Paperback ¾ Far From Home Epub Ì Far From PDF \

Paperback ¾ Far From Home Epub Ì Far From PDF \

Far From Home ❰PDF❯ ✐ Far From Home Author Walter Tevis – His plots are ingenious Time OutThis long overdue collection of Walter Tevis' s best short stories proves him to be a master of the form they range from the ingenuity of The Other End of the Line in w His plots are ingenious Time OutThis long overdue collection of Walter Tevis' s best short stories proves him to be a master of the Far From PDF \ form they range from the ingenuity of The Other End of the Line in which a man receives a phone call from himself in the future and follows the instructions he is given with unexpected and disastrous results to the sophistication of Rent Control where a couple discover that when they are in bed together they can literally make time stop to the deeply felt emotion of A Visit from Mother whose protagonist is revisited by his dead parentsEntertaining and perceptive the stories in Far From Home show the same talent which has made Tevis's novels The Man who Fell to Earth and Mockingbird modern SF classicsThe poetic imprints of a fine writer's trail The Times.

About the Author: Walter Tevis

Walter Stone Tevis was an American novelist and short story writer Three of his six novels were adapted into major films The Hustler The Far From PDF \ Color of Money and The Man Who Fell to Earth The ueens Gambit has also been adapted in into a episode mini series His books have been translated into at least languages.

10 thoughts on “Far From Home

  1. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    Far From Home is Walter Tevis’ only short story collection and I know everyone seems to say this cliched comment about all short story collections or at least I do “it’s a mixed bag” but they say it because it’s true Rarely is a short story collection full of bangers and Far From Home is no different there’s both good and bad stuff here Tevis is an interesting writer as he was successful both as a novelist who wrote on contemporary subjects The Hustler about pool sharks The ueen’s Gambit about professional chess players and sci fi as well The Man Who Fell to Earth Mockingbird I disliked The Man Who Fell to Earth I’ve tried the first chapter of Mockingbird and have put it on indefinite hold for now and the stories I liked least in Far From Home were the sci fi ones I just don’t like Tevis’ genre fiction Not that those stories are badly written and they at least always seem to have an interesting premise or idea but they all felt kinda one note and unengaging The Ifth of Oofth is a trippy story about the fifth dimension The Goldbrick is about the US Military trying to dislodge a gold brick in a mountain and take it too far which I took to be a satire on the military industrial complex and The Big Bounce is about a ball that never stops bouncing and gains speed the it bounces The title story is the worst one it’s nothing like the movie adaptation where Spider Man fights Mysterio in Europe I’m joking of course it’s really about a whale in an Arizona swimming pool but it still sucked The best stories for me were the ones that were reminiscent of Richard Matheson’s stories if you don’t know who that is he wrote a number of brilliant ‘60s Twilight Zone episodes so that should give you an idea Weird creepy imaginative stories with a twist at the end basically Rent Control is about a couple who discover they can stop time when they’re physically touching in their apartment The premise reminded me a lot of Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky’s Sex Criminals The ending though is kinda flat Out of Luck also suffers from a weak ending but the story was interesting for the most part An artist sees the same man in every person as he goes about his day in New York but who is this strange man This one was definitely the eeriest story of the bunch In The Other End of the Line a man receives a phone call from himself two months in the future and uses the information he gets to become rich but what’ll happen in two months’ time if he fails to call himself backMy favourite story was A Visit From Mother and its companion piece Daddy The ghosts of a man’s dead parents visit him and he works through his issues with them Knowing a little about Tevis’ life I couldn’t help seeing it as an autobiographical piece In real life he was abandoned by his parents in a hospital for a year when he was a kid and the man in the story raging at his parents’ ghosts was also abandoned by his parents after getting sick as a kid The story takes a bizarre Oedipal direction with his mother whom he has spirit sex with sexualising mother happens again in a later story Sitting in Limbo I think Tevis was a seriously fucked up dude but his conversationrant with his dad was deeply compelling and felt very real Fiction as therapyConsidering many of the stories feature a sexual component I was surprised that only one The Apotheosis of Myra a sci fi tale about the wife of a murderer becoming one with an alien planet and tormenting her hubby was published by Playboy magazine And as I’ve noticed the I’ve read Tevis who was an alcoholic there is booze in every one of these stories always in the background but always noticeable and ever presentSome stories didn’t land for me but uite a few did and I enjoyed those ones plenty They’re all well written and imaginative so Far From Home is certainly not a bad short story collection Despite not being among his better known books it’s worth checking out if you’re a Walter Tevis fan like me or someone who enjoys the kind of stories Richard Matheson wrote as well

