The Princess Who Saved Herself PDF ¸ Princess Who

The Princess Who Saved Herself PDF ¸ Princess Who

10 thoughts on “The Princess Who Saved Herself

  1. Patrick Patrick says:

    A fan gave this to me as a gift at Nerdcon this past weekend I didn't know it existed until thenApparently it's based off a Jonathan Coulton song But despite the fact that I'm a Coulton fan I'd never heard it Still I wasn't terribly surprised I tend to live under a heavy rock most of the timeDespite not knowing the song it was based on I loved the book I read it in a restaurant the day after the convention and got all teary I tried to cover this up by pretending that I was really emotionally involved in my cobb salad but I don't think it worked It's a really great book and when I got done I read it to my two little boys And got teary again They loved it and wanted to hear it a second timeSo I read it to them again Update Tonight one day after our initial reading I found my older boy 6 reading this book to himself Then my littlest boy 2 carried it over to me and said read daddy read daddy readSo yeah It's a hit

  2. Nick Nick says:

    Guitars Dragons Giant bees A snake eating cakeExcellent book Greg Pak was even kind enough to sign it to my two girls Highly recommend

  3. Tiara Tiara says:

    Backed this on KS Girl child loves it

  4. Jesse Richards Jesse Richards says:

    This book is amazing Every trope is subverted every problem is solved nonviolently and every cake is eaten

  5. Ame Ame says:

    I'm so glad I backed this Kickstarter project because the illustrations are terrific Nothing like a princess who likes to rock out on her guitar and eat cake That's my kind of heroine

  6. Thomas Thomas says:

    This book is fantabulous Wonderiforous Splendimarvelous Any other made up word that means awesome that you want to useIt's a classic children's story except the Princess saves herself and some people who live nearby instead of relying on a boy to do everything for her It gives girls agency and a vested interest in the story The art is gorgeous The story beats are fun The concept is deserving of a smile Who doesn't want to live in a castle by themselves and play guitar and eat cake with their pet snake? The story is all sorts of fun and I dare you to not crack a grin while reading it It is based on a song by Jonathan Coulton geek rocker extraordinaire and lovingly brought to artistic life by Greg PakRecommended for the young at heart

  7. Skye Kilaen Skye Kilaen says:

    This isn't a super complex story but it's sweet and comics fans especially will love Miyazawa and Kholinne's art Young Princess Gloria Cheng Epstein Takahara de la Garza Champion has a problem The wicked ueen who lives next door sends bees and dragons whenever Princess Gloria tries to play her guitar Gloria's perfectly capable of dealing with the attacks but she would really like to know why the ueen is being such a jerk This was a digital giveaway in a Kickstarter for another project but it was so popular that the creators did a second Kickstarter so they could print a book as well Love that support for girls of color as protagonists

  8. Devin Devin says:

    This is the perfect story for little girls Seriously it actually made me tear up while I was reading it to my daughter It should be a modern children's classic Anyone with a little girl in their life needs to have this in their collection

  9. Valerie Valerie says:

    I got this with the Code Monkey Kickstarter and I like it just as much This is one of my favorite JoCo songs brought to life and getting the song in my head for days and days The Princess Who Saved Herself is reuired reading for kiddos who love princesses dragons snakes and giant bees

  10. Mladen Mladen says:

    A really good children's book with a really good life message

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The Princess Who Saved Herself [PDF] ✩ The Princess Who Saved Herself ❤ Greg Pak – Once upon a time there was a princess named Gloria Cheng Epstein Takahara de la Garza Champion who had a pet snake and ate a whole cake because there wasn't anybody there to tell her what to doUntil t Once upon a time there was a princess Who Saved ePUB ´ named Gloria Cheng Epstein Takahara de la Garza Champion who had a The Princess eBook ☆ pet snake and ate a whole cake because there wasn't anybody there to tell her what to doUntil the day the Princess Who Saved PDF/EPUB Â witch next door decided she didn't like Gloria's guitar playing A book that explodes the princess myth of a new generation of awesome girls Based on the classic Jonathan Coulton song The Princess Who Saved Herself.