L'Abyssin PDF å Hardcover

L'Abyssin PDF å Hardcover

L'Abyssin [PDF / Epub] ☄ L'Abyssin Author Jean-Christophe Rufin – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk A l'origine de ce livre un fait historiue Louis XIV le Roi Soleil est entré en relation avec le plus ténébreux le plus mythiue des grands souverains de l'Orient le Négus L'Abyssin est le roman de A l'origine de ce livre un fait historiue Louis XIV le Roi Soleil est entré en relation avec le plus ténébreux le plus mythiue des grands souverains de l'Orient le Négus L'Abyssin est le roman de cette fabuleuse ambassade Jean Baptiste Poncet jeune médecin des pachas du Caire sera par une extraordinaire réunion de circonstances le héros de cette épopée baroue et poétiue à travers les déserts d'Egypte et du Sinaï les montagnes d'Abyssinie de la cour du Roi des Rois à celle de Versailles et retour L'aventure l'amitié l'amour la découverte joignent leurs forces pour captiver le lecteur et lui faire faire le chemin à une allure palpitante Mais u'on y prenne garde derrière sa simplicité sa tendresse son humour ce roman d'aventures recèle une fable tragiue Jean Baptiste est l'homme ui ayant découvert un nouvel empire et sa civilisation fera tout pour déjouer les tentatives de ceux ui veulent le convertir les jésuites les capucins et tant d'autres Grâce à lui l'Ethiopie échappera à toute conuête étrangère et gardera jusu'à nos jours sa fierté et son mystère Le voyage initiatiue de Jean Baptiste et d'Alix sa compagne l'histoire de leur amour constituent la trame de ce périple casanovien dans les marges du Grand Siècle ui donne à penser ce ue l'Occident aurait pu être s'il s'était contenté d'aller vers les autres sans vouloir les conuérir L'Abyssin tout en empruntant sa langue à Diderot et son rythme à Dumas est un roman bien actuel une parabole sur la haine du fanatisme la force de la liberté et la possibilité du bonheur.

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  1. Zuberino Zuberino says:

    All the pleasures of an old fashioned adventure novel that sees our intrepid hero bounding from the alleys of Ottoman Cairo to the highlands of Ethiopia from the sombre court of the Sun King to the desert sands of Arabia The presumed elegance of Rufin's prose is translated here by the wonderful Willard Wood into a highly polished near Victorian English That was another of the sensory rewards of this book The tying up of various loose ends in the last 100 pages was a bit too pat a bit too involved for my taste but the novel's merits are myriad Jean Baptiste Poncet is a likeable hero his nearest and dearest such as Maitre Juremi and the lovely Alix are painted in highly sympathetic colours and even those in an adversarial relationship like the French consul and the mousy Murad are shown in a gentle light The only out and out villain M de Roule meets his sorry end in the sands of SennarThe reader gets a whirlwind tour of the Near East as it stood three centuries ago the people if not the places rendered immediately relatable by the writer As for those wondrous places ah the sense of vicarious pleasure in visiting distant Gondar or Jidda or Suez is very strong indeed in this first autumn of the coronavirus the heat the dust the sounds and the smells of the Orient but even so for some reason the bit that spoke to me most personally for some odd unknown reason was Poncet's escape through the wintry devastated landscapes of southern France passing through ruined Protestant villages hiding out in forested canyons with the heretical rebels This is the first of two novels about Poncet the second of which I am about to pounce on Rufin has also written a trilogy about a modern day Romanian diplomat I hope to God someone someday preferably Wood and soon will gift it to us in English

  2. Susan Susan says:

    I've been reading this novel on and off for years My husband gave it to me for Christmas one year bc I love anything about the rich past of Ethiopia It's a historical novel translated from French I really enjoyed it but somehow it kept getting preempted by other stuffThis book accomplishes something that I try for in my own writing and usually fail it manages to be genuinely funny in an unfamiliar world French consul in Cairo in the 1700s Being funny without slang and pop culture references to fall back on is hard IMHOI think my only criticism is that it tried to bite off a big and complex chunk of history a failed string of attempts to send French embassies into Ethiopia to convert it to Catholicism It kept feeling like it was in falling action only to introduce a fresh plot with its own rise climax and resolution It might have done better as two or three shorter books But all in all it was a fun read

