Polar City Nightmare PDF · Polar City MOBI :å

Polar City Nightmare PDF · Polar City MOBI :å

Polar City Nightmare (Gollancz) [Epub] ❧ Polar City Nightmare (Gollancz) By Katharine Kerr – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk A science fiction mystery with a political twist The investigation of blackmail and murder on two planets uncovers an interstellar plot that jeopardizes the political balance between the human dominat A science fiction mystery with a political twist The investigation of blackmail and murder on two planets uncovers an interstellar plot that jeopardizes the political balance between the human dominated Republic and the two major alien dominated governments Set both in Polar City on Hagar and on the capital planet of Sarah POLAR CITY NIGHTMARE explores the universe of katharine Kerr's previous bestseller Polar City MOBI :å POLAR CITY BLUES digs into its history and takes a closer look at the interstellar confederation one of its major cultures It develops themes first sounded in the original book machine intelligence prejudice and human relationships along with a look at what is truly `alien' It is a major work of SF imagination.

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  1. Sylvia Kelso Sylvia Kelso says:

    Actually re reading this first read in ms yea these many years ago Like Pat Cadigan’s Synners it’s worn surprisingly well I liked it then because it used present tense and I had two unpublished novels that insisted on using present one of which has since been my best success Like its forerunner Polar City Blues Nightmare affirmed that yeah you cd ignore the naysayers use present tense and still get published even be an established author and not a wild eyed marginalist I also still like the format for mind talk between the psychics much innovative than most versions And the racial almost reversal of black and white but with Hispanic input and the presence of slums The evacuation plans for the barrio in case of a space attack uncannily anticipated the reality of events during Hurricane Katrina in New OrleansBack then I was also v interested in the affairnon affair of the previous female lead Bobbie Lacey and her AI Buddy a humanmachine trope that turned up in other women’s SF novels And I lerved Blade the literate lizard and ex Space Marine Sergeant who makes a starring reappearance here uoting everything from Shakespeare to Conrad while hefting a metal bar for weapon and living in the outer reaches of Down and Outville No that’s my name for it not Kit’s I will admit the intricacies of baseball which plays a central role tend to go past me much as cricket might past a US reader but everything else including the fascinating set of aliens from the Cons to the ‘Lies to the newly discovered Enzebbs – first encountered in the person of “Mrs Bug” – are happily Still At It whatever it is Nowadays Nightmare also makes me notice the way our home settings infiltrate our work It isn’t just the use of “Merrkan” near to a rap slang or the awareness of barrios that makes this novel proclaim I was written in an urban setting on the US west coast It comes over in something as minor as Red Wallace’s taking her skimmer out onto a freeway that circles Polar CitySure for most people in the US and a lot of people in Australia this is everyday But even ifwhen I wrote SF it wd never occur to me to have characters driving on a freeway because in my hometown such are only just beginning to appear What this did drive home to me you shd excuse the pun is how much even when we are going for a radical difference from our own everyday our secondary worlds are still predicated on that everyday Down to minor details like this

  2. Simon Mcleish Simon Mcleish says:

    Originally published on my blog here in March 2001Unlike Palace Katharine Kerr's previous collaboration Polar City Nightmare follows on from her earlier solo novel Polar City Blues Instead of an entirely new scenario the background and characters are already in existence This made it harder to believe the claim at the begging also made in Palace that this is an old fashioned collaboration in which both partners play a major part as opposed to the well known author merely lending her name and a little guidance for a novel based on a well known one of her own as seems to be increasingly common in the genrePolar City Nightmare is in fact a direct seuel to Polar City Blues The Republic of which the planet Hagar is a part continues its precarious existence as a small state between two enormous superpowers Once again a problem arises with one of their embassies this time when a junior attaché and an irreplaceable cultural relic go missing Once Bobbie Lacey reluctantly assists the police investigation with her psychic partner Jack Mulligan In this novel the stakes are higher; the other major difference is that baseball plays a much larger partBy being such a novel Polar City Nightmare reads as though Kerr were sole author though it does lack something of the spark of its predecessor That may be due to the part played by the sport which limits the novel's appeal to one who is not American and is not particularly a lover of any kind of sport Polar City Nightmare is diminished a little by this but it remains well written exciting and an interesting portrayal of the futureOne interesting point shared with the earlier novel is made by Kerr in her introductory note As she says in most fiction and really in most Western fiction it is the intention of the author that unless explicitly stated the race of a character should be assumed to be white Here the opposite holds and race relationships are generally a mirror image of late twentieth century America whites in crime ridden ghettos black and Hispanic people in most positions of power That this assumption is made by readers and that it is expected by authors is a sad reflection on our culture and is probably a conseuence of an uneual distribution of education and prosperity white people have jobs which leave time and energy to read novels It is effectively the same point made in Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own and it is a pity that it can still be made I suspect that a lack of black TV and film stars of both sexes also contributes to the way that characters in novels are imagined I should note that the background to Ursula Le Guin's earlier Earthsea novels makes the same assumptions about race as Kerr does here

  3. Roberto Roberto says:

    This is a strange book It takes place in another planet but it's about baseball and race politicsReally it felt like it could have been about the Detroit Tigers in the 70s instead of the Polar City Bears in year whatever in planet whatsitname

  4. Andreas Andreas says:

    Polar City Blues is a very competent crime thriller and the alien angle in it works very well The second book is not of the same caliber but well worth reading if you like the first bookhttpwwwbooksrosbochnet?p882

  5. Dan Dan says:

    A verry good followup to Polar City Blues The same caracters a new story on the same theme

  6. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    I'm not a huge baseball or mystery fan and while this was a decent read it didn't have me enthralled

  7. Kate Kate says:

    A fun read which would have been fun if I was a baseball fan

  8. bluetyson bluetyson says:


  9. Pete Aldin Pete Aldin says:

    Took a bit of getting used to in terms of style Ultimately a satisfying read

  10. Sandi Jones Sandi Jones says:

    Was so happy to find this one since I loved Polar city blues Read them in order and enjoy them like I do

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