The Texas Ranger's Heiress Wife PDF ì Texas Ranger's

The Texas Ranger's Heiress Wife PDF ì Texas Ranger's

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  1. Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* says:

    Setting 1800s TexasSteam FactorSpicy3 12 StarsAt gun point wasn't how Brendan Kane wanted to wed Helena but it was the only way she could get Brendan to the altar If desperate measures was what Helena needed to do she would do it As soon as Brendan saw Helena settled on the ranch she bought he left and joined the Texas Rangers So in the three years that he has abandoned her Helena has built a thriving ranch She is almost ready to sever their marital ties when Brendan returns to keep her home safe from marauders and reclaim their love The problem here is these two are so fiercely independent and self righteous it is not easy for Brendan to win Helena back and for her to accept and let go of the past While the raiders become bolder Helena must now trust her husband or risk losing everythingincluding him A well recreated atmosphere of 1800s Texas from the struggles and the dangers of ranching and the strong willed people who loved the land turning this western into an entertaining solid story of the time period

  2. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Book 1 is His Californian CountessBook 2 is A Texan's HonorBook 3 is The Texas Ranger's Heiress WifeThe second half of The Texas Ranger's Heiress Wife was somewhat better in comparison to the first two books in the series just somewhatLike other books the start of the novel was highly confusing And I found it rather unrealistic that a gentle lady suddenly took over the running of a ranch with such ease ie herding cattle I'm all for eual euality but come on

  3. Susan Susan says:

    Good book Both Helena and Brendan have allowed their pride to keep them apart They met and fell in love three years earlier But Brendan didn't know her background and when he found she was an heiress he felt he wasn't worthy of her Helena was desperate to escape her unscrupulous guardian and used their love to force him to marry her When she gained access to her inheritance she used the money to buy a rundown ranch against Brendan's wishes He didn't want something purchased with her money when it was his job to support her He left her to become a ranger and she ran the ranch on her own Now there are raiders killing ranchers and Brendan has returned to protect her and find the culprit He also wants Helena backHelena is a strong and independent woman She had to grow up fast after Brendan left She had been somewhat spoiled by her father but her love for Brendan was real She didn't understand what his problem was with using her inheritance to buy the ranch When he left she put all her effort into making the ranch a success and has succeeded She is afraid of the raiders and what will happen if they attack her ranch However she is not happy at Brendan's reappearance She'll accept his help in stopping the raiders but she wants nothing to do with him personally She is still furious and hurt over his desertion She has always felt like he left because he found her lacking in some way Her refusal to let him see her feelings has her saying some pretty nasty things to him It's also a form of protection as she discovers that her feelings for him have never gone away I loved seeing the way that she showed him just how much she had changed The scene at the beginning with the calf that was stuck in the mud was great As the days went on they started to get to know each other again but were still butting heads Things changed the day of the raid as they admitted that they wanted to try again Helena still refuses to tell him her feelings nor has she found a way to tell him of the biggest reason for her anger against him Helena also doesn't know that her friend Avery is the man behind the raids and continues her friendship with him She also has a tendency to blow off Brendan's rules for her safety I loved the way that she tried to do things to make things better but sometimes made them worse I loved her actions at the end and the help she got to save Brendan The suspense was pretty intense as she tried to avoid the bad guys and get to Brendan The confrontation with Avery at the end was fantasticBrendan was an Irish mine worker when he met Helena The feelings between them were instant and strong But he also had strong feelings against men like her guardian and when he found out the connection he was not happy with her The fact of her money made it even worse He tried to push her away because of their differences I loved his shock when she held a pistol on him and forced him to marry her to keep her away from her guardian The part where his sister helped was hysterical Once they moved west things were going great until she went against his wishes and bought the ranch His pride couldn't stand the fact that he wasn't the one who did it and he left her to become a ranger In three years he hasn't forgotten her and has been thinking about ways to get back to her The need to catch the raiders has given him the perfect opportunity He was surprised at her extreme anger but determined to keep her safe I also loved his reaction to finding out just how much she was responsible for the success of the ranch It gave him a whole different view of who she is He wasn't happy about her friendship with Avery but couldn't tell her why in order to protect her His fears for her when she was injured in the raid made him realize just how stupid he had been to stay away from her I loved seeing his care for her and the way they were repairing their relationship He let his pride rear its head again when it came to the social and nearly ruined everything It was fun seeing him try unsuccessfully to keep her away from the final confrontation It was great to see them admit just how much their pride had cost them and move forward

  4. Linda Walters Linda Walters says:

    This was an okay clean story with 2 very stubborn main characters The stubbornness showed up often and might have gone on a bit too long The villian proved to be pretty clever and it took awhile for him and his men to be tracked There was plenty of supicion about one man but very little proof Brendan wanted to keep his estranged wife safe but he also needed to stop the massacres that were going on That and making the culprit pay for his crimes Helena keeps puttng herself in danger but she's not the spoiled soft gir he remembered She was smart tough and determined After all she had taken an abandoned broken down ranch and brought it back to a liivng thriving ranch And the price had been high

  5. June June says:

    Helena and Brendan have been estranged for just short of three years when he shows up at her doorstep He's there to put an end to raids that have been going on As a Texas Ranger he's worked long and hard at solving who is behind the attacks Now he arrives to find his wife befriending the man all clues point to Can he prove the mans guilty and win back his wife's love?Secrets anger and pain keep them doubting each other and themselves but eventually they work it all out This was a fast paced action filled book and I enjoyed it

  6. Linda Carroll-Bradd Linda Carroll-Bradd says:

    The story contained plenty of action with a town and a specific ranch under siege by a greedy landowner who wanted That part of the plot was well done What holds me back from giving this novel stars was the amount of repetition in the main characters' thoughts about their predicament and the misunderstanding that occurred three years earlier I wanted to lock them in a room and tell them to have a real conversation

  7. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Welsh recreates the atmosphere of 1800s Texas from the struggles and dangers of ranching to the strong willed people who loved the land turning her standard western into an entertaining and solid story RT Book Reviews

  8. Love Butterfly Love Butterfly says:

    I did know what to expect so I just gave it try I am glad that I picked up this book and read it I simply love it and enjoy every moment of it It has drama action and humorall elements that I enjoy in a book

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