The Brightest Night Wings of Fire #5 PDF/EPUB ´ Night

The Brightest Night Wings of Fire #5 PDF/EPUB ´ Night

The Brightest Night Wings of Fire #5 [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Brightest Night Wings of Fire #5 By Tui T. Sutherland – The dragonets struggle to fulfill the prophecy and somehow end the war in this thrilling new installment of the bestselling WINGS OF FIRE seriesIt all comes down to this The Dragonets of Destiny must The dragonets struggle to fulfill the prophecy and Night Wings ePUB ´ somehow end the war in this thrilling new installment of the bestselling WINGS OF FIRE seriesIt all comes down to this The Dragonets of Destiny must finally bring the epic war to an end reconcile the seven tribes and choose the next ueen of Pyrrhia and make it out alive.

  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • The Brightest Night Wings of Fire #5
  • Tui T. Sutherland
  • 27 November 2016
  • 9780545349222

About the Author: Tui T. Sutherland

Okay I know what you’re thinking Tui What Night Wings ePUB ´ kind of name is that Is it short for somethingNope Among the many great things to come out of New Zealand the Lord of the Rings movies cats that paint my mom is a bird called the tui—not as well known as the kiwi but a heck of a lot noisierI was born July same birthday as Harry Potter The Brightest eBook ´ in Caracas Venezuela and lived in Asuncion Paraguay.

10 thoughts on “The Brightest Night Wings of Fire #5

  1. Se Se says:

    This was such a great conclusion to part 1 of this series I love these characters and already miss them so much

  2. Sylwia (Wish Fulfillment) Sylwia (Wish Fulfillment) says:

    51819 Read a bit of this and temporarily putting it on hold due to life stuffs Loving it like the others62319 Picking it back up to finish

  3. Karissa Karissa says:

    This is the fifth book in the Wings of Fire series and wraps up the main storyline of this series so far while starting a new one It was an excellent continuation of this series I really enjoyed itThis book follows Sunny Right off the bat Sunny is kidnapped by some NightWings but she uickly escapes and ends up exploring the SandWing region and searching for her parents on her own Sunny has many adventures and uncovers many secrets In the end a new ueen for the SandWings will be chosen Who will that ueen be and what sort of fallout will that decision result in?I have been reading this series because my 8 year old son reads it and absolutely loves it While I still think kids will enjoy this series than adults this series has grown on me It's really well written and as the series has continued I have started to enjoy it and There is a lot of adventure and action in these books All the characters are dragons and they are all characters I have come to love over the course of this series Sunny is an excellent character and I really enjoyed reading about things from her perspective Sunny it the little dragon and the happy dragon Her friends love her but always underestimate her This is the book where we get to see how tough Sunny is and watch her explore her full potential Additionally the Scavengers are in this book a lot A long time ago I figured out that the Scavengers were humans however my son was still a bit confused about that and hadn’t realized that they were humans until we talked about it We see a lot about the Scavengers past and lives This makes me think that the Scavengers will play a larger role in future books and also that the history of the Scavengers is most likely going to influence or has influenced this world in a big wayI am very curious to see how this series progresses It sounds like book 6 in the series starts a different storyline This book did wrap up the whole Dragonet Prophecy storyline really well and hinted at what the new storyline will be aboutOverall I really enjoyed this book a lot It does an excellent job of wrapping up the Dragonet Prophecy story arc These books remind of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter but are better written in my opinion I think middle grade readers who enjoy fantasy should definitely check this series out It is a series I think middle grade readers will enjoy than adults If you are an adult I would recommend checking out Sutherland’s Menagerie series; I feel like that is a fantasy series that adults can get into a bit better I look forward to reading the sixth book in this series

  4. Kitten Senpai Kitten Senpai says:

    Poor Sunny Hope her friends accept her even after this book and into Winter Turning

  5. Jennifer Margulis Jennifer Margulis says:

    Told from Sunny's point of view this fifth novel in the Wings of Fire series is full of revelations Sunny finds out why she is so unusual looking she learns the truth about the Nightwings and the prophesy and she figures out a way to end the seemingly interminable war between the three Sandwing sisters Blaze Burn and BlisterMy 11 year old son and I read this book out loud together We both liked seeing Sunny come into her own think for herself act courageously and come up with her own plans without consulting her friends She's a likable character always finding the good in other dragons and the reader can't help but hope she succeeds in her daring ventures A new cast of characters is introduced in this book the Outclaws a gang of lawless dragons who live at the Scorpion Den We also meet Smolder Blister Burn and Blaze's brother who Sunny can't help finding sympathetic even though he is her jailer and we meet several Scavengers including Flower Smolder's pet who has a thatch of fur on her head and speaks in what sounds like gibberish Yibble kibble yibble to Smolder Sunny and all the other dragonsA host of characters from previous books also reappear in this one the fiery and terrifying Peril who burns everything she touches ueen Scarlet she's alive and several others And finally finally there's a relatively satisfying climax when one of the main problems in the series is finally finally solvedIs it terrible to