Daring the Devil PDF/EPUB ✓ Daring the PDF or

Daring the Devil PDF/EPUB ✓ Daring the PDF or

Daring the Devil [PDF / Epub] ✅ Daring the Devil By Leslie LaFoy – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Forbidden desire and a deadly chaseDarcy O'Keefe lives by her wits picking pockets on the streets of Charlestown Massachusetts in order to survive But when she chooses a well heeled and extremely hand Forbidden desire and a deadly chaseDarcy O'Keefe lives by her wits picking pockets on Daring the PDF or the streets of Charlestown Massachusetts in order to survive But when she chooses a well heeled and extremely handsome gentleman as her next mark her keen mind and uick reflexes fail her Caught in the act Darcy finds herself blackmailed into joining Aiden Terrell in a uest that has led him from the Caribbean to Great Britain and now to AmericaAiden's daring scheme is to set himself up as pickpocket bait to entrap a killer who murders for sport As they comb the city's backstreets Darcy can't decide which frightens her the prospect of finding the man they seek or falling victim to the dangerous charms of Aiden himself.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Daring the Devil
  • Leslie LaFoy
  • English
  • 20 August 2015
  • 9780553580426

About the Author: Leslie LaFoy

Hi everyone Here are a few facts about me I am a multi published Daring the PDF or author in mass market historical fiction or in other words I write historical romances I have a background in education specifically social studies but I've also dabbled in directing a public television station and serving as a police liaison officerI've been married to my wonderful husband David for twenty years and I have.

10 thoughts on “Daring the Devil

  1. Rita Rita says:

    Different story line but interesting

  2. Gemma Gemma says:

    I've enjoyed books by this author before so when I found this book at my local thrift store I immediately snapped it up All in all I have mixed feelings about this book First the stuff I enjoyed As with all of her books Lafoy has created vivid characters who feel like they actually exist They have their flaws but are not overly flawed as to be unlikeable The heroine is a spirited not shrewish and strong heroine While she is definitely feminine so can take care of herself without being a ballbuster about it That's a very difficult balance to strike but Lafoy does it well The hero is your standard tortured soul but also than that I felt that the author was very good at showing what drove the characters what made them who they were The mystery was also well written and well paced I kept eagerly turning the pages wanting to find out what would happen next Now the stuff that I didn't like The mysterysuspense storyline was very gory If you're at all sueamish you might want to skip this book You might also want to stop reading my review Not only does it involve murder but the villain mutilates his victims horribly even decaptiates some of them sends body parts from them to the hero and even cooks and eats some of them It's definitely not fluff reading I felt uite ill at times The romance was a bit unsatisfying for me First off the hero kept making innuendoes that were supposed to be sexy but instead came off as sleazy It was just overdone and really got on my nerves after a while Honestly I think a heated look can do for sexual tension than a cheesy line And a lot of the hero's lines were so corny that any real life woman would have either kicked him where it counts or laughed in his face I also felt that the way the hero and heroine enter into a sexual relationship felt very cold and calculated The heroine basically agrees to become the hero's mistress Yes that's par for the course in many historical romances but their discussion and decision of beginning an affair felt so calculating I would have preferred for them to be swept away by passion with the future uncertain rather than a I want you you want me so let's go do it already and we'll split up when we get sick of one another The last thing that really bugged me was that the heroine who up until the end was a strong independent woman decides that she's willing to remain the hero's mistress until he decides to end the relationship She's willing to exist on crumbs and not demand any commitment from the hero This was three pages from the end It was just so out of character The heroine had never had any difficulty going after what she wanted but when it came to the hero's love she was willing to live with whatever little he planned to give her? It really bugged me In conclusion I'm not sorry I read this novel but it won't be one I keep to reread I think Lafoy has written better books Check out Jackson's Way and Come What May

  3. Regan Walker Regan Walker says:

    4 and 12 Stars A Different but Satisfying North American Historical RomanceThis is my first by LaFoy so I can't say if it's typical but it is different And entertainingSet in 1835 in Massachusetts Charlestown and Boston it tells the story of a complex and haunted hero the wealthy Aiden Terrell who has left his home in St Kitts in the Caribbean to hunt his depraved serial killer step brother Jules Terrell who is playing a deadly game with Aiden In turn Aiden feels responsible to bring his brother to justice or to kill him Aiden has tracked Jules from Europe to Charlestown where he enlists the aid of an expert pickpocket Miss Darcy O'Keefe who knows the backwaters of Chrlestown where Aiden expects to find Jules Darcy has lived on the edge ever since her father died and her mother seemed to loose touch with reality But she has a golden heart and is loved by the Irish of Charlestown Darcy soon begins to succumb to the practiced seduction of the charming Aiden who wants her only to warm his bed He has no desire for marriage While Darcy is in love with him she knows the affair will last only as long as the search for Jules and is steeling her heart for the hurt the ending of it will causeThis romance has lots of action and wonderful characters but it also has a dark side with the serial killer cutting people up And Aiden is a cad for much of the book a handsome and at times tender cad but a cad nonetheless He is willing to take Darcy's innocence and use her in the dangerous game he is playing with his brother which made me really not like him for many MANY pages I have little sympathy for tortured heroes who steal the virtue of innocent young women who love them Darcy is beautiful intelligent unselfish uick witted and practical all of which Aiden admires But Aiden is selfish and wallowing in a failure of the past that has him hold all women at arm's length But then Darcy is the most unusual woman he's ever metThe story held my attention and seemed very believable

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