Le ciel tombe à côté Kindle ✓ tombe à PDF

Le ciel tombe à côté Kindle ✓ tombe à PDF

Le ciel tombe à côté ➿ Le ciel tombe à côté Free ➶ Author Marie-Francine Hébert – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Mona and Bird witness something terrible from their treetop perches and suddenly life changes foreverOn this side of the sky Mona and her kid sister Bird hide in the woods each day because it's far be tombe à PDF È Mona and Bird witness something terrible from their treetop perches and suddenly life changes Le ciel PDF or foreverOn this side of the sky Mona and her kid sister Bird hide in the ciel tombe à PDF Æ woods each day because it's far better than being home But then there's the other side the side Bird dreams of while she sits in the tall trees she climbs to get away from a life devoid of love Bird may be eight but her mind's only five and Mona has to babysit her most of the time All their father can do when he gets home is lie on the couch and watch TV and with another baby on the way it seems like Mona's mother is always too occupied with her own problems and misery to pay any attention to herThey don't have many friends but Mona and Bird have always had each other and the hideout of the hidden lake to run to when they needed to escape from mothers and fathers and teachers and bullies and the friends they want and the friends who need their help But then.

  • Paperback
  • 125 pages
  • Le ciel tombe à côté
  • Marie-Francine Hébert
  • English
  • 05 October 2016
  • 9780889953697

10 thoughts on “Le ciel tombe à côté

  1. Bonnie Bonnie says:

    What a find Marie Francine Hebert is not afraid to tackle – appropriately in this young adult novel – difficult subjects such as prejudice racism and sexual abuse While these topics could be disturbing Hebert tempers such themes with her uniue poetic prose; and by offering her characters the opportunity to develop self esteem self reliance – and hopeYou know those book sales that happen in a mall or outside your local library? Well just recently I came across one in the process of being set up I had two cloth bags – my intention was to fill them with the books waiting for me on “my section” of the book reuest shelf inside the library The sale wasn’t to begin until the following morning but the volunteers graciously allowed me to rummage through as they unpacked box after box of books After uickly filling one bag I asked how much they were asking 50 cents for paperbacks and a loonie 1 for hardcover The slim volume titled this side of the sky no caps caught my eye I loved the title and the cover and Hebert was a new to me author from uebec I didn’t even realize it was a young adult book until I read the first few pages but by then I was hooked The novel opens with a poem written by teen narrator Mona a homework assignment address normal events that happen at home on a day off school It’s a clever beginning because right away we know that Mom expects Mona to look after her younger sister Angeliue – who insists upon being called Bird because she prefers to spend her time at the top of trees – and that Dad isn’t a particularly nurturing parent either he sits in front of the TV drinking beer and says to Mona You deaf girl? Beat it We soon learn that Mom is pregnant and we guess that she’s worried she will bear another child like Bird the baby who didn’t receive enough oxygen at birth and who according to Dad was born with a sparrow's brain To others she is like a five year old in an eight year old body But Bird senses things and she possesses keen observation skills Two classmates live nearby Mona doesn’t like Suson the daughter of the mayor and police chief but she does like newcomer Jon an African American boy One day Bird shows Mona a scene Bird has seen before the police chief sexually abusing his daughter Mona insists they can’t tell the police because Suson’s father is the police When Suson is found after running away it is Jon predictably who ends up getting accused But this is a simplified synopsis of the plot and it would be a discredit to Hebert’s talent to dismiss it as just another story dealing with the same old themes I love it when chapters are titled In the first “the hidden lake” Bird says that the lake is one of earth’s eyes Because the lake is rotting Mona says “With an eye that full of slime the earth can’t recognize many people” In the chapter called “parents and other animals” Mona and Bird secretly watch Jon leave for a weekend visit with his father His mother’s heart is full of him The girls kneel behind the bush in pieces Mona can’t imagine her mother’s heart being full of her She knows Bird can’t either We stay on our knees for two days behind that same bush Not in the flesh of course In our minds We don’t dare look at each other Angeliue and me It’s like when you’re hurt as soon as you see your hurt reflected in someone else’s eyes there’s no longer any room for doubt and your pain explodes In “the lake’s arms” Mona goes through the woods to the hidden lake making sure to avoid Jon’s house There’s too much joy down his way Later they’re at his house and a whisper of music makes its way through the open doorway A whisper of music the trees hereabouts have never heard before The leaves stand still on their branches “I’m flowing inside” murmurs Bird like the creek into the arms of the lake The teacher had given Mona 010 for her poem but Jon said it was beautiful In “the story we didn’t choose” they find Jon’s book Les Contemplations by Victor Hugo and Mona reads a poem aloud to Bird It refers to a child as a small joyous creature This is too much for the girls to take in especially Bird who falls into the huge puddle of nothingness at her center Mona throws the book and everything it holds into the woods as far away as possible “I told you Bird it’s got nothing to do with us But in the end it willOne of my favourite passages is when Suson has run away and Jon is in hiding after being beat up by the two Sigouin blockheads The light’s shining louder than usual in all three houses a blaring light that can be heard from a long way away At Jon’s house no music is playing just the shadow of his mother pushing light from one room to the next wearing a hole in the window shaking the phone to make it ring Key to the story is Bird recognizing that Suson though otherwise pretty has dead fish eyes And when Bird climbs a tree so high no one can get her down insisting it wasn’t Jon who “did it” the teacher tells Mona about being the first to discover her She says she’d asked Bird what she was staring at ‘At your dead fish eyes’ and then ‘I want to see you cry’ And the teacher did cry; and that’s when Bird told her about Suson and her father Later with everyone assembled below the tree Mona and the teacher tell the truth Suson says it wasn’t Jon and Suson’s father is taken away And Jon is the one to get Bird down from the tree I won’t disclose anything further – and there is to this story – but I will say this in the final chapter called “an unconditional present” I laughed out loud and by the time I read the final line I thought it was the perfect ending to this extremely moving beautifully written story Marie Francine Hebert’s books have been translated into eleven languages Our library has fifteen copies of this book Chances are you will find a copy in yours I highly recommend this side of the sky for teens and adults around the world