  2. Aaron Aaron says:

    Contains two of the absolutely grossest stories I have ever read both dealing with the same creepy awful subject Unfortunately Tevis wrote like a friggin dream and I can't help but love this entire collection even though those two stories are making me retch a little because I have to think about them while I write thisThe 2nd half of the collection contains stories from his early careermostly fun tales centered around a goofy hard science ideaand don't deliver the same emotional whallop of his later concoctions but they are still wonderfully done

  3. Cathy Cole Cathy Cole says:

    Three of Walter Tevis' six novels The Hustler The Color of Money and The Man Who Fell to Earth were adapted into major films but he was also known for his short stories I was in the mood for short stories and a bit of science fiction so I picked up Far From Home This collection of thirteen stories reads fast They are all well written and many of them gave me food for thought because of the subjects the author touched upon Of the thirteen five garnered most of my attention Rent Control which shows the importance of a rent controlled apartment in New York City; The Apotheosis of Myra about a husband who wants to get rid of his wife but I enjoyed it for Tevis' vision of life on another planet; what a man tries to do to his past in Sitting in Limbo; to what lengths governments and engineers will go in order to be rid of a small obstruction in the path of a proposed monorail in The Goldbrick; and The Ifth of Oofth a cautionary tale about messing with the fifth dimensionThis is a solid short story collection that should please anyone who enjoys well written science fiction

  4. Deborah Sheldon Deborah Sheldon says:

    Apart from the incest themed stories which were a little too ick I enjoyed the collection Tevis uses humour so delicately and well in his science fiction In particular Out of Luck was a gem; its sense of increasing paranoia and claustrophobia reads like the perfect Twilight Zone story

  5. TrumanCoyote TrumanCoyote says:

    Contains two uite good stories Rent Control which is nicely snide and The Ifth of Oofth In general the early stories are preferable to the later ones All that stuff about incest and whatnot grew tiresome uickly especially the two stories back to back that were specifically about it Also contains some well worn retreadsEcho is a pretty cornball idea and The Goldbrick rather resembles if I'm remembering right The Beast by A E Van Vogt The funny thing is I'd thought that The Big Bounce was a complete ripoff of that story by Asimov that appeared in his anthology Where Do We Go From Hereuntil I looked it up and saw that that WAS the story heeheeAnyway this one was a sizable disappointment to me I must say

  6. Jon Butterfield Jon Butterfield says:

    All over the place Some stories were interesting a man's obsession with his girl's ex makes every person turn into that ex etc and some were just wrong and horribly disturbing stories of Oedipal fantasies for instance really aren't my thing Tevis excelled at using surreal plots to study human nature through a fresh paradigm and this book is full of examples of this As a whole I don't really reccomend the book unless you just can't get enough Tevis it's pretty raw stuff comparatively

  7. Dave Butler Dave Butler says:

    The final volume of my complete Tevis read An excellent collection of short stories some old favorites from the novels appear and many of the themes and elements from most Tevis books are present chess oedipal issues disease and loneliness etc Many stories feature clever SF ideas and twists which are always fun there is even a devil vs lazy hedonistic writer grace note at the end Tevis deserves acclaim i wish someone would make a proper production of Mockingbird

  8. Pamela Pamela says:

    This is a very uneven collection The earlier stories are very good some of them border on being great The last third or so not so much Very not so much

  9. Vel Veeter Vel Veeter says:

    This is my sixth or so Walter Tevis book of this year and it’s admittedly the weakest of the bunch He’s clearly a much talented novelist than short story writer although there are some good and interesting stories in this collection The opening section starts with his much recent stories and the book itself was published in 1980 or so near the end of his life but not uite before he published the last two of his novels ueen’s Gambit which I think is by far his best and The Color of Money the seuel to The Hustler which is a strong book than the first novel so he did still have some good writing left in him One story even clearly seems to a central idea for a long sub plot of The Color of Money where Fast Eddie Felsen becomes an antiues and outsider art dealer for a short time Regardless a lot of these stories do something that I think is good explores a conceit not just to look at the idea itself but how that conceit could be used to highlight ideas from someone life For example how could a timeloop allow or disallow or even force a struggling married couple to reconnect or redefine their relationship These kinds of uestions put this book in the realm of realistic fiction even if the fiction is not in fact realistic

  10. K. Counihan K. Counihan says:

    Overall A Very Good Story Collection13 stories divided by 2 parts Part 1 Close to Home stories 145and 6 were very good Part 2 Far From Home stories 8 13 all of part 2 were very good Check table of contents to decode this review

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