Paperback ↠ Jacob Hills MOBI å

Paperback ↠ Jacob Hills MOBI å

Jacob Hills ➯ [Read] ➫ Jacob Hills By Ismita Tandon Dhankher ➻ – An unloved woman is a soft target anyone can hit her have herIt’s just another evening at the Tiller’s ClubNear the bar Capt Rana the Young Officer undergoing training at the War College stands am An unloved woman is a soft target anyone can hit her have herIt’s just another evening at the Tiller’s ClubNear the bar Capt Rana the Young Officer undergoing training at the War College stands among his course mates consciously avoiding his pregnant Muslim wife Heena Rumour has it she had forced him to marry her because of the babySaryu village belle turned modern babe drink in hand chats up a YO Her husband Maj Vikram Singh shoots angry glances at her She isn’t bothered; the uestion is who will she go home with tonightPam and Gary the flamboyant Sikh couple chat merrily with the senior officers charming as ever Who’d ever guess that they lead the infamous Key Club an underground swinger couples’ clubAnd in one corner stands the Anglo Indian wife of Maj George Chandy Eva who finds herself at the heart of a murder mystery when a woman’s bleeding body is discovered at the old church under the black cross The murdered woman’s body is covered with cigarette burns A six year old girl’s wrist is similarly marked Another little girl shows signs of severe abuseJacob Hills an army station that houses the War College where young officers receive training A world of army officers and genteel conversation of smart men and graceful women Set in the s – in an India that was at the cusp of tradition and Westernized modernity – this is the story of the ugliness that lies beneath the garb ofJacob Hills’s beauty and sophistication An ugliness the Chandys find themselves confronted with Will they uncover the truth behind the woman’s murder Will their love survive Jacob Hills.

  • Paperback
  • 259 pages
  • Jacob Hills
  • Ismita Tandon Dhankher
  • English
  • 08 March 2016

10 thoughts on “Jacob Hills

  1. Mamta Mamta says:

    Jacob Hills left me speechless mesmerized and dazed I kept looking in thin air at 450 am in the morning with my mindgone back in yearsIn just 268 pagesI got this chance to re live and peep into the Army life once again As a daughter of a serving Col in the Army I had met all kinds of people and had always wondered 'WHY' people behave the way they do? Was it so difficult for adults to understand the difference between being ethical and unethical? But after reading the individual voices of the characters in Jacob Hills I got my answers and learnt that their is nothing as 'Right' or 'Wrong' in this worldthere are just 'PERSPECTIVES'Jacob Hills is a beautifully written murder mystery with a lot of emphasis given on detailing making you a part of the plotJacob Hills is a MUST READ for all those who have known the Indian Army and the men in olive for a long time and also for those who know nothing or maybe 'just something' about itI would like to congratulate Ismita Tandon Dhankar for penning down such 'BOLD THOUGHTS' in her Novel

  2. Janhvi Janhvi says:

    Jacob Hills by Ismita Tandon Dhankher is a hard hitting book It takes place in a place called Jacob Hills which is actually a War College It gives us an insight into what goes on with all the officers in the army It is set in the 1980s when things were much different from now I really enjoyed Jacob Hills and found it to be a uniue book Even though it was fiction the events which took place seemed realistic and harshJacob Hills moves forward from multiple point of views Each couple or an officer who is shown in the book are going through their own issues Each person is hiding behind a facade underneath which lies the ugly truth All the characters in Jacob Hills had shades of grey None of them were totally good or bad Each person had become who he or she was because of the circumstances which life gave themThe central character in Jacob Hills was Eva though She is the Anglo Indian wife of MajGeorge Chandy who have just moved to Jacob Hills Here Eva meets various people and as and how she gets to know them the various dynamics between the people start showing As many truths come out Eva finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery of a woman who had clearly been abused all her life by an officerThere are several story arcs going on at the same time in Jacob Hills Some are intertwined with each other whereas some are not I sometimes found it a little difficult to keep track of each person The book is filled with issues such as incest and abuse There is also the swinger's club which is present Some things portrayed in the book were shocking whereas some were downright disgustingIsmita Tandon Dhankher's writing is beautiful All the descriptions were precise and you really get a feel of what's going on inside each person's head All the story arcs came to a conclusion by the end and I was happy that nothing was left hanging Everyone got what they deserved Jacob Hills is not a very long read but it still manages to stay with you long after you close the last page