  2. Amélie Amélie says:

    Je voulais lire ça depuis ue Mélanie Jannard en a parlé comme d’un de ses livres jeunesse préférés Le moment est bien choisi d’une poésie ui souligne la violence plutôt ue de l'atténuer le roman te regarde dans les yeux uand il te parle Il se débat avec toutes les choses ui ne vont pas bien ne te fait pas d’accroires La voix de la narratrice te rappelle l'impuissance ui colle à la fin de l'enfance les coins de ciel de lacs cachés ui demeurent intacts les chemins tordus ui mènent aux autres uelle histoire précieuseUn livre de poèmes Des vrais Je m'en doutais Les pires Des mots bien habillés De mots ui se tiennent par la main dans la page ui racontent pas d'histoires parlent pas de uelu'un en particulier ils se contentent de te tourner autour avec leurs sentiments La première chose ue tu sais tu te retrouves tout nu au milieu de toi sans une histoire pour te couvrir sans un seul personnage derrière leuel te cacher Mais je peux pas faire autrement ue de lui en lire un passage à ma soeur sinon elle va appeler Jon Je lis mais du bout des yeux avec le reste tassé dans un petit coin de mon cerveau dur comme de la roche p 52 53

  3. Andréanne Lauzon Andréanne Lauzon says:

    Très très émue par cette histoire à la poésie crue et terrible ui ne baisse pas les yeux devant les horreurs ui parcourent parfois les chemins Une écriture incroyable brute et d'une beauté saisissante

  4. Natasha Dubé Natasha Dubé says:

    Un tout petit livre en stature mais rempli de beaux personnages et de sujets ui ne se retrouvent pas souvent dans une lecture jeunesse YA Belle découverte 45

  5. Mel Jannard Mel Jannard says:

    Je parle de ma ixième relecture de ce livre toujours parmi mes préférés dans cette vidéo dans cette vidéo Lesperruches sont cuites de Charles Bolduc et Un petit pas pour l'homme de Stéphane DompierreAbonnez vous à ma chaîne