  3. Ayde Ayde says:

    After reading The Siege of Isfahan I wanted to read this author again but I did not know The Abyssinian was his first published novel As with that title he introduced here an interesting cast of characters The plot was well paced and keeps your interest to the endI liked Maître Juremi very much particularly his loyalty to his friend Poncet as well as his uncommon stubbornness in retaining his convictionsPoncet is charming also; his behavior shows a guy who cares about love and can do bold things to get what he really wants and surpass obstacles in a clever wayThe novel is easy to enjoy and the style of writing made it easy to follow the story The touches of good humor are really wonderful The secondary characters also have their own marks of distinction that make this novel a must read for fans of romantic historical fiction

  4. Liliflaj Liliflaj says:

    As a lover of novels of various genres and different themes this book was a treat This is a true adventure books with a touch of historical facts The book proves the rule that a story made up of people who experience and after talking about it If you love stories of the past especially if these are the stories related to the time of the great Louis XIV then mystical story from the Middle East the story of a newly discovered Abyssinia this is the book for you Abyssinian pulls you to read it as soon as possible as soon as possible to find out what they've gone through the main characters what are all experienced in their travels and finally to find out whether the young man and the girl finally be experienced together

  5. Mom pehrson Mom pehrson says:

    This one has it all Drama comedy mystery adventure romance Just a rattling good read

  6. Grace Tenkay Grace Tenkay says:

    This was excellent The way historical fiction should be He takes you right into the place time and culture with colorful language and descriptions I will be reading by Dr Rufin

  7. ladydusk ladydusk says:

    Borrowed from the LibraryThe writing of this book is really uite lovely particularly when considering that I read it in translation from the French The word choice and syntax are delightful and I was surprised by the number of words I had to look upI appreciate an author who can use seemingly meaningless earlier plot points and draw them back in showing them to be important in the character development or eventual working out of the story This book has a lot going for it political social and religious intrigue during the court of Louis XIV in France a love story or two kings priests and commoners Unfortunately the story lulls and I'm not certain I ever really cared what happened to the main characters which caused a little reading here and there particularly before bed but no I can't stop reading this right now mania Which could be good or bad based on your perspective grinJean Baptiste Poncet is a successful practicing if not licensed apothecary based in Cairo Egypt A Doctor is needed in Abyssinia the Christian modern day Ethiopia The Jesuits and Capuchin priests desperately want to get into Abyssinia to correct their theological understanding They've convinced King Louis to try and send an embassy to the Abyssinian King The Ambassador Monsieur le Maillet in Cairo must gather this emissary and choses Poncet Poncet unsurprisingly falls desperately in love with the ambassador's daughter Alix and agrees reluctantly to be the emissary in the hopes of achieving a commendation which will convince le Maillet to give his daughter's handPoncet's plan goes awry He realizes that all was wrong because he denied his freedom by bowing the knee to le Maillet that he should have married Alix with or without her father's consent Poncet's nature was to be free and that he was denying his nature by submitting to some other authorityAnd here I suppose is where I'm frustrated by the book Clearly Rufin's view of freedom has relation to license than liberty The dust jacket says Rufin yokes the elegant language of the French enlightenment with the storytelling of Alexandre Dumas to bring us a splendid parable of liberty religious fanaticism and the possibility of happiness I'm just pretty sure I don't agree with his conclusions about those things

  8. Luci Luci says:

    Good writing very interesting characters and descriptive historical detail that transports the reader back in time Really enjoyed it I'll be reading by the good doctor Rufin

  9. Catherine Catherine says:

    orientalism at its best loved it although i read it in french and my french is somewhere around the level of a fifth grader so maybe its not as great in english

  10. Margaret Margaret says:

    Interesting clever book I really liked the characters and the placement in historyGood translation from the French as well

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