  3. Adam Adam says:

    Getting hold of this recently written book at my favourite bookshops in Bangalore was difficult but worth the effortThis unusually paced murder mystery set in Jacob Hills a military station in northern India reminds me of many instrumental works of Indian classical music It begins slowly and gradually but delicately gathers pace ending with an exciting yet subtle crescendo Each of the chapters is narrated by characters in the novel Their stories interweave and gradually reveal the strange and unsettling things that have been happening in Jakob Hills and beyond its confinesThe author does a good job of conveying the atmosphere in a male dominated senior officers' training camp and the effects that it has on the officers' wives She writes an exciting story without resorting to the comparatively manic but also exciting pace employed by many thriller writers such as for example Carl Hiaasen and Deon Meyer Despite the horrific events depicted in her story Ms Dhanker has managed to depict a remarkably restrained atmosphere throughout her book The result is a successful story that kept up my interest until the last pageNow that this book is available on you have no excuse not to read it

  4. Nabanita Nabanita says:

    Having read Ismita’s Love on the Rocks I knew that Jacob Hills would not disappoint And I was right for I finished reading the book in a few hours Not for a moment while reading did I want to put the book down So I braved hunger thirst and sleep to consume the latest offering from this talented writer we know as the lesser known poetOne thing that I particularly like about the way she writes is the use of multiple points of views She had done that exceptionally well with her first book And with Jacob Hills too she gave the readers a peek into the thoughts and emotions of various characters using their very own point of views It’s not easy to write a whole book using multiple alternating points of views trust me But Ismita is definitely proving to be an expert at thatSo the book is about army officers their wives children and basically life at an army station which in this case is Jacob Hills That added with the murky underbelly of wife swapping child abuse premarital pregnancy domestic violence and fake revelry give you a feel of the personal lives of men and women connected to one of our country’s most respected establishments the Army But that’s not all there’s a murder too And all this is set in the 1980s a time when the country was undergoing a metamorphosis towards modernisation while still holding on to its cultural legacy with one hand The story revolves around various characters the pivotal ones being Eva Chandy and her husband George Eva finds herself stuck in the middle of a murder mystery and unearthing the truth of child abuse Her actions seem to put George’s career in jeopardy which could eventually affect their married life Will the events around Jacob Hills lead to stress in their relationship? Or will they come out of these circumstances unscathed? Well to find that you’d have to read the book You wouldn't want me to give away the ending now would you?I enjoyed the book Honestly it was a breather I think what works for the book is that it’s crisp and an easy read Perhaps the suspense element of the story could have been stressed on Nevertheless the book still works for meThe plot’s twists and turns and the suspense led me to turn one page after the other And the best part was the surprise she sprang at the culmination of the suspense The characters and the incidents seemed well written since not for a moment was I bored The book effortlessly took me through a walk into the dark side of army life But it didn’t stress me out which is goodI must say that the few hours I spent in reading this book were not wasted at all And now I can’t wait for her next book to come out She seems to have grown as a writer and I can only imagine how good her third book will beSo what are you waiting for? Grab your copy and let me know if you liked it as much as I did

