Fair Play ePUB å Ebook

Fair Play ePUB å Ebook

Fair Play ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ Fair Play By Tracy A. Ward ✑ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Writing three plays for a nationally acclaimed theater in Phair Texas wasn’t supposed to put my inheritance at risk and force me into constant contact with Noah Blake the very guy I love to hate But Writing three plays for a nationally acclaimed theater in Phair Texas wasn’t supposed to put my inheritance at risk and force me into constant contact with Noah Blake the very guy I love to hate But with one chance to prove to my controlling father that I can succeed as a playwright I’ve developed a major case of writer’s blockCue Noah my older brother’s best friend and the guy I’ve avoided since my crush gone bad days And now my director thinks he’s the key to unleashing my creativity He thinks Noah is my muse Discovering the fate of the theater is also in my hands I have no choice but to collaborate with my worst enemy But it’s than just a great scene Noah inspires Now everything I thought I wanted is put to the test And the guy I swore I was over still has a hold on my heart .

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  1. Katelyn (Tales of Books and Bands) Katelyn (Tales of Books and Bands) says:

    Fair Play by Tracy A Ward proved to be a uirky sweet romantic little gem of a novel I was pleasantly surprised by how well rounded complex and how invested I became in Ashlyn and Noah as characters Their relationship with each other and with fellow people of the small town of Phair gave me that close knit southern feel that I felt when I watched Sweet Home Alabama all those years ago and attempted to convince my parents that we just had to move down southTold through alternating points of view Fair Play gets us in the heads of both Ashlyn and Noah Ashlyn a playwright struggling to make a name for herself is trying to write the play of her lifetime to save not only her career and inheritance but also the small town of Phair and the theater she works for has a lot on her shoulders Being stuck in close proximity to her brother’s best friend and her former crush from long ago is so not the thing she needsor is it? Noah a successful dedicated kind man with a bit of a shaky past is dead set on protecting his best friend’s little sister if only he could ignore the feelings he’s had for her over the years These two characters with all of their extra baggage and the feelings that they both harbor for one another made some pretty intense interesting moments that sparked off the pagesAshlyn was such a fun well rounded character She was flawed in the best ways possible She was insecure of her writing talents at moments she was wounded by her past feelings for Noah and the stress she felt for keeping her career and the town afloat was no laughing matter It was because of these faults or human characteristics depending on how you look at it made Ashlyn seem so real to me I felt that it was so easy to connect with her as a character It was so nice to see her work through all of her problems family work and romantic and find that confidence within herself to fight for what she wantsNoah was just as fantastic of a character as Ashlyn was He was a swoon worthy character with is good looks and hero complex but like Ashlyn he had flaws that made him truly come to life Worry over turning into his alcoholic abusive father dictated a lot of what and how Noah does what he does Also his loyalty to his best friend prevented him from going after what he really wanted his best friend’s little sister Ashlyn Watching him work through his inner demons and like Ashlyn learn to fight for what he wants was one of the best parts of this storyTracy’s writing also played a big part in why I loved this story so much First off the whole story line while seemingly simple was so interesting I loved how this one woman had the fate of a small town basically falling on her shoulders I loved how the theater and play writing played a part in the story And I especially loved how the past relationship between Noah and Ashlyn played a part in this story There were actually uite a few pieces of the puzzle when it came to Noah and Ashlyn’s story and Tracy managed to piece them together really wellIt seems as I have stumbled across yet another story that would make a great beach or anytime read This story had the romance it had the cuteness and it had two wonderfully crafted characters If these all sound like aspects of a story that you enjoy I strongly suggest picking up a copy of Fair Play

