Utterly Mad PDF/EPUB å Paperback

Utterly Mad PDF/EPUB å Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 191 pages
  • Utterly Mad
  • Harvey Kurtzman
  • English
  • 12 April 2016
  • 9780743444811

10 thoughts on “Utterly Mad

  1. Shawn Shawn says:

    What a gas from the past When I was a little kid I like most kids loved comics not just superhero comics but Sunday funnies single panel cartoons Edward Gorey Gahan Wilson etc etc Heck I even had a collection of single panel cartoons from PUNCH magazine notorious in my memory because it had a few naked ladies in it I loved studying the drawings and made many unsuccessful attempts to learn to drawOne of those things that I think any smart alec kid who liked comics went through in their youth was a MAD MAGAZINE phase in my case I was visiting my Grandmother in Brooklyn in the late 70s with only the local library to keep me occupied outside of television Luckily said library had uite a nice current collection of MAD MAGAZINES and I soon learned the sarcastic ins and outs of snappy answers to stupid uestions shut ups Spy vs Spy marginalia and all the restI would also occasionally run across some of the many MAD PAPERBACKS that were available at the time I remember a Don Martin one had me in stitches for a whole weekend But when I picked up this one at a flea market I was instantly struck by how different it was The comedy was less uippy and popular culture referencing The art my God the art was incredible so detailed and FUNNYLater I would realize that this was material from MAD'S early heyday the EC years but at the time I studied it closely Not all of it worked for me some of the parodies and references meant almost nothing to me at the time but some of it was just amazing In particular BOOK MOVIE FRANK N STEIN GI SCHMOE THE RAVEN and especially SUPERMARKETS really rocked my young world Reading it again I'm amazed at how certain jokes lodged in my memory I gave you life boyor Blood pant the ceiling pant the walls pant the floor pant my suit pant my pant suit my coat tieBLOOD how sexy some of the women were and still how funny SUPERMARKETS is because instead of being a parody I intrinsically understood that I was reading about something being made fun of when it was new but by the time I was reading it had now become a part of everyone's life Also a lot of the comics in here are uite good illustrations of how to handle comic timing when presenting cartoon humorA very funny collection With an adult's knowledge I especially appreciated the jabs at LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE'S fiscal concerns

  2. Einar Jensen Einar Jensen says:

    The MAD version of Frankenstein was great but the other stories included show how the magazine was still trying to find its footing It’s probably a matter of taste though

  3. Tim Tim says:

    I’ve been a Mad reader since my teens even had a subscription for a few years still pick up an occasional issue at the grocery store The magazine has since the death of William S Gaines some years ago he was sort of the “founding Father” taken on advertising well mostly snack food and video games – hmmm wonder who THEIR target audience is?and colorized themselves they still manage to poke lots of fun at American institutions movies sports and all kinds of stuff well deserving of iconoclasm Nonetheless back in the 1950’s the magazine was edgier indeed their subtitle was “Humor in a jugular vein” ‘in your face” much of which wouldn’t be deemed acceptable in today’s society even for a “fringy” magazine like Mad So therefore it appealed as today to an adolescentearly adult mostly male audience rebelliousness and anti establishment as they have always been This collection of articles dates from 1956 with an expanded version from 1963 I found it going through a number of boxes of books during a recent move It takes on such icons as G I Joe “GI Schmoe” fresh from WWII with patriotism Hitler and fighting among themselves over women the new institution of supermarkets the first panel is replete with Superman lots of him including several flying near the ceiling with grocery carts funny Frankenstein and alternate takes on classic movie scenes Like today’s version you have to look at every panel closely to see all the little “extras” the writers and artists put in making the reading go slower but fun Lot of the material is uite dated of course but for me having grown up in the 1950’s I can relate

  4. Terry Collins Terry Collins says:

    Interesting how something so influential to the formation of American comedy has aged so poorly but that's the danger of being a trailblazer Soon what made you such an original is diffused into the pop culture atmosphere and you are no longer as vital as before I can't begin to to thank the creators of MAD the comic and MAD MAGAZINE over the decades for infiltrating my own sense of humor but reading these early Kurtzman tales beautifully drawn by Jack Davis Will Elder Wally Wood and others was a bit of a slog I admired the artwork and background gags an Elder trademark much than the dialogue Others note these are now historical tales and perhaps they are right but these days nothing even comes close to how important MAD was once upon a time

  5. Erik Graff Erik Graff says:

    The humor was sophomoric many of the cultural references to the fifties were obscure though I learned a lot about just that by reading these things but the art was great At least I an aspiring artist myself who would spend whole rainy days drawing drawing drawing thought the art was great

  6. Michael David Michael David says:

    Its humor has aged poorly and while certain aspects of the comic have elicited smirks from me it has nowhere near the uality of other MAD books I think it's because of the topical nature of this book which has made this book ultimately forgettable

  7. Tara Calaby Tara Calaby says:

    These old Mad books are actually uite interesting from an historical perspective by this point in time

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Utterly Mad✷ [BOOKS] ✫ Utterly Mad By Harvey Kurtzman ❁ – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk The fourth in a series of reissues of the classic comic material offered in MAD magazine now celebrating its 50th year of publication Here in simple words and fatastically complicated pictures is the The fourth in a series of reissues of the classic comic material offered in MAD magazine now celebrating its th year of publication Here in simple words and fatastically complicated pictures is the fearlessly outspoken expose that rips the lid off the pressing problems of our times.