The Devil's Shadow Harleuin Presents #1220 PDF/EPUB â

The Devil's Shadow Harleuin Presents #1220 PDF/EPUB â

The Devil's Shadow Harleuin Presents #1220 [BOOKS] ⚡ The Devil's Shadow Harleuin Presents #1220 Author Sally Wentworth – Sibling rivalry threatened to destroy their loveCharlotte Page ran into Craig Bishop at the Sandowne Races She'd never forgotten him ever since her sister first brought him home to the Abbey six years Sibling rivalry threatened to Shadow Harleuin eBook ´ destroy their loveCharlotte Page ran into Craig Bishop at the Sandowne Races She'd never forgotten him ever since her sister first brought him home to the Abbey six years agoIt had been love at first sight Not that he was interested in herwith her glamorous sister The Devil's Epub / Verity to hold his attentionsCharlotte was no longer a teenage tomboy She'd grown into a beautiful and sophisticated woman whom Craig could love Then just when a happy ending seemed in sight for them Verity came back on the scene.

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  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re The Devil's Shadow this one really suicked me out I pretty much had to hold my nose thru this one cause it was waaaay to icky for a casual read It has GREAT dramarama wreckiness but the situation is just so eeeekkkk that I was not feeling anything but major disgust The heart of this story is two sisters who hate each other fighting over the prize that is the H He in the meantime is srsly enjoying playing them off against each other and it was cruel The word gaslighting strongly appears in my mind on this one and I can't help but speculate on the ultimate fate of the h after the end Unfortunately this h proves to be one of the neurotic SW type h's and that certainly doesn't help matters much The story opens with the h falling in love with the H at 16 it is love at first sight for the h He is interested in her manipulative sister tho big sis met him in London and brought him home to impress him with the family estate and the h's father has never been interested in the h at all The h is a horsey nature loving technically minded girl and the sister is the budding HP Harlot Vamp OW type The mother died several years earlier and the h has been cast out of the magic circle of the sister and the father ever since Jealousy is rampant and that is the motivation for every action in this book except for the H and he just likes to stir the pot and see what bubbles up The h tells the H a bunch of lies about her sister and her flirtations she implies that the sister is keeping the H on string with several other men The sister IS doing this actually but the h doesn't have specifics and she grossly exaggerates the sister's actions This leads to a big fight between the H and the sister and they break up The sister has no problem smacking the daylights out of the 16yr old h vowing she will get revenge no matter what or how long it takes Six months later the sister takes off for Hollywood and is determined to be a big movie star which she is successful at The h gets a business degree and a job in a finance firm and stays home caring for her elderly and completely disinterested father She meets the H again six years later and needless to say the h has grown up and looks fantastic but still not as good as her sister The H and h start dating and the h is in love tho their relationship hasn't been subjected to the lurve club mojo yet Then the father dies and guess who is coming to dinner? Yep the sister is back in all her Evil Harlotry and boy is she ready to take revenge She forces the h to divide the huge family homestead into flats and the h will have to give up her home The father's will left everything eually between them the H will be the designing architect he and his new firm are just starting out in the area and the sister takes every opportunity to let the h know that she is having regular appointments with the H's love clubThe H decides to invest in the house conversion as well and he pretty much takes the sister's side over the h's every step of the way The h is too neurotic and hopelessly dependent on the H and his attention to actually think about things and get some outside solicitor advice Instead she spends page after page alternately angsting or fighting with the H and her sister's ploys It was exhausting and not all the Cpt Morgan in the world was making that page count go faster The H is of course caught in every compromising position except actually poking the lance of love with the sister that a man can be in and he even avoids taking the h to bed presumably because he is indulging the sister but ostensibly because he wants to wait with the h until the time is right The h is eaten with jealousy and finally after the sister describes an intimate scar the H carries and the H confirms it the H and h break up The sister house conversion well in hand goes back to Hollywood to marry a director whose marriage she just broke up Meanwhile the house conversion is still going on and the h actually has an opportunity to hook up with a local rugby player She doesn't foolish girl a rugby player in hand is worth ten architects in the bush but does manage to get herself in a compromising position with said rugby player and the H immediately jumps on the fact that it looks like the h and the rugby guy spent the night together Disregarding the fact that he and the h are done and have been for a while the H accuses her of cheating and manipulates the h into believing that he thinks she is cheating on him just she believed he cheated on her The only problem with that is that the cheating the H did which is of the have your cake and eat it too variety actually was cheating cause I totally believe he did some wall lancing with the sister The h did not cheat but irregardless even if she and Mr Rugby had done some boudoir bouncing she was single and free to do so The whole overnight thing where Mr Rugby passed out from boozing it up on the h's couch happens at least a month or after the H and h called it uits The h however believes the H when he accuses her of playing away so her response is to uit her job move out of the house and sell her horse to be totally committed to the H He cheerfully accepts the implied willingness to subjugate herself and look the other way when he wants a casual fling so the HEA consists of them going off in big yellow cab to finally get around to the lancing of lurve I wasn't buying the HEA The h needed to grow up the H needed to move on and I hope the lurve lancing was so unfulfilling that the h comes to her senses and dumps the lot of them for the nice Mr Rugby What probably really happened is the H got his groove on tortured the h some with OW insinuations then married her when she was suitably chastened and proceeded to lurve up her sister whenever the mood occurred to both of them The h whined all the way through it all until she got drunk one night and broke her neck when she jumped her horse and landed wrong The H collected on the h's inheritance kept the sister's number handy until she got too old and over processed and then married a nice sweet motherly type from Kent and had the usual grand Country Home 25 kids and a few dogs over in HRtopia a few years later In terms of wrecki drama and stomach punching disgust this book is five star in terms of HEA believability and actual likability of the characters it is negative a hundred trillion Still SW in drama mood is hard to beat so if you have the angst junkie addiction load up on the vino and the chocolate and have a true HPlandia wrecki time