  2. Samantha Bilodeau Samantha Bilodeau says:

    25 rounded up to 3 Characters writing style and plot would be a solid 3 to 35 but overall I have to go with 25Read reviews like this one hereThe tone for this felt very film noir throughout which I enjoyed It's very different than many of the romance novels I've read in that way and I loved the overlap between Ashlynn and Noah's story and Caroline and Andy's story There were good splashes of humor at times in the banter and at others Noah's reactions to the improv scenes I have since been advised by Tracy Ward that this continuity issue is being correctedThis book left me feeling a bit confused though I suppose it's because it's an ARC but there were some glaring continuity issues that pulled me out of the story which makes me feel the need to address them in my review generally I overlook editing issues in ARCs Ashlynn met Noah when he was a freshman at Columbia for his undergraduate degree and she is 24 almost 25 Both of these things are mentioned multiple times in the beginning However halfway through both of them start talking about how they have known one another most of their lives or half of their lives and there even being sixteen years of friendship between Ashlynn's brother uinn and Noah If Ashlynn was 17 while Noah was in college there would be a maximum of 5 years between them making present day Noah 29 or 30 But for sixteen years to be accurate Noah would need to be in his mid 30s which would have made him a late bloomer college wiseAside from that this was a very uick read and the pacing was a bit slow at first but ramped up as it went To the extent that it did feel a bit uick the last chapter or two I was surprised at 94% that things didn't seem to be that close to being resolved in factFor about 45% of this I was still unsure as to whether or not Ashlynn actually liked Noah Sexual tension was there but I wasn't really feeling a basis of friendship that could turn into romance By the end I did get of a sense of an emotional connection between the two but it took awhile to actually buildI liked Ashlynn and Noah and the side characters seemed to work well I was curious to figure out exactly what had happened to Ashlynn years prior so that kept my interest for awhile The weaving in of her playwriting was well done though I was also a bit in disbelief that she not only hadn't noticed the parallels between her own life and her play but insisted there weren't any for awhile The character of Kyle felt like it fit the film noir feel but he was a bit too sleazy and one dimensional for my tasteWriting this review I still feel a bit unsettled I enjoyed this and see a lot of potential in it but it felt disjointed and the first half and second half didn't necessarily line up I will be keeping my eye on Tracy Ward as I liked most of what I read I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review My opinion is my ownSee reviews here

  3. Julie Julie says:

    Fair Play was a sweet romantic read that I devoured in about a day I believe that this is Tracy A Ward's first book and if that's the case I'm excited to have found a new author to follow because this one was greatI liked the premise of this book from the very beginning but I'll be honest I was kinda hoping that the play writing thing would take a backseat to the rest of the novel because I'm just not into plays Unless it's The Music Man but who doesn't love Gary Indiana right?? Anyway the play stuff most certainly DOES NOT take a backseat and man am I ever glad that I didn't get what I want It would have been a totally different book a bad book if Ward didn't write Fair Play the way that she did Laughter was not what I expected from this one either There was just this snarkiness between Ashlyn and Noah that was hilarious at times and some of the situations that they found themselves in were rife with sexual tension that neither character wanted to admit andor act on That tension just brings a romance novel to a whole new level I don't want to read a book where the attraction comes easy and then it's all downhill from there I enjoy the controversy and unsure feelings because that's how it is in real life Love doesn't come easily for most people and it's just fun to see how things will play out in these fictional situations Nothing left to say unless I want to start divulging secrets and no one wants that This is a great book for someone who wants an easy romantic read for sitting next to the pool or curled up in your favorite chair It has characters that will make you laugh make you angry and make you want to fall in love all over again I'll definitely be on the lookout for new works by Ward I think she's one to watch in the coming years I received this novel in exchange for an honest review Check out of my reviews at Little Miss Bookmark

  4. Amber Amber says:

    Tracy Ward nailed it This book is a fun sexy read It is full of interesting characters with depth and emotion The words fell from the page creating the wonderful world of Phair Texas As a native Texan I found the dialect and characteristics of the supporting characters to be spot on The wit sarcasm and sexy dialogue made the book for me And just when you thought the dialogue was steamy enough Ward didn't disappoint and backed it up with steamy descriptions of the characters intimate moments I could not put this book down I read it from cover to cover Ward created a strong and dynamic Ashlyn and coupled her with an eually strong and dynamic man Noah However there was so much to the book and the characters than simply steam even though there was also plenty of steam involved both literally and figuratively Ward managed to create a vivid world with inspiring characters which is often hard to find in a uick read Praise for an upcoming author I look forward to reading many books from Ward in the future