  5. Amit Si Amit Si says:

    Immaculate descriptions impeccable composition and a riveting thriller No other book in the recent history had the aura to not make me keep it down Ismita Dhanker's composition is a story told through and about the individuals of one of the most sacrosanct institutions of our country The Indian Army With its fine traditions and the polished sheen serving as the backdrop the novel deals about about the choices that people make the results of which they choose not to live with Very stunningly choired through this thriller are small comments about life and the lessons that they teach The writer chooses to narrate the story chapterwise with each of the chapters having a character voicing it The voices resounding their traumas and hopes and despairings adds the entire human element to it You may be well forgiven to think that you are actually talking to them Though small but notably striking are the small diagrams painting a certain personality of each character at the beginning of the chapter The prologue is what sets the tone of the story as your heart wrenches in a rainbow of disgust anger and sadness as a woman tells you about the torture she suffers at the hands of her once chivalrous caring army officer husband You have read about such things in papers novels etc yet the way it is written brings a pain to your heartWhat follows is the journey of a limping army officer George Chandy and his wife the protagonist of this story the Anglo featured Eva Chandy and their life at Jacob hills after George is shifted as an instructor there and the twists in their lives as they stand steadfastly to each other uncovering the shame guilt and ugliness behind the sheen respect and admiration of this institutionThe underlying element of this entire story is sex and the abuse of it It could have been the same story in any other setting and hence the judgements need to be formed carefully least they form any wrong ideas about the institutionThankfully the novel ends on a good note mostly ie and leaves you in a state of trance The small titbits of comments about life and the lessons it teaches you leave you uestioning those same elements about yourself too and all can you do is suppress the void of their answers with a silent smilehttpfreakychakrawordpresscom201

  6. Prasanna Prasanna says:

    When Major George Chandy and his wife Eva arrive at the War College stationed in Jacob Hills neither of them have any inclination of what awaits them in the idyllic and beautiful town George after suffering a leg injury in a war mishap is posted as an instructor to teach the Young Officers Along with his new bride the Anglo Indian Eva he starts his life fresh in Jacob Hills But the peaceful town has an ugly underbelly too where murders child abuse wife swapping and domestic violence forms the norm of the army society When Eva discovers the dying body of a young woman she is horrified and takes it upon herself to expose the murderer and bring justice to the dead woman who had also suffered domestic abuse when living To keep herself busy Eva starts teaching at a local school and it’s there that she comes across a girl who shows similar signs of abuse as the dead woman Eva tries her best to get the little girl talking knowing very well that she’s the only one who has seen the face of the abuser but the poor girl is traumatized by the entire episode and withdraws at any kinds of intimacy Apart from Eva and George there are many other couples whose story is narrated alongside Pam and Gary who covertly run The Key Club an underground swinger’s club Major Vikram and his wife Saryu who is forced to sleep with others senior officers to forward her husband’s career Capt Rana and his Muslim wife Heena who are bound by matrimony due to a unforeseen pregnancyThe sizzling chemistry between the main protagonists George and Eva is sure to set pulses racingThe suspensethriller element is slightly underplayed in the book what with other issues that supposedly plagues the army society life also portrayed in the bookThe author has adopted the same way of narration each chapter is narrated by different characters as in her previous book but thankfully she has kept the chapters short and crisp which undeniably deserves a thumbs up from me

  7. Smita Beohar Smita Beohar says:

    I had read and reviewed the first book of this author so when I saw that her new book was up for grabs at Indiblogger I errr grabbed it ; and it was a good decisionI had started reading it with a little reservation because though I had not disliked her last book but I had not actually fallen in love with it but boy she springs a surprise on you This is a well written sharp gritty tale Ismita tells us the sordid story of CSA denial of parents domestic violence wife swapping which is apparently a very common practice in Navy read this article here etc and she tells it well To put the good things in bullet pointsIt is a gritty tale with no low points in the plotEnough twists turns to keep you turning the page till you know the suspenseAs far as the suspense is concerned you will feel you know it all but you really don’t and for me that itself takes the book to a different levelThe characters are well etched and you start liking disliking themThe book is crisply written in fact so much is said in just 268 pages that it is like wowIt talks about sensitive issues like CSA domestic violence but never sensationalises it In fact the subject matter has been handled uite maturelyThere isn’t really anything that I didn’t like about the book It does portray a dark side of the army but I guess it is the people who make it bad and there are always some rotten apples in a basketThe author has grown by leaps bounds in this book and I am sure Ismita is here to stay as far thrillers are concerned In fact she can give the likes of Ashwin Sanghi a run for their money with a little smart marketingAs far as final recommendation is concerned this one is a must read taut gritty gripping thriller Highly Recommended

  8. Ritvik Ritvik says:

    The cover of the book has a 1980's look and gives an impression of a thrillersuspense type book It is plain and simple The synopsis doesn't really tells much about the book but gives an introduction to the different charactersThe book is set in 1980's in Jacob Hills a military camp near Shimla Being set in an Army surrounding it gives a whole lot of detail about the ways and functioning of army including the boss subordinate relations the officer's club and the officer's wives It also shows the hard realities of women abuser child marriage and child abortion Only a lady author could have written the book in such a detail mentioning even the minutest detail specially the part where officer's wives is includedThe character building is done perfectly spending just the right amount of time describing the character The reader is able to make an impression of the character The narration is plain and simple and plot is beautifully builtOne of the most interesting thing about this book is it's alternate person narrative style Each chapter is written from the point of view from a different character which makes the book even interesting It helps in giving an account from the point of view of different characters such as the abuser and the one being abused the lover and the hater This is the main USP of this bookAlthough I did feel the ending was abrupt and could have been better or the author could have spent time on itOn the whole this is an short enjoyable read Read it for it's alternating person narrative style the army related surrounding and the character building

  9. Yatin Gupta Yatin Gupta says:

    Jacob Hills is a war station that houses army college Apart from all the studies and strictness around there are too many undercurrents flourish and die from time to time at this place Personal euations professional jealousy supremacy and what not and to build the gaps between personal and professional lives bridges are built over various get togethers parties and swinging clubs Yes swinging where people exchange partners willingly to sleep around and aid their professional growth in some or other other way The story also comprises of a murder and child abuse and various other thingsWhat I liked about the book is the story flows from different character’s perspective Eva and George Chandy who are transferred to Jacob Hills because of George’s leg injury Gary and Pam the flamboyant Punjabi couple staying at Jacob Hills Vikram and Heena Saryu and a lot of other characters Each of them carry forward the plot through their own stories and which is what worked for me with this book Some 264 odd pages I managed to finish this book is straight 4 hours Gripping riveting shocking and disgusting Jacob Hills is a book that will take you to a roller coaster ride of events and revelations that would shake you from withinAlso Ismita’s writing is simple and she knows her craft really well The caricatures drawn for the each of the characters explains a lot about them and add a new dimension to the story If you like reading suspense then Jacob Hills is worth giving a shot

  10. Priya Priya says:

    The book makes you think All the different perspectives give you an insight into the world that a lone narrator could not have managed It is a delicate topic especially with all that's been in the news lately and it has been handled carefully and I guess correctlyDespite being a mystery at its core the book is a lot less about finding the culprit and a lot about what's bubbling underneath it Ray Bradbury said that a good story is a metaphor or something to that effect and this one is You have the chance to take things at face value and then dig deeper with some of the characters the sensible ones like George or the oddly naive ones like Eva and then you can dig even deeper all on your own When in Jacob Hills the author makes a point racy and bold though the book is the point made is subtle and unbiased although I am not even sure if that's intentional You are not told what to think you are only told that maybe it's time to think for a bit The mystery who killed the woman who abused the child those are pieces of a puzzle that gradually fall into place The helpless that's it? the shocked really? and the hopeful what now? that follow are left for us to chew onBut along with giving a serious message the book is also humorous which keeps it from becoming a complete drab The prose is spirited and fun and keeps you entertained This is definitely one of the better contemporary Indian booksClick for the full review

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