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Claiming His Own PDF ↠ Claiming His PDF or

Claiming His Own ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Claiming His Own By Olivia Gates ✪ – It is only an affairor so they believe in this Billionaires and Babies tale from USA TODAY bestselling author Olivia GatesFrom their first explosive night Caliope Sarantos and Maksim Volkov agreed to It is only an affairor so they believe in this Billionaires and Babies tale from USA TODAY bestselling author Olivia GatesFrom their first explosive night Caliope Sarantos and Maksim Volkov agreed to no commitment only pure pleasure Then her pregnancy changed everything Though the Russian tycoon made the baby his heir he disappeared from Caliope's life Claiming His PDF or Now he's back offering everything he didn't in the past But the shining promise of a happy ending is eclipsed by the shadow of his tragic pastand his dark future Will Caliope's heart break again Or will Maksim risk everything to claim this woman and child as his own.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Claiming His Own
  • Olivia Gates
  • English
  • 09 April 2015
  • 9780373732784

About the Author: Olivia Gates

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10 thoughts on “Claiming His Own

  1. Desere Desere says:

    A hot sexy Russian hero a super fabulous plot with lots of twists and turns and an explosive ending that will leave you in complete awe yes this book had it all and so much Definitely one of the most intense reads of the year The book tells the story of Caliope and Maksim brought together by a fierce attraction their raging passionate nights leads to Cali becoming pregnant but instead of the normal he will do anything to be with her and the baby the author took this read in a whole other directionMaksim will claim the child as his heir but does not want to be part of it's life but he will be around for Cali as long as she will have himSo when he suddenly disappears Cali is convinced something terrible happened to him after all he said he would be with her till their passion fades with the baby only in the background yes I know this sounds incredible and believe me it was the plot of the yearA year goes by and suddenly Maksim is back but standing on Cali's doorstep is not the man she fell in love with he is only half the man she knew when he reveals the reason for leaving Cali is not only in shock but also a state of utter confusion Maksim wants her and the baby and a marriage Why now and not before? And how is she meant to make this decision without it being a direct reflection to her mother's past?The character of Maskim was truly mind blowing ly fascinating I truly could not get enough of this hero Strong sexy and confident the one minute and helpless and a heap of sorrow the next His reasoning for taking off then just popping back up made him a very intriguing hero and his kind and caring nature touched my heartBut what I found most fascinating was the inner battle he fights with himself in wanting to be with Cali but not wanting to hurt her This reminded me that in real life it is what each and everyone of us do we want need and crave but in an attempt to not face failure we try to control the future and of course this is impossible and in the process our attempts cause damageThe character of Cali was brilliant Strong and always ready to push for what she wants and needs but also always alert to know when it is time to stop pushing and rather start re directing those in her life ready to meddle in her happiness I absolutely adored how the author let Cali have this hangup with her mother and the actions she takes in life it showed her as I think most woman are afraid to turn into their mothers yet when faced with similar circumstances the true understanding into their mothers actions becomes a clear and very vivid reality opening the road to understandingThe backdrop settings were simply amazing Each and every setting was mouthwatering laced with so much vivid description it left me in a state of wonder and wanting to be right there to see what was being described but with the exuisite descriptions it was as if I truly wasThe dialogue was filled with such heartbreaking emotion and intensity it left me in tears than once both of sorrow and joy The most amazing of all was the twists and turns of this read just when I thought I had it figured out the author would take it to a whole new level which reminded me that this is exactly what real life is like it is never the perfect road and therefore this read was as real as it gets and I found it simply brilliantBut it did also leave me with uite a number of stares in my direction when a twist happened and I would shout out a big ear piercing NO yes I truly believe the others in the room thought me completely mad For me this just meant that the author truly wrote a masterpiece and I was completely entrancedI am taking away a message of tragedy can strike at any time and our perfect happy lives can become bleak and meaningless but we have no control of the when or where or what and for this reason it is of the highest importance to always live each day to the fullest and be with the ones we love for tomorrow they may be goneI highly recommend this read for all fans of romance so intense and filled with the wonder of life you will be in trapped in world of pure brilliant romance Sensual sexy passionate spicy and simply beautiful5 star review Claiming his family brings him back to life This review can also be found on Romance Book Haven Reviews