  5. Cristina Moroti Cristina Moroti says:

    This was a very sweet book J I stayed all night to read it and I don’t regret this This was the first book I’ve ever read whit a person who actually writes Ashlyn is a thirty year old woman who writes plays for the theater She and Noah known each other for many years but she started to hate Noah when she was seventeen and from then they were in the opposite sides of the boatBut Ashlyn had a crush with Noah and when Lucas the theater’s director put them to work together that fire started to smolder The attraction between them was palpable and they were consumed by it Their lives weren’t simple and they really needed that relationshipNoah’s father died and he was an alcohol addict and he also was violent He moved in Phair with his stepmother and he actually loves this city Only the city won’t be the same if the theater will be closed So Ashlyn is the only one who could save it And for that Noah and Ashlyn must work togetherAnd when this is happening they can’t stop it The love between them grows faster and they have the urge to be near each other Noah is Ashlyn’s muse and her play is actually about her and Noah so they had to improvise And the play is even better when they have sex But then Kyle comes in town and old memories came out Noah wanted to protect Ashlyn but he didn’t see that she doesn’t need help He is overprotective and he is afraid that he would turn into his father He blames himself for what happened 13 years ago but that really wasn’t his fault He loves so much Ashlyn even he doesn’t want to admit it He loved her for all of those years and Ashlyn loved him too but was so hard until they finally admitted thisTheir love story was like a rollercoaster And there was Ashlyn’s brother who didn’t agree with their relationship and he was actually a reason for Noah He didn’t want to fall in love with his best friend’s sister But after all you can’t control your heart When ueen found out he was pissed but in the end he agreedAshlyn has done a great job with her play and the theater hadn’t closed She won the bet with her father and she made a career from theater Kyle was a jerk as always but he didn’t succeed in his dirty plan Ashlyn and Noah even with their divergences remained together and they had their happy endingI liked their story because it started many years ago when they almost kissed and their love has resisted until now over so many years They both had their demons and their fears but after all they found the happiness and the love into each other They were both difficult and stubborn but they finally made it together They deserved something good because the life wasn’t exactly easy with themThe book was well written and I’m happy I had the opportunity to read it I liked that Ashlyn writes plays It’s not really easy and it’s interesting that she actually put her life on the paper I recommend you this book because you won’t be disappointedRATING 45 STARS

  6. Melissa (Corrupted BY Smut) Melissa (Corrupted BY Smut) says:

    I received an ARC copy of Fair Play for an honest review by the publishers on Net GalleySo im not sure where to start with this book other than that I enjoyed it but I didn't LOVE it the way I thought I would after having read the synopsis What I did really enjoy about the book was Tracy's writing It was phenomenal I was pleasantly surprised with how well written it was how well the story flowed together and the grammer and spelling was on point This definitly added to the uality of the book I also really liked how sweet Noah was with Ashlyn I didn't get why Ashlyn supposedly hated Noah so much So your past crush on him went sour and he over reacted to something that happened in your past which from my point of view was well justified If anything that would have made me love him even Not make him the villian in your life's story I just couldnt connect with Ashlyn's reasoning as to why she couldn't get along with him And he wasn't the ass she kept making him out to be throughout most of the book Is he cocky? Ya a little but in a funny and sweet sort of way Is he over protective of his best friends little sister? A little yes but for me that was no reason to hate the guy And he had a pretty good reason to protect her anyways Which leads me to another reason why I couldn't love the book as much as I wanted to There was no in depth explanation as to Ashlyn and Noahs shared history I don't like a lot of back and forth in the books I read anyways but a little sneak peak into their past at the begining would have explained why Noah does what he does and why Ashlyn hates him to begin with Instead it's brought to the readers attention slowly throughout the entire novel and by then I just wasn't really invested in the characters I also didn't uite like or get why Noah becomes invested in Ashlyn's play and the directors involvment in the decision It was a little silly and unnecessary at least for me Especially the parts of the book where they rehearse and become the characters of her play and do things together that apparently voids their actions in real life? That it was the characters fault that they did them almost? Nope I just couldnt connect with that development of the story and found myself rolling my eyes at those parts As the story went on it became a bit better especially when Ashlyn connects her aversion to Noah's protective behaviour with her dad which did make it a bit easier to relate to her need for independance in her actions and decision making The ending was also super cute and again I loved Noah and how sweet he was to her but over all I didnt love it I couldnt connect with the story line or the characters but I do thank the publishers for giving me the chance to read and review it all the same

  7. ☕️Kimberly ☕️Kimberly says:

    35 Fair Play caught my attention from the cover to the synopsis and I was eager to jump in and read Noah and Ashlyn’s story This was a fun hot read that I consumed in a single evening Three word review sweet sexy and entertainingAshlyn is a struggling writer who has been hired to write three plays for the nationally acclaimed theater in Phair Texas Her first two increased sales but didn’t enthrall the critics With just a few weeks to go before the playwright festival she hands in a rough draft of her first scene and admits she is suffering from writer’s block Her director thinks there is a link between her characters and her relationship with her brother’s best friend Noah Blake He wants Noah to be her muse and insists they spend time together Blake runs a successful pub chain across the street from the theater that is about to go international She has a lovehate relationship with Noah and the tale that unfolds found me laughing swooning and completely captivatedThe tale is told from Ashlyn’s POV which in my opinion added to the tale I found her to be strong brilliant witty and carrying around a few issues It was fun seeing her overcome them and take a chance Noah just oozes smexy from his handsome good lucks smirky smile and brilliant career mind He has known Ashlyn forever but as his best friend’s little sister she is off limits The banter between them was hilarious with an edge of snark They both have commitment issues which only added to the tale and had me wanted to bop them over the head We meet other characters and a sleazy character from their past all of which had me turning the pages The town of Phair is one I would like to visit and the townsfolk we met added to the story and made you envious of the people who lived there I am hoping the author decides to revisit this small town and create new stories thereI love troupes that force two characters together Especially when it’s obvious the couple is attracted to one another and are the only ones who can’t see it Ward added some clever twist including the play Ashlyn was writing which created some delightfully sinful and smoking hot scenes I laughed and giggled despite the predictability of the tale The romance and sexual tension built slowly and when it all collided it was oh la la I found the characters to be fleshed out genuine and believable This book offered me a lovely escape as reality simply slipped away I loved that it made me burst out laughing and had me sighing the next momentCopy received in exchange for unbiased review and originally published Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  8. Ivy Sinclair Ivy Sinclair says:

