Remember How I Told You I Loved You? PDF Ý I Told You

Remember How I Told You I Loved You? PDF Ý I Told You

Remember How I Told You I Loved You? ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☁ Remember How I Told You I Loved You? Author Gillian Linden – From a brilliant new literary voice a collection of stories that follow a young woman from college into her early thirties—from delayed adolescence to delayed adulthood Through college careers love From a brilliant new literary voice a I Told PDF ´ collection of stories that follow a young woman from college into her early thirties—from delayed adolescence to delayed adulthood Through college careers love affairs and marriages Linden’s characters try to sort out what separates the passing from the permanent Remember How Epub / the actual from the possible and exactly how involved you really have to be in the basic uestions of your life From familiar patterns like ambiguous friendships uncertain love affairs and unfulfilling jobs Linden has created something new a sharp and intimate take on romance and infidelity How I Told PDF Î trust and betrayalA deadpan narrative cool and precise about hesitation and doubt and how to rid your apartment of mice Remember How I Told You I Loved You is by turns witty moving and darkly humorous“With deadpan restraint Linden captures the drifting disenfranchisement of post collegiate life—its How I Told You I PDF or pretensions and joys its cubicles and cats and all those vegan boyfriends demanding their share of the rent” —Caitlin Macy author of SpoiledGillian Linden is a master of the understatement and a magician of the unsaid These stories are narrated in voices soft in tone but you'd be wise to listen up The protagonists appear to be lovely young women but watch your back Breezy style belies a dark and devious undercurrent Consider the ingenious title Remember How I Told You I Loved You Whatever comes next it's not going to be sweet This is a memorable collection of stories —Binnie Kirshenbaum author of The How I Told You I PDF or Scenic Route.

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  1. Geoff Geoff says:

    My Recommendation Pass unless you are really interested in college coming of age stories or really interested in short storiesMy Response I'm not sure why I picked this up back in January 2014 but I did It was either the sadness in the title or the open envelopes on the front I had no recollection of it being short stories as I rarely read them And yet even when I went to read this because I wanted a uick read before vacation I was surprised they were short stories and it says STORIES on the frontHonestly this book disappointed me There were two beautiful uotes but overall I found the stories to be lacking and somewhat stunted Many of the stories loosely tied together and I felt it distracted from what could've been a wonderful collection of somewhat depressing coming of age storiesClick here to continue reading on my blog The Oddness of Moving Things

  2. Bookish Jen Bookish Jen says:

    n Gillian Linden’s debut collection of short stories Remember How I Told You I Love You we meet a young woman named Karen Remember How I Told You I Love You follows Karen from college to her days as a young married woman Through out this collection of stories we get to know Karen and a cast of characters who drift in and out of her lifeKaren is introduced in the opening story “Common Rooms” A college student Karen is shy and awkward She soon befriends Lizzie Together they share stories of separate trips to Italy and a fondness for Limoncello They also gossip about a professor who they believe is having an affair with a student who is most notable for wearing a nose stud Karen and Lizzie’s friendship is shortly threatened when Lizzie begins dating a guy named BrianLater on in the collection in the story “Ham and Crackers” Karen deals with two low paying jobs tedious jobs and the task of navigating the disappointment of the real world after the safe cushion of college At one job Karen takes care of an aging woman named BetteAnd in the final story “Pests” Karen is now married and dealing with a perceived infestation of mice and an obnoxious dog trainer for a recently acuired dog And speaking of dogs Karen is oddly treated by her husband as if she’s a puppy in need of same training and maybe a treat if she behaves wellThroughout Remember How I Told You I Loved You are stories of people connected to Karen in some fashion or another For instance in the story “Crowded Skies” Karen’s old college roommate Lizzie is marrying Brian and their friends seem to all be on the same flight to their wedding Other stories share woes of crappy jobs bad relationships and the odd ennui many twenty somethings go through once college has ended and they adjust to the harsh reality of adulthoodI really wanted to like this book As someone who has made it through her twenties somewhat intact I knew I’d relate to the characters’ uncertainty struggles bad jobs love won and lost arguments with friends and the fear of independence And I liked the concept of short stories that are intermingled through one character rather than stories that stand alone with different characters and different plotsHowever the execution left something to be desired Linden is a decent writer Well she does seem to know the difference from a verb and a noun And I don’t think all stories have to have dynamic exciting plots Stories that are character driven can be very interesting indeed But Linden doesn’t write interesting characters Despite Karen and her friends’ issues I didn’t find them compelling I found them to be boring and not fully developed In fact the student with the nose ring who was allegedly having an affair with a professor stood out to me than anybody else And as I kept reading this book I found myself confused mixing up characters because they weren’t written with defining features that made them memorable in a convincing wayThe book jacket describes the stories written in a deadpan humorous way but I didn’t chuckle once Never once did I even crack a smile So much for deadpan humor Instead I found the stories dull and dispassionateInterestingly enough it is the titular story that I found somewhat for interesting In this story Daphne moves in with her boyfriend Dennis Though Dennis has proclaimed his love for Daphne she can’t help but feel her doubts especially considering Dennis is working all the time and a woman from his past named Natalie arrives to possibly upset the couple And oddly this story seems to have almost no connection to Karen I kind of wish Linden would have fleshed out this story to an actual novel and Karen and her woeful band of friends were put into the delete pileUltimately Remember How I Told You How I Loved You is pretty darn forgetful and best left on the book store or library shelf There are other collections of short stories worth reading and I hope to find themOriginally Published at the Book Self

