Only Lovers Left Alive PDF/EPUB ✓ Only Lovers

Only Lovers Left Alive PDF/EPUB ✓ Only Lovers

Only Lovers Left Alive [Epub] ➟ Only Lovers Left Alive By Dave Wallis – A sudden rash of suicides uickly spirals out of control as all the adults do away with themselves in a wave of existential ennui With the “oldies” dead teenagers inherit the world suddenly free to A sudden rash of suicides uickly spirals out of control as all the adults do away with themselves in a wave of existential ennui With the “oldies” dead teenagers inherit the world suddenly free to smash loot and love as they like Motorcycle gangs hold wild orgies in abandoned apartments and prowl through the shambles of disintegrating London in search of disappearing stocks of lipstick gasoline and food now the currency in a new world of Only Lovers eBook ó unspeakable violence.

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  1. Valancourt Books Valancourt Books says:

    Now availablePaperback EbookWebsite | US | UK

  2. Anna Anna says:

    It's hard to review a book that you first read when you hadn't even hit your teens and didn't really understand and then re read 25 years later It was written in 1964 and when I read my parents' copy in the mid eighties even I knew it was incredibly cool Now I'd describe it as a cult novel or in the tradition of John Wyndham or a zeitgeist reflection on burgeoning sixties rebellious s But when I was 12 I just knew it was way cool It's taken me since then to track a copy down after my parents' copy went up in smoke in 1986 but worth it; I mooched it off someone in Atlanta Georgia and antiuarian book fetishist alert it's an original copy It's basically about England's adults topping themselves due to general hopelessness and despair The authorities politicians royalty media try and stop it before giving up and doing themselves all in as well Anyone over the age of about 20 is an oldie and therefore to be despised The country thus belongs to the young who are left to get on with it once the oldies disappear The narrative is driven by a core East End gang who fight fck and forage with abandon and increasing desperation as local supplies are depleted and they're forced to move further afield trading tinned food and nylons for petrol and spare motorbike parts They travel northward over a period of a few years learning how to hunt and herd as they go There's a curious mix of foreboding teenage naivety and world weariness which ends on a hopeful note in ScotlandTo pick up the point about the difficulty in reviewing a long ago read book as I was reading it my 37 year old eyes began slipping in and out of my 12 year old self At times I couldn't tell whether what I was thinking and feeling as I read was via the old or young me I didn't spent much time dwelling on it as the book drew me in Over the years I've often thought about this book and the concept like Day of the Triffids Lord of the Flies ahhh the Brits and their particular brand of alienated 60s sci fi lit but I'd forgotten much of the detail I found it just as absorbing in 2009So I give it four stars for the book itself written as it is in a uniuely 60s voice; for the deeply fearful invocation of a teenage run survivalist state; for the sparse and occasionally beautiful prose mixed up with occasional triteness and for the fact that re reading can sometimes inspire as much delight and surprise as a virginal read

  3. Leonardo Leonardo says:

    It had some really slow moments but overall a pretty good read It had some tense relationships some action and some gore It painted a very heavy picture of what a situation like this would really be likeThere was no sugar coating and I liked the dark tones to itI'd recommend this book but good luck finding it I ordered a good used copy online and I'm not letting mine goI'd read it again and surprised that this wasn't adapted into a movie I heard that the Rolling Stones tried to get it off the ground as a movie but it never rose Too badGiving full disclosure though it seems like a dated story with so many zombie and post apocalyptic tales written in the same fashion and a sub genre being devoted to it but one should keep in mind that this was probably written way before a lot of those stories were put to print; in 1964 to be exact

  4. Phil Lancaster Phil Lancaster says:

    Brilliant a true lost gem beautifully re presented in this Valancourt edition Violent haunting and touching by turns with an all pervading sense of loss longing and the perennial teenage search for meaning Once optioned as a movie with Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall brought in to write the screenplay and starring the Rolling Stones who were to write six new numbers for the soundtrack What a film that would have been

  5. Diane Dunham Diane Dunham says:

    Really enjoyed this book Although I wonder what the world would be like if all the adults or oldies as the book calls them were dead and the teenagers took control of everything At some point they become adults Wonder if teenagers realize that

  6. David Corvine David Corvine says:

    Four stars for concept and two for execution This is a real period piece from the time when teenagers were a new phenomena see also Absolute Beginners Colin MacInnes

  7. Kris Kris says:

    One of the original adults die in apocalypse children inherit the earth stories which soon became a standard of the genreIt is interesting as it goes through collapse survival and a changing society There is a bit too much crudity and misogyny for my tastes at times although there to be critiued it seems to me

  8. Daphne Vogel Daphne Vogel says:

    Excellent book to read with Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang if you’re of a mind to pick up both Loved it Always a fan of well done post apocalyptic tales

  9. Bruce Snyder Bruce Snyder says:

    I was fifteen years old when my father’s brother Uncle Reynold gave me this book I guess as an early Christmas present I thought it was very cool of course when all the grownups kill themselves out of sheer boredom and leave the planet to the teenagers Eventually after a period of mindless destruction violence and barbarism humanity reverts to a hunter herder gatherer culture and tries to raise the babies it created without the wisdom of the generation who went before At age seventy I still remember the plot as it came flooding back during a White House coronavirus presentation I recommend it to any teenager who ever wanted to sleep with hisher significant other and day dreams about running away or doing away with the adults who might object That raises an interesting uestion for a teenage reader would you trade a complex culture a society that offers established financial religious employment and cultural structures for the right to do whatever you want with whoever you want whenever you wanted to do it? Really? Think about it

  10. Frances Frances says:

    Technically I own this but I think I'll be leaving it in HelsinkiLike most 60s pulp not nearly as risué as the cover copy would have you believe; mostly a sad grim piece about people slowly going back to an agrarian existence The teenager hood mostly seems to come up in terms of having a group of people who haven't yet had any kind of midlife crisis or yet gotten boredWould rate between a 2 and a 3 but I really needed some background noise and this provided so giving it a 3

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