  2. Fiona Marsden Fiona Marsden says:

    Reading Olivia Gates books are like serving up the most decadent over the top dessert and then adding sprinkles on top They are almost too much The smex scenes sizzle the emotions are full on the language is often almost poetical In some ways they remind me of Violet Winspear if she'd been allowed to write SmexytimesThis is one of the most emotional category reads I've come across for a while Maksim and Caliope are lovers but neither want to get too involved because of the tragedies in their past When Caliope gets pregnant it changes everything Maksim at first seems to be prepared to take responsibility without becoming emotionally involved but then he vanishes entirely for almost a yearThe story really gets going when he returns but Caliope is reluctant to take him back What follows is a roller coaster ride of emotions This books made me cry than onceMaksim is a fascinating hero Underneath his steely facade is a cauldron of seething emotion for Caliope and for his son Leo Caliope is a strong woman but is reluctant to take a chance on Maksim afraid that it will make her weakI really enjoyed every bit of this story even the bits that made me cry

  3. Jen - Reviews Jen - Reviews says:

    A love story of incrediible proportions An intensity of emotions it will have your heart racing A couple who despite the odds find a wayOlivia Gates has written another fabulous love story with characters that are real and very human Her trademark writing style is almost poetic as she takes the reader throgh the lives of Caliope Sarantos and Maksim Volkov Their love was instant and all cosuming and just when Caliope needed him most he was gone What happened to Maksim is revealed as he suddenly re enters Caliope's life and she finds out secrets from his past and secrets that can affect his future and hersI very much enjoyed this book It is filled with everything we Harleuin readers look for in a romance novel Highly recommended

  4. Susan Susan says:

    There is so much angst in this story that it was occasionally hard to read but worth sticking it out The affair between Cali and Maksim was explosive They had agreed to stay clear of any kind of commitment and it was working well for them until Cali got pregnant At that point Maksim's actions became very erratic He told Cali that he would make sure that the baby would be his heir and she would be taken care of but he could not be part of their daily lives though he still wanted to be her lover for as long as she'd have him Then he would leave for awhile then come back as if nothing was wrong Finally when she was about seven months along he disappeared completely Cali was heartbroken and desperate to find out what had happened to him giving up only when she gave birth When Leo was nine months old Maksim suddenly reappeared ready to explain what had happened and to give Cali everything she had dreamed of But there are still obstacles to their happinessCali was an amazingly strong woman The chemistry between her and Maksim was strong and she had started to develop feelings for him before her pregnancy His actions afterward confused her and she didn't know what to do When he disappeared all she wanted was to find out if he was ok but heard nothing from him After Leo was born she put her life back together and was moving on when Maksim suddenly reappeared He is explains what sent him running and she is ready to accept him back into her life until he tells her one thing She is afraid of losing him all over again but cannot deny him the chance to get to know his son I loved the way that she does everything she can to make it easier on Maksim to spend time with Leo The time he spends with them the closer she comes to giving him her entire heart I liked the way that the she saw of him with Leo and also with his mother the she was convinced that he could never be like his father When tragedy nearly takes him from her again she has to decide if she's willing to accept his limits or hold out for everythingMaksim has a terrible secret eating away at any chance he has for a future with Cali He comes from a long line of abusers and desperately fears that he could become one also The strength of his passion for Cali makes him fear that other passions could overwhelm him When he finds out about her pregnancy his fears overcome him As much as he tries to stay away to protect her his passion for her keeps drawing him back until finally he forces himself to stay away When he shows up again a year later he has finally gotten a handle on his fears and is ready to offer her his heart He is dismayed when she refuses to accept him back into her life but does get her to allow him to get to know his son He would like nothing than to become a proper family but accepts her demands I loved seeing the way that he became such a wonderful father willing to do anything that Cali told him to do I also loved the way he accepted whatever her family wanted to say to him as being deserving of it Maksim's obvious love for Leo and the care he takes of his mother make it obvious that he could never be an abuser but it takes a lot to convince him Then his health issues cause him to try to drive Cali away in an attempt to protect her from grief He nearly throws away his chance for a happy future because of a possibility

