Kindle Edition ã Octobers Eve eBook å

Kindle Edition ã Octobers Eve eBook å

Octobers Eve (Graveside Manner #1) [PDF / Epub] ☆ Octobers Eve (Graveside Manner #1) By Joyce A. Scott – Amanda Liesing had nowhere to look but down when she heard the thump at the door Bodies were always being dropped off at Amanda's So begins Graveside Manner October's Eve a uirky murder mystery in the Amanda Liesing had nowhere to look but down when she heard the thump at the door Bodies were always being dropped off at Amanda's So begins Graveside Manner October's Eve a uirky murder mystery in the style of Murder She Wrote and Arsenic and Old Lace Join Prunella police chief Jenkins a cast of other characters and Amanda as she solves the tuxedoed gentleman's murder and brings the killers to justice.

10 thoughts on “Octobers Eve (Graveside Manner #1)

  1. Rachel Rachel says:

    A murder mystery plot with spunky senior citizens This was a fun mystery I especially liked the fact that the book has characters who are openly Christians and often pray or speak of God This is not a Christian story per se the main story line doesn't revolve around Christianity or anything but it's a real life kind of story with some characters who acknowledge belief in God and that Christianity is part of their lives Amanda a detective's widow continues his work unofficially Some unknown person for some unknown reason drops dead bodies at her door for her to investigate It happens often enough in fact that she even has a sling pulley system set up near her door and a specially made gurney for hauling the bodies in then moving them out again It's a fun premise but leaves a some of unanswered uestions The dead body in uestion in this book leads Amanda to investigate a local officials and a law firm in connection with the death of one of their own As her investigation turns up new clues she works to point the police in the right direction and to convince her oldest and dearest friend Prunella that she's not up to anything Amanda never uits she's brassy and unafraid to face any bad guy She is up against the investigation of her life though because someone wants her out of the way and will stop at nothing to ensure she doesn't expose truth Spoiler AlertI haven't been able to tell if this book is part of a series or not but there's never any explanation as to how the bodies get to her door or why law enforcement never uestions the fact that bodies are often not discovered at crime scenes but rather they often turn up purposely placed in plain sight in this small town or why the police never find any evidence linking Amanda to these bodies she investigates them makes a file on them then dumps them on the police station doorstep the police chief's doorstep or some other public place for the local citizens to find and call in

  2. Ngdecker Ngdecker says:

    This book was uite different than what I had expected from reading the reviews It turned out to be a cozy mystery with an older woman as the detective It needed a little attention to the editing I did enjoy reading it and thought the book led me to believe there were previous books about the same character but apparently this is not true If there are in the future I would like to read them Because of these issues my real rating might be 35 stars

  3. Krystyna Krystyna says:

    The geriatric ninja getting the better of the Police Chief is awesome What a fabulous read humour a great storyline and wonderful characters Since her detective husband was killed she has had a couple of dead bodies dumped on her doorstep Wonderful scenes as she tries to keep the fact from her neighbour and when she tries to find somewhere to leave the body Now her interest has been peaked The she investigates the murky dirty dealings she unravels Attempts on her life come from all sides and the Police Chief is not amused now reaching 60 he wonders if he is past his best and trying to hide the crush that's he's had on her since High School and as she nearly unravels the answers there's a strange twist Who made the shot?

  4. Doward Wilson Doward Wilson says:

    A uirky and different sleuth Meet Amanda Liesing who gets bodies of murder victims dropped on her porch in the middle of the night She has no idea who is leaving them but she is enjoying examining them to find clues to their killers I really enjoyed this first of two books It was totally uniue in its plot I enjoyed the characters very much Amanda is an older sleuth with lots of wisdom and life experiences to draw on This is sure to keep your interest and leave you wanting

  5. Annamaria Annamaria says:

    I got this book for free and I did not expect much from it It was a nice surprise though Although improbable the characters were interesting as well as the plot I will read of this author

  6. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    It was a cute mystery that definitely needs a bit editing From the descriptions of some characters I expected them to be much older For instance but I would not consider a person on the eve of her 60th birthday to be geriatric Other than those points it was a relaxing read

  7. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    Loved this book Joyce Scott is a gifted writer I fell in love with her characters and couldn't wait to find out who done itTreat yourself and pick up a copy of Joyce's book

  8. Nola Arganbright Nola Arganbright says:

    Never underestimate an old ladyA very well written Cozy Mystery with great developed characters A strong plot that worked itself out up until the end of the book

  9. Twyla Twyla says:

    Page 2 or 3 I cant figure out what a cut up macintosh is is it one of those hard carmel bars in the red and green plaid box? Or did they cut up a raincoat? Why the eff does this woman have a sneaked in tricked out gurney and pulley sytem Some hints woyldnt be out of placeWhat is a rotarian? Isnt it some kind of pasta? The kindle dictionary is having a zillion issues hereNow onto chapter 35 Whered the cop come from and whats an expired tab?Next something seems off The numbers onthe card keep chamging sometimes 0710 sometimes 0407 and sometimes 0410 Plus she knows the bodys name before its even speculated upon Plus theres lots of odd terms like its trying to be written inamericanese but uses abunxh of british words I amnot going back to spell check Trust me when i type a sentence and wait five minutes for all the letters to show on the screen i just want to scrwM and forgwt about it rather than gi back and redo the whole gd thingAlso what the hell is a ten key?Ch 13 More things are not adding up A The attitude towards computers I mean in this day and age who the eff hasnt heard of a mouse? And do people really still use internet explorer any? Really? Also it mentions she will phone the celise number again and it sounds like she argued with some woman on the other end but between her leaving thevlibrary and going to the law office theres no mention even of a furst ohone call so what the hay did someone not edit this book or did they just cut and paste whole chaoters in randomly or chop out vital text to make it fit a word count There is either way to much detail missing or it was just not writ well I am kinda regretti g picking this one up at this pointHalfway through now The celise ad changed words from looking to waiting The light on the answering machine changed from green to red and hey Amanda had her first convo finally with the celise ad phone number im thinking they either moved the lawyer scene rather than the celise call scene And yeah im prolly going to continue picking the rest of the book apart Who let it get published like this? Hopefully not one of the big brandsCh 355 is missing and the end is missing too Oh and Celise is a dick and not in the good way

  10. Carol Carol says:

    uirky characters But I liked it

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