  3. Stacy Stacy says:

    I picked this book off of Kindle's Monthly Deals list and was intrigued by the description At first I liked the stories They were all different but connected However by the end I too wasn't enad by Karen Overall my biggest problem with the bookstories were the way Karen had relationships with people that she really didn't For example the exterminator Eli She kept referring to him by his first name and the way she interacted with him and the way she talked about him in relation to her I thought maybe they used to date and it was now awkward or something However no he was a stranger just the exterminator She did this earlier with another male in her life and it's just confusing I think part of the problem falls on me though I was expecting the book to be profound in the sense of maybe the characters change and evolve over time and Karen was still as wishy washy and whiny and unmotivated as she was in the beginning Maybe that was the whole point and that's why I place part of the blame on myself

  4. Theresa Theresa says:

    This is a book that seems to follow twenty somethings around in their campus or post high school days as they drift into and out of jobs and relationships without a lot happening I admired Linden's stylistic approach of sectioning her prose with short sections separated by breaks and I felt that added to the momentum of the stories overall I was hoping the characters would be a bit memorable especially as they weave in and out of various stories in the collection but I had a hard time keeping track of which character was which as they resurfaced in later stories Overall the rhythm of the prose and the spunkiness of the dialogue kept my interest enough to finish the book A fairly uick read

  5. Whitney Whitney says:

    Cute uick read This collection of short stories are connected not just in theme the pursuit of love a person's definition of it but by a lone character Karen The reader follows her through college and into her 30s as she stumbles around figuring out who she is what she wants and whohow to loveIf I had felt empathy for Karen I might have given this four stars but by the time I got through her second story I found her to be irritating She came across as whiny and lazy and if you're going to center so much around this person you'd hope they'd be a bit likeable

  6. Katie Katie says:

    I received this book in the mail today I finished reading this book today While reading it I felt as though I was sitting back in my college English class freshman year at that I felt as though this book lacked any real flow Most sentenced were structured as though it was a girl retelling the account of friends she said he said Karen did this Daphne said this It was really just to much for me to enjoy Perhaps with experience in the flow of writing and building on characters this author will have successful books in the future

  7. Jennifer Donovan Jennifer Donovan says:

    This book of somewhat related short stories was incredibly boring Most of the stories just ended with no real plot or conclusion at all I like character driven fiction but these weren't even plotless stories about interesting charactersSometimes a good audiobook propels a lackluster book to one enjoyable but though Kate Rudd did a decent job with the narration it didn't help at all Actually I guess it helped somewhat because instead of just skimming through I did end up listening to it

  8. Gretel Gretel says:

    An instantly forgettable set of short stories There's really nothing special about the writing and there's not a lot going on The stories are disjointed; not in a good experimental way but of a 'I will write these stories with no prior plan and just write anything that pops into my head' way I got the feeling that the author doesn't care about the characters and maybe writing these stories were of a chore than a pleasure so it turn it was really hard for me to care about and feel connected to the characters

  9. Hyacinth Hyacinth says:

    I won this book through Good Reads First Reads Thank you for choosing me and I will review it upon completionThis seemingly disconnected series of musings was very well written I kept thinking when is it going to connect and at times it did but other times it didn't Sometimes things don't need to connect they just are I felt like I was observing lives through a kaleidoscope It was a nice short read

  10. Scott Scott says:

    It was a nice change after The Goldfinch and I enjoyed it I looked forward to starting each new story It would be hard to pick a best story from the collection because they all served their purposes It's not a book that I'll likely recommend to everyone but it was enjoyable nonetheless Thanks Kindle loan

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