  5. Amelia Amelia says:

    When Olivia Gates creates a story for a hero I know his future with the heroine will not be an easy journey Her book in the Billionaires and Babies miniseries delves into the lives of two individuals with an intensity rarely conveyed and I became totally invested in what would ultimately happen to them The featured couple in CLAIMING HIS OWN has to overcome some of the most demanding challenges imaginable and each situation is depicted with such genuine emotions and lots of heartbreak Ms Gates has always been able to draw me into her stories because of the huge amount of emotional incidents and CLAIMING HIS OWN is one of her most powerfully written to date With the strong sexual chemistry between them Maksim Volkov and Caliope Sarantos decided to enjoy a relationship based on satisfying their mutual attraction Both knew it would never turn into anything permanent When she becomes pregnant the physical side of their affair continues but the Russian tycoon puzzlingly begins to distance himself from her Before she delivers their baby he suddenly uits coming around After their son is born Caliope loves the boy unconditionally but is not completely happy because Maksim is absent from their lives Then one night Maksim reappears but seems to be a changed man in numerous ways The explanation he gives Caliope for his past actions stuns her He wants to be in the life of his son and the woman he adores giving them anything they need but personal fears have held him back Now the time has come for Maksim and Caliope to make some tough choices ones that will affect all three of them forever The I read CLAIMING HIS OWN the I became involved in the lives of two wonderful people Caliope is a very resilient woman as she does not let events that arise in her life keep her from moving on Her feisty nature is apparent regardless of who is talking to her as she always speaks her mind and does not let anyone push her around if she disagrees with their thinking Although Maksim is a very influential person in the business world he is an altogether different man whenever he comes in contact with Caliope His only wants to bring happiness into her world yet sometimes his reasoning still causes her suffering During these trying moments I truly felt the torment these two suffered through because of the overpoweringly effective writing of Ms Gates Even though there is much emotional upheaval in CLAIMING HIS OWN there are also scenes where the desire between Maksim and Caliope is expressed with intense passion that is both enthusiastic and tender What this couple experiences with each other is portrayed with so much realism and I could sense their every heartfelt wish CLAIMING HIS OWN is constantly affecting with profound emotions While Ms Gates is known for constructing notable settings for her Sheikh heroes the Russian locale and its history in this book are also outstanding and exceedingly colorful Being able to transport the reader to a different place is something I thoroughly enjoy and I was definitely able to visualize many places in the story because of in depth ad vivid descriptions Another remarkable read from an author who makes her books come across as real because of the characters

  6. Nas Dean Nas Dean says:

    CLAIMING HIS OWN by Olivia Gates is a Harleuin Desire release for November 2013 Caliope Sarantos and Maksim Volkov discover their scorching hot passion for each other And get into a no commitment fling But with Cali getting pregnant it would of course have to change Yet Maksim walks away from her and her baby So would Cali take him back when he comes?Would Cali let him meet his son?CLAIMING HIS OWN is a lively contemporary romance with a strong heroine you will love and want to cherish and a gorgeous bad boy hero you are sure to swoon over Author Olivia Gates brings to live this sparkling tale of second chance romance with all the sensuality and tension which is her trademarkHighly recommended and well worth reading

  7. Zubee Zubee says:

    A sweet and intense second chance baby romance not secret at all H leaves pregnant at 7 months h as he comes from an abusive background and feels he might be the same with the baby and h he comes back when the baby is 9 months old and he has been in an accident; he comes with a potentially terminal medical condition he asks h to marry him but she refuses telling him he left her alone and came back with a medical condition and expects her to drop everything and marry him She appears hard hearted but she also has her reasons What I liked the most; the H and his baby son's interactions are just so sweet and tender Olivia Gates writes beautiful plot moppets So the H h and the baby get close again and work on their relationship Overall a good read

  8. Nancy Crocker Nancy Crocker says:

    In Olivia Gates latest book Claiming His Own We find Maksim and Caliope who first meet across a crowded room And agree to a friend’s with benefits type relationship Neither one is interested in anything serious for personal reasons When Cali accidently becomes pregnant a year into their relationship she has already managed to fall in love with Maksim When she confesses she is pregnant she is shocked by his reaction but agrees to his terms She just was not prepared for him to walk away without a word Maksim had what he believed to be very good reasons for walking away from Cali One year later he is back But this is where the story really takes off And we learn why Maksim made the choices he did Maksim is back and he wants to be a father to their son Just when you believe all will end well between these two this story takes a very emotional rollercoaster ride And this reader was holding her breathe and praying for a great outcome Then Maksim once again breaks Cali’s heart Olivia does any amazing job of writing characters with deep emotions She was able to showcase their strengths and weaknesses and the passionate obsession with each other She also was able to take this reader along on the trip to Russia Without giving too much away Olivia described a special occasion that took place while in Russia with great detailFavorite line“ Ya ocheen skoocha po tebyeh moya dorogoya” I missed you so terribly my darling55 starsI received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review

  9. Helen Helen says:

    I loved this story it is so intense and emotional and had me turning the pages Maksim is like a Russian bear a billionaire who falls head over heals for Greek born Caliope neither wants anything permanent and when Caliope falls pregnant and Maksim walks away neither of them cope very well but after an accident brings Maksim back the strength of their love wins through with still a lot of hurdles to cross This is a story you will fall into and cry and smile

  10. Onu Onu says:

    This was a life saver It was absolutely amazing Loved loved Caliope Sarantos and Maksim Volkov Maksim was deliciously yummy Just as Aris Sarantos was The Sarantos series is highly recommended Thank you so much Jennie for recommending them to me

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