  2. Naksed Naksed says:

    Two eually bat shit crazy sisters fight over the bone that is the hero

  3. Diya Diya says:

    25šŸŒŸIt was painful reading this I couldn't get over how there was mistrust the jealousy of h over her sister ironically she is called Verity The hero could have taken charlotte out of her misery by professing his love propose etc but if anything he did nothing but fuel her mistrust in him The story was doing really well until midway it went off the rails and it all became a It too much The ending was too abrupt Not one to reread for sure Is not as bad a to have and to hold by Sally wentworth that's worse

  4. Melanieā™„ Melanieā™„ says:

    35 starsLack of trust was a big issue in this book Charlotte found it extremely difficult to trust anything about Craig despite falling in love with him at first site as a chld of sixteen Craig would not have inpired my trust either though as he seemed to put himself in situation after situation that could be easily misinterpreted Put a completely evil and self centered sister in the mix and there was trouble brewing until almost the last page

  5. Rgreader Rgreader says:

    Dnf'd due to the heroine I found her to be callous and unsympathetic By chapter 4 I gave up being interested in the drama to come Also the writing style was very dry That was underwhelming

  6. Amara Amara says:

    The reviews for this are just down right disappointing Really this was a four star for me but the one stars are just completely unfair to the heroine She was jealous and insecure for absolutely legitimate reasonsHer sister refers to him as Craig darling hugs him kisses him threatens to take him from her sister lies to sister than she is sleeping with him has slept with him and will sleep with him in the future Her father constantly ignores her belittles her all while praising and complimenting her sister Never has anyone ever made this woman feel secure and loved She's an emotionally battered woman and those calling her a doormat are incredibly lacking in empathy At the end where most reviewers call her clingy or desperate she is showing Craig that she is finally willing to trust him and in their love in the most extreme way she can Craig needed this SHE needed this Before the end she had never trusted anyone so completely before without fear of being hurt being lied to or most of all being unloved Ironic really that her sister is named Verity

  7. Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* says:

    Wow Charlotte is the most clingy character I've read in a book I know some romance novels are over the top but this is ridiculous When she first starts dating Craig she notes that her friends are still trying to reach her but she has little interest in them any now that she's with her new love When he gets a break from work and calls her for a surprise lunch she walks out of her office where shes worked for years and tells her boss she's leaving daring him to stop her She makes it clear that if he stops her from going to lunch with her boyfriend she'll uit right then and there At the end of the book to show her trust of Craig she runs to him and lets him know she's moved out of the house she's selling has uit her job and gotten rid of her horse at the house to prove her commitment to him He being a normal enough character is surprised I'm sure he's wondering what kind of nut case she is The thing is he's not even controlling He tries to get her to make decisions often about renovating the house she must sell but she has no interest in making any decision Sadly the book actually started well apparently but the middle the author found it so ridiculous she hurried through it The ending is one of the most abrupt departures I've seen

  8. Nikki Nikki says:

    SKIP Nothing is resolved And this ends like the sopranos Just over The evil sister is just evil with one sentence of why but she's dumb and she has a lot in common with the heroine who is ALSO dumb The second she remeets the hero she loves her freaking mind and is a blubbering moron SKIP

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