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Stolen (Taken, #0.5) Ebook Stolen Taken, 0.5 Erin Bowman Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Before Gray Weathersby Uncovered The Truth About Claysoot And The Laicos Project, A Girl Named Bree Came Of Age In The Coastal Settlement Of Saltwater And Made Her Own Surprising Journey To The World Beyond Its Borders In Stolen, Discover The Story Of Bree S Life Before She Was Snatched From Her Home, Before She Joined The Rebellion, And Before She Met A Boy Named Gray

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    To clear up some confusion Yes, this is a prequel, with the events of STOLEN happening prior to TAKEN However, this novella is perhaps best read after TAKEN STOLEN supplements TAKEN s existing plot line and should be viewed asof a companion story than anything else It gives insights to Bree s character that play into the sequels, FROZEN and FORGED, so iIf you try to read STOLEN before any of the novels, you ll likely be left a little lost.That s all Thanks for reading You guys rock To clear up some confusion Yes, this is a prequel, with the events of STOLEN happening prior to TAKEN However, this novella is perhaps best read after TAKEN STOLEN supplements TAK...

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    I m pretty sure I enjoyed this novellathan the full length novel, Taken I m evenexcited to continue this series now I wasn t the biggest Bree fan in Taken but now I m completely on board She is such a strong character and I loved getting her backstory even if it did break my heart a little

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Stolen was set before the events of Taken, on an island named Saltwater I think this novella is best read after Taken This was a interesting glimpse into Bree s past and the events that shaped her, as she was pretty much a mystery in Taken Bree has always set her eyes on her childhood friend, Lock She struggles to make her feelings known to him because time and circumstances are against her Lock s 18th birthday is impending and that means he will inevitably be Taken Unfortun...

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    Stolen is a short novella from the Taken series, best read after book one, Taken It s about Bree s life back in Saltwater before she was snatched and learned about the Order and the Laicos Project You get a much better understanding of why she s the ...

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    I hope this is about Blaine because teamblaine

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    I discovered this novella when looking for FROZEN, the second book of this series, and decided to read this one before That was a really good decision, because after reading TAKEN I already know something about the story line and what might happen next, when the main characters set out for a new adventure But until then we just know about Gray s background story in STOLEN we get to know Bree s I oncelike t...

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    Das war gro artig Ich liebe Bree und ihre Vorgeschichte hat mich total ber hrt 3

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    It s hard to give this anythan three stars The entire reading experience was like okay Huh Ok I didn t feel all too much It was nice to know Breebut other than that, I don t have much to say.

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    Stolen is chronologically happening before Taken, but somehow I think it d makesense to read it after reading Taken Mostly because at the end we get a peek at events happening in Taken and it d be better to go at those un spoiled Beware if you haven t read Taken, cause I might refer to some spoilery happenings in this review.Stolen is Bree s story in her home, Saltwater We discover a different Bree from the one ...

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    Boys are Snatched on their 18th birthdays and in some cases, the toughest girls With her father Snatched and her mother dead, Bree has been living with Lock, Heath and their mother Chelsea With less than 6 days till Lock s birthday, time is running out for Bree to act on her feelings for Lock And what will Lock choose to do swim to the horizons or face the Snatching Stolen was a wonderful novella that took me by surprise Not a page was wasted in world and character building The whole Sn Boys are Snatch...

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