    First line Sitting on the ladder backed barstool at the Double Shot still sweaty from spending the day shut in my oven for an apartment who didn't have AC in Texas? I took a slug of my gin and tonic and glanced at my watch for the eight billionth timeThis was a lovely story that I easily read in one sitting The characters drew me in and the uniue set up of the plot and the external conflict was well doneAshlyn is a struggling playwright on the verge of either making it really big or becoming a colossal failure Everything hinges on a play she is writing for the local theater in Phair TX The theater plays host every year to a well known festival and being part of the play that wins the accompanying contest means you can write your ticket to Broadway The theater is the heart of the town and has fallen into a state of disrepair The owner needs Ashlyn to write the play that wins it all so he can take the cash award and keep the theater openThe only problem is that Ashlyn is blocked writing her play and as the minutes tick by bringing the festival closer and closer intervention is reuired It arrives in the form of Noah who owns the bar across the street from the theater and is also Ashlyn's brother's best friend from college Ashlyn and Noah haven't gotten along in twelve years after a big misunderstanding and now the theater's owner forces them to work together Noah plays the part of Ashlyn's muse and as the attraction between them grows Ashlyn's writer's block disappears The lines start to blur between what's real between Ashlyn and Noah and what's part of the play as they role play the two lead character's scenes and once you throw in a contest judge from their past who is holding a big grudge against them there is lots of conflict and angstI thought the premise of the story was fresh and engaging Ashlyn and Noah's denial of their feelings but inability to keep their hands off each other was kept from feeling like the usual pushpull you find in romance stories because of the role playing element There was almost too much conflict to have to work through Ashlyn and Noah's almost encountermisunderstanding from 12 years ago Ashlyn's brother the pressure that the play is great Noah's internal demons the evil contest judge my head was spinning just a little bit on that front Still the characters manage to find their HEA and I liked that the ending wasn't completely predictable

  9. Crystal Crystal says:

    I love small town settings interesting pasts and anything hot and steamy and Fair Play comes through with all of those Character DevelopmentTold from the alternating point of view of both Noah and Ashlyn makes Fair Play a very fun book to read Not only do you know that one side is really confuse about the relationship and things that are happening between them but you know what both sides are thinking I loved hearing from each of them They both have things to deal with and are trying to figure out the chemistry between the two of them even though each is sure the other hates him or her It's amusing and the chemistry soars Their banter is especially fun and one of my favorite things about the book But I also love that Noah is so protective of Ashlyn That really touched my heartPlotThrowing Noah and Ashlyn together so she can finish the play that could save the town makes a very interesting premise and it also makes the sparks fly Add in a somewhat mysterious man from the past we know who and what he did but have to figure out what he's up during the book But the main focus is on the developing attraction between Noah and Ashlyn I loved this it really worked in the book and kept me turning the pages I was thoroughly involved in their outcomeFinal ThoughtsFair Play provides an interesting premise builds on it holds my attention and makes me care about the characters It's a fun and spark filled romance with the great back drop of a small town and some of the people in it All in all it's a great romance read for the summer or for anytime

  10. Michelle Michelle says:

    I really enjoyed Ashlyn and Noah's story I loved that the author switched between the character's voices each chapter It was a fun way to get to know how each of them was feeling as their relationship developed The plot was uniue and I thought Tracy Ward did a great job developing the story I'm looking forward to reading of her work in the future Favorite uote from NoahAll at once fifty years of nights just like this flashed before my eyes of coming home from a long day and finding her cooking or working or daydreaming Of shared dinners and kids doing homework at the kitchen table Location 2004Hello handsome What woman wouldn't want a man imagining a future with them Loved this so much thought it showed great insight into Noah's true characterFavorite uote from AshlynI love you I said That's what's real And I don't know what happens next but I don't have to I just need to know you're willing to work it out because I know you feel something for me too Location 2073Seeing Ashlyn express what it was that she was feeling willing to put her heart on the line was a great moment

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