about people who have Changed Their Lives or b find it easy to identify and focus on your passions

  4. Roxanne Roxanne says:

    When I saw this book at the library I had to snap it up right away Lobenstine says that in essence there are two kinds of people Mozarts who find one thing early on that they love and pursue for their whole lives and Ben Franklins who love and succeed at many different things in a wide variety of fields Being a Franklin is no better or worse than being a Mozart but it reuires a different way of looking at how you spend your time and plan your life Our society can be supportive of Mozart type personalities expecting us to choose just one major choose just one thing to do with our lives and then to settle down in that field and climb the career ladder to success This approach is bad for a Renaissance Soul doing just one thing for our whole lives is not only boring for this sort of person it also doesn't make the most of our potentialThe Renaissance Soul concept fits me perfectly When I was a kid and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up my answer involved some combination of rock star scientist archeologist and magician I never understood the kids who just wanted to be a doctor and then went on to be a doctor Not me at all I have so many passions and interests and so many things I want to do with myself This book gives me hope that yes I can do all the things I want to do if I think through what I want to do for right now and focus on those things Lobenstine suggests that a Renaissance Soul choose four Focal Points to work on for right now four things that you're passionate about doing Then you make realistic plans for how much time you're going to devote to them and how you'll judge whether you've succeeded Lobenstine also gives OMG concrete suggestions for how you can switch fields in your work life without starting over and how to find not just a day job but an umbrella career that will let you explore your interests through your work I think that's possibly the most valuable part of this book the suggestions for follow through and how to explore your Renaissance Soul and still um pay the bills There's a practicality in this book that outweighs the inevitable foo foo stuff I now feel so much better about my writing teacheryoga instructorfreelance editor future dreams I can totally make that work and I will be so happyI think I want to buy a copy of this book and do the exercises in it every year or so Because the things that are my Focal Points right now are not going to be the same a year from now or two or three years from now I fully intend to come back to this book again It is a smart book

  5. Amy Amy says:

    45 StarsI won this book in a StudentHero drawing check them out and I am so glad I did I do not think I would have picked it up otherwise While let's be real this book sounds like just another self help it actually cuts through a lot of the usual cliche fluff to present a practical affirming message about identity and life I found this book very affirming though not mind blowing In fact it took me a while to get through the first half because I kept thinking 'I'm a Renaissance Soul That's nice I've already embraced this side of my personality And I handle it uite well ThankYouVeryMuch It is called being an ENFP' The second half however proved a lot helpful I really liked the chapter about time management Even if the idea of being a person with multiple interests doesn't seem that stressful to you it is always helpful to get some practical suggestions for keeping your life organized I am one of those people who always buys planners and programs for organizing things and then abandons them days later Lobenstine seems to embrace that Interests change Learn to keep your life rolling efficiently even with those changing interests Stepping back from the details I really appreciate the timing of this book in my life I am a Renaissance Soul in law school It is not a comfortable position After 18 years of knowing exactly what I 'wanted to be when I grew up' I now hate the idea of being stuck in one career for the rest of my life It has been one long semester of trying to balance my enjoyment of the law with a panicky feeling of committing myself in some permanent way to one thing I enjoy thisfor now It was really freeing to be reminded that 'for now' is fine I do not have to commit to a lifetime of this I do not need to have a 5 10 or 30 year plan all figured out Life changes Interests change It is okay to focus and thrive in one area and then turn around and thrive in another area later I would love another book on this subject that focuses on keeping your finances in order while being a renaissance soul It is all well and good to say you can make a career of your many passions but what about day to day budgeting and purchasing? At what point do you tell yourself no you really won't use that 3rd planner when you really want it anyway and besides you might use it this time? Even if you are comfortable being a jack of all trades and a master of none this is a great book for evaluating and sorting out priorities getting somewhat organized and embracing your inner multi interested person

  6. Amanda Amanda says:

    Plenty of good stuff to think about in this book For me the biggest takeaways were the affirmation that I'm not an ADD ridden weirdo for wanting to career hop or for imagining about 50 other paths I could be taking at any given point; the sampler method whereby you pick three or four interests to focus on for the time being and then arrange your time so you can move forward on them knowing that you can always pick up other sets of interests later; the various uizzes that help identify priorities and core valuesUnfortunately no one's yet written the book on life design for people with too many passions during a horrendous recession when jobs are scarce and opportunities to jump from new interest to new interest are few and far between I also wish there'd been a section on how to deal with the impostor syndrome that plagues a lot of people myself included that nagging sense of I'm a fraud I'm not really smart enough or competent enough to do this which makes it a lot harder to move into new fields you don't know much about And this book also assumes that you have access to learning opportunities a robust social and support network and plenty of places to start seeking out networking and volunteering So YMMV But I'm still glad I read it

  7. Nicole Nicole says:

    I enjoyed rediscovering this book A friend suggested it years ago when I was having a bit of a professional identity crisis I bought it right away but I didn't get very far for some reason I held on to it the past six years never giving it a second thought As of late I've found myself at a professional crossroads again and without intending to I stumbled across this book on my shelf I flipped to the introduction and recognized myself in the first few lines Do you feel a pang of envy when you hear someone say I've always known exactly what I wanted to do ever since I was a kid?Do you get down on yourself for being a jack of all trades master of none because you are fascinated by many subjects but have never become an expert in any of them?Or are you an expert in one or areas but feel trapped by other people's expectations that you will stay in your current field for the rest of your life?And on it went Right from the start Lobenstine identifies key traits that makes one a renaissance soul and I found them to be a welcomed affirmation of self Lobenstine has written a practical book chock full of specific steps renaissance souls can employ in designing a satisfying life I read the book rather uickly refusing to get bogged down in some of the longish sections and ignoring those which were obvious or irrelevant the chapter dedicated to undergraduates for instance She has lots of exercises some of which I'd figured out on my own over the years and others which will be great additions to my repertoire of strategies I recommend this book for anyone who has wildly divergent or ever evolving interests and yet feels unsure of how to proceed in life without starting over or sacrificing self

  8. Sara Q Sara Q says:

    Full post about this and uiet by Susan Cain half of the book was excellent full of extremely helpful exercises The other half was sometimes silly sometimes boring sometimes patronizing So I balance that out to 4 stars since I did get so much out of the 5 stars half Of the twelve chapters the five I found most helpful were Ch 3 ValuesCh 4 Focal PointsCh 7 ResourcesCh 9 Taking ActionCh 10 Time ManagementAnd if that's still tl;dr for you then just try 3 4 and 9 I have pages of notes from these chapters alone with plenty of ideas I want to try out for getting started ahead on specific goals Even if you don't consider yourself much of a renaissance soul I think these chapters would be really beneficial There are so many people in academia especially who make their jobs their entire lives then feel lost when it's time to retire I know I'm not one of those people I could retire tomorrow and find all sorts of things to do Rather than just flailing around with half hearted hobbies the exercises in this book the good half give some direction wherever direction might be needed

  9. Toby Toby says:

    In general I make fun of self help books Most of them seem like the same old stuff put through the sausage grinder with a new cover on it This book is different Why? Because it was written for me This book has a great balance of coaching you to accept and embrace a nature that can't settle on just one thing but doesn't make it a license to be a flake or non committal Commit to 4 5 Focus Areas of things you love and really develop them until you get bored Then pick another four or five or replace just one or two It also gives some somewhat original advice on how to incorporate one or of these interest areas into a job and how to use your job to develop other interests I really liked this one because it speaks to me where I'm at with practical advice that isn't lame and obvious A definite must for anyone with too many passions to pick just one

  10. Kari Kari says:

    I am not alone And I don't have ADD

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