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The Cure for Consciousness PDF Ë The Cure PDF \

The Cure for Consciousness ❴Download❵ ➵ The Cure for Consciousness Author Peter Jelen – YOU HAVE A DISEASEYOUR BRAIN IS INFECTEDPOISONEDCONTAMINATEDBut don't worry Ernie Lobe a fifty four year old baker sociopath and father of two is looking for the cure which he thinks he may have found YOU HAVE A DISEASEYOUR BRAIN IS INFECTEDPOISONEDCONTAMINATEDBut don't worry Ernie Lobe a fifty four year old baker sociopath and father of two is looking for the cure which he thinks he may have found The only problem is there's a slight side effectdeath But don’t worry about that either because you can get paid to die.

10 thoughts on “The Cure for Consciousness

  1. Mike Algera Mike Algera says:

    Reading about Ernie Lobe’s trials and tribulations could be a full time job for me – yes he is definitely obsolete and because he is so lost and considered a dying breed because he is stuck in a rut because he is surrounded by family who are only out for themselves like a snake in a nest of mongooses even after death the memory of him shall remain mint in the minds of readersThe polarity of Ernie’s character is by far the most striking attribute in Cure for Consciousness – like in most contemporary dramas the darker side of the imagination can harmonize both humour and tragedy and deliver it in a well rounded package I simply love the uirks – his stubbornness of ‘getting with the times’ going around town listening to Sinatra on his Walkman; his vagueness to the gluten free trend; his perseverance in pursuing the salted crackers that he desires most but can’t find at Wal Mart of all places but can find at a corner convenience store which is not on file in their store database which as the scene unravels creates a butting of heads bout between customer and store clerk are things that we can relate to sympathize and laugh about which ultimately in Ernie’s case immortalizes him as the guy the common man can get behindCure for Consciousness poises an intriguing dilemma – if one is looking for a way out of a meaningless existence how does one select their means of destruction by way of suicide or ‘murder’? At first he sets out to murder his wife but as we progress through the novel a certain workplace fiasco occurs in which his wife is suspected of attempted murder on an elderly person in a retirement home and is facing pending criminal charges; from there Ernie’s ‘murder’ plot takes a rather bizarre yet theatrical turn – Ernie seeks out the help of petty street thugs to put him out of his misery The whole thing makes me wonder whether paying some stranger to kill you is a far cry from the definition of suicide And you would think that hiring some street thug to kill you in cold blood would be easy? Well in Ernie Lobe’s case it’s as likely as winning the lottery and collecting an insurance policy on your wife and kids from perishing in a plane crash ah hypotheticals Kudos to Jelen also for tackling the epistolary style which is hard to do; it definitely compliments both sides of Ernie’s psycheIn short he’s like Willy Loman Henry Chinaski and Lester Burnham from the film American Beauty all wrapped into one contemporary Jekyll and Hyde; he duped us all while stealing our hearts in the process

  2. Eddie Eddie says:

    Sometimes I read something and think man I bet the author had a blast writing this That’s exactly the impression I had with Peter Jelen’s The Cure For Consciousness Communicated through the voice of diarist Ernie Lobe the anger in this novel is an arguably sane and natural reaction to the madness of our modern age Hilarious and profound

  3. Kelly Smith Reviews Kelly Smith Reviews says:

    The next time I eat chocolate chip cookies will be a frozen day in HellThe Cure For Consciousness by Peter Jelen is a disturbing short satirical novella It is a journal of a baker father and husband from a middle class normal family On the outside everything is peachy On the inside however is a vicious mind eating disease ConsciousnessErnie Lobe is sick from life itself his psychotic wife his two gay children and the new technology crazed gluten free world The only cure for consciousness? Death and he seeks itcom but until he finds it he's going to fake it till he makes itjust don't eat any of his baked goodsThe Cure For Consciousness is by far the most disgusting thing I've read since the beginning of Stephen King's Dreamcatcher It's unabashedly vulgar and honest in its vulgarityConsciousness if I'm being as blunt as Mr Jelen was is a real killer The world is in a state of self deprecation and degradation What Ernie Lobe feels is what can become of many humans who don't have the mental capacity or high grade pharmaceuticals to survive this placeIt's a story of insanity of hate and of death But most of all this is a story about lifeDo not read if you've got a weak stomach Otherwise enjoy this crazy ride I know I did I congratulate Mr Jelen for this work We need writers like this

  4. Robert Spake Robert Spake says:

    I enjoyed this book There's a lot of black humour but it still retains some heart It presents the summation of an average man's disappointing life; he's bitter and frustrated and pours out his darkest thoughts into this journal thoughts which I'm sure most of us can identify with I certainly can With books like these there is a danger of making the protagonist unlikeable but the author does a good job of creating sympathy and I found the ending uite tragic There's a lot of pain inherent in life and it's interesting to think of death as a cure The writing was sharp and and suited the character well it had a very genuine feel to it The protagonist reminds of a Philip K Dick protagonist an average man struggling against the curse of existence so if you're a fan of PKD or similar works I think you'll like this as well Another uirk of the book is that it comes with illustrations which complement the prose and gives the story an interesting slant and an even personal feel

  5. Matthew J. Hall Matthew J. Hall says:

    In his first flash novel Peter Jelen guides us through the secret and dark journal of Ernie Lobe – a husband father and baker who is determined to find a cure for his long term ailment of consciousnessReading another’s journal is of course an intrusion but the real intrusion is when the reader starts spending time between the lines; pulling apart fact and fantasy deciphering the writer’s true identity by poking around the intricacies of hidden thoughts and camouflaged motivations And so it is with a ‘heavy and remorseful heart’ that Charles Lobe introduces The Cure For Consciousness one of many journals written by his father A father he realises through the intrusion of said journals he has never truly knownYou can read the rest of this review which was originally published on wwwscreamingwithbrevitycom on 15 06 14 here wpmep3tad2 jj

  6. Ted Bussy Ted Bussy says:

    The Cure for Consciousness is a pleasurable breeze to read Ernie Lobe properly represents the multi facets of a man in the modern age and embodies the pratfalls of inner repression Jelen does a good job at setting the reader up at the beginning with the letter from Lobe’s son From there you won’t know what to believe as truth delusions or the skewed perception of the protagonist 45 stars

  7. Donna Christian Donna Christian says:

    Ernie Lobe has outlived his usefulness and let the world pass him by Similar to the obsolete technology he continues to use Ernie is unnecessary and in need of a retrofit in order to return and function in our rapidly changing hyper technological hyper health conscious society But like the Walkman he uses Ernie knows he is unnecessary to the world and looks for a heroic way out The Cure for Consciousness is typical Jelen style uick and to the point 45

  8. Candice Terry Candice Terry says:

    I'm going to be honestthis isn't something I'd normally pick up but I was shocked at how uickly I got into it As demented and strange as it is it's a change Not many would choose to write about stories like this and Peter Jelen did a fantastic job I found myself laughing at parts while others made me think OMG Great writer and can't wait to jump into Better than God

  9. Owen Daniels Owen Daniels says:

    Five stars for creativity Ernie Lobe reminds me of my father He is all of our father's Stoic and uiet I read it one shot The drawings are insane and they reflect the thoughts of the character very well This reminds me of a contemporary Death of a Salesman

  10. S. Paul Fitzpatrick S. Paul Fitzpatrick says:

    This book was hilarious Got a good laugh out of it which was enough to give it five stars

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