  6. Debbie Debbie says:

    This book is about girls named Mona and Bird When Bird was born she lost some oxygen to her brain so she has some special needs but Mona loved her Bids real name is Angeliue but she is called bird because she wishes she could fly and so she's always climbing trees to touch the skyOne day Mona and Bird witness their neighbor Susan and her father doing things he shouldn't be doing behind their shed Mona makes Bird promise not to tell anyone what they had just seen because no one would believe them anyways Susan's father was a police officer and who would believe two girls over himWhen Mona goes for a walk trying to forget the images that are in her head she heads down to the water fall near their place and finds a boy named Jon who is african american naked swimming When he realizes that she's seen him he apologizes and is completely embarrassed but she is also curious at the same time Her father is racist so she has never spent much time with them before She then notices Bird is up in the tree again and she refuses to come down for Mona After Jon is dressed he offers to see if he can help to get Bird to come down Mona is surprised to see that Bird actually listens to him and comes down from the tree She feels a little bit of jealousy when she sees Bird is holding his hand on the way back home Mona doesn't know if she the lake will ever be the same to her She always had it in her mind that the lake was their secret place to be and now that Jon knows it wont be the sameBird has a hard time to keep this big secret she ends up telling her teacher It was too much for her to handle alone Mona and Birds mom is pregnant and is due to have a baby Mona believes for sure that she's having a boy this timeWhen Mona bird and their mom go out for something their truck ends up swerving off of the road and heads down a slope in to the lake They next thing they realize they wake up in the hospital but luckily everyone including mom and baby are fineBird really likes to be around Jon and Mona likes Jon One day Bird and Mona end up at Jon's house and Mona is really wanting to go so she tells Bird if she doesn't leave now that she's going to tell their mother and they will be in trouble So they leaveThere are these boys that go to Mona's school who have started really bothering her and has gone to the point where they stopped her on her way home from school and tore off all of her clothes Jon was walking home as well and when he witnessed this he stopped themSusan on day ends up missing and her father and all of the police are out on a search for her When they find her she is hurt and clothes torn Susan lies and says that it was Jon that did this to her and he is almost arrested until Mona steps up and tells the police what her and bird witnessed her Susan's father doing to her When Susan was asked again who did it to her she told the truth and said that it was her father As soon as Susan stepped up they knew that her father had lied about Jon as well That he'd being telling the truth the whole timeMona and Jon really start to have feeling for each other despite Mona's father's opinion of him He tries to prevent her from going on walks with Jon but her mother always says its okMona and Susan were never close but after this incident with her father Mona starts to see Susan in a different way and maybe she isn't as bad as she thought When she gets to Susan's Susan is shocked to see Mona but in a good way She was hoping that Mona would want to start a friendship

  7. Lisa Gibson Lisa Gibson says:

    I discovered this little book at a library sale It was a thin small little book and sounded interesting from the cover description This little innocent looking book deals with some heavy hitting topics Racism sexual abuse alcoholism among other things Mona and Bird are let to their own devices just about all the time in this book Mona is constantly told go watch your sister Mona does her best to keep Bird from climbing too high in the trees for fear she will fall and injure herself It's discussed how Bird's mind is lagging behind her physical age However I thought of the characters Bird was insightful and wise beyond her years She climbs trees escaping the live below If only she could get to the other side of the sky It was sad to see these two rag a muffin girls slog through life with little love or joy Not much in the way of role models among the adults surrounding them eitherThis book is touching and inspiring to see how Mona and Bird finally handle the incident they've witnessedMy favorite line This time our gift comes from life itself and is served up on a tray of starsWorth checking out for sure I would say due to the delicate nature of some of the themes 13 and up is my recommended age I'm giving it 3 12 tender kisses

  8. Rachel Rachel says:

    Powerful book that deals with harsh themes Very lyrical prose and the characters are realistic Note some content may not be suitable for all readers

  9. Jessie Jessie says:

    Well it wasn't bad but there just wasn't enough 'oomph' to keep me entertained

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