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  1. Χαρά Ζ. Χαρά Ζ. says:

    Goddamn the epicnessI would like to say though The walk to Arlong Park is so much better in the anime Luffy hands over his hat to Nami Zoro puts on his bandana and Sanji lights a cigarette The epic soundtrack on the back and the Walk You know the enemies are fucked xD I love rereading the whole series i really do 3

  2. Maria Maria says:

    Belle Mere’s sacrifice is one of those things that really make this manga special Nami’s backstory has truly made her character transcend

  3. Manveer Manveer says:

    Right in the feels I don't know why I had the urge to reread this but worth it One Piece will always remain one of the greatestAnd this arc This arc remains to date one of the most emotional stories that I have ever come across Nami's story made me cry yet again There is one point in every AnimeManga that makes you all emotional and the one that you want to keep rereading all over again Naruto had his reunion with Kushina DBZ had Vegeta's murder by Frieza and One Piece has had this Absolutely fucking brilliant

  4. Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote) Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote) says:

    This volume was heavy with backstory for Nami's character and allowed her to be fully fleshed out for us to understand what she's going through and what she's trying to accomplishIt also introduces Arlong's crew and their extorsion strategies on the villagers that has been going on for almost a decadeThe best part of this volume has to be the epic ending that brings Luffy and crew to take action as they see one of their friends hurt BeautifulYours trulyLashaan | Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog

  5. Shane Reynolds Shane Reynolds says:

    The Arlong Park arc continues as Luffy edges closer to Cocoyashi village in an attempt to get his ship and friends back The story does a great job selling Arlong as the main villain The cold monster is pure evil always acting like his cruel acts are backed up by honor and pride His hold on the island and its people deliver a new dynamic the overall story has yet to have Usopp learns full well why Fishmen are not to be trifled with when he is captured by them Zoro goes on a hunt for Usopp after breaking free of his captivity The role reversal leads Usopp seeing Nami again as she puts the reader into a panic with a shocking act Luffy and Sanji finally arrive and we find out about Nami and her true reasons for being a thief as well as a pirate haterNami's backstory like Sanji's is tragic and pulls the veil on Nami's well hidden feelings You start to love her adoptive mother Bellemere and your hatred for Arlong only deepens This back story is definitely one of the best in all One Piece Just when you think Arlong could get any worse we see his villainy increase in the present as he holds Nami to a bargain she cant ever hope to escape As hope fades all she can do is ask for help from the friends she betrayed Luffy shows that charming friendship of his and without a single uestion agrees This powerful moment only strengthens the next volumeThis volume has action take a back seat while exposition and backstory take the wheel This in no way is boring or slows the arc Nami's character is fleshed out greatly and the tyrant Arlong is built up to be hated and feared Main and supporting characters hold this tightly weaved story in place and the reader is left hungry for as Luffy heads for a showdown with the sinister Fishman

  6. Natalie panda eyes Natalie panda eyes says:

    Marathon buddy read with the siblings Confusion and flashbacks The crew are back together and ready to find out what’s up with Nami It was a little sad and I don’t like Arlong Favourite chapter in this one was the last

  7. Caroline Neves Caroline Neves says:

    Luffy Help meAhhh 💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Kinsey Kinsey says:

    Favorite moments Nami stabs her hand to save Usopp Honestly that would leave sucha wicked scar Classic Luffy moment when they've got eyewitness and Nami confessing he still doesn't believe it and so just takes a nap and of course one of my favorite Luffy and Nami moments when she asks him for help and he puts his hat on her Love it

  9. Christopher Christopher says:

    Lots and lots of Nami backstory Also everyone is a complete idiot

  10. Jesse Slater Jesse Slater says:

    Crying The title is accurateReady for the retribution Starts next volume

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ONE PIECE 9 ✽ [EPUB] ✵ ONE PIECE 9 By Eiichiro Oda ❧ – Usop scopre che Nami è in realtà parte della ciurma di Arlong ma si comporta stranamente arrivando persino a liberare Zoro ed a facilitare la fuga di Usop Mentre Arlong ed i suoi ufficiali lasciano Usop scopre che Nami è in realtà parte della ciurma di Arlong ma si comporta stranamente arrivando persino a liberare Zoro ed a facilitare la fuga di Usop Mentre Arlong ed i suoi ufficiali lasciano Arlong Park Zoro elimina gran parte degli uomini pesce dopodiché si allontana per cercare di riunirsi agli altri Intanto Rufy Sanji e Yosaku vengono attaccati da Momu un mostro marino agli ordini degli uomini pesce che viene sconfitto da Rufy La ciurma viene raggiunta da Nojiko la sorella di Nami che racconta loro la sua storia Otto anni ONE PIECE PDF or prima la ciurma di Arlong occupò l'isola ed impose agli abitanti di pagare un tributo per salvarsi la vita La madre adottiva di Nami e Nojiko Bellmer non avendo la possibilità di pagare sacrificò la sua vita per salvare le figlie Nami si unì allora alla ciurma di Arlong come cartografa e stipulò un patto secondo cui pagando milioni di Berry avrebbe potuto liberare il villaggio In otto anni la ragazza è giunta a milioni ma Nezumi un ufficiale della Marina in combutta con Arlong confisca il tesoro di Nami che scoppia in lacrime e chiede a Rufy di aiutarla• CAPITOLI Comportamento corretto 分相応 Bunsō'ō Il mostro venuto dalla rotta maggiore 偉大なる航路から来た怪物 Gurando Rain kara kita kaibutsu Affari 仕事 Bijinesu Carte nautiche ed uomini pesce 海図と魚人 Kaizu to gyōjin Dormire ねる Neru A un passo dal sogno 夢の一歩 Yume no ippo Bellmer ベルメールさん Berumēru san Vivere 生きる Ikiru Un reato è un crimine 罪は罪 Tsumi wa tsumi Lacrime 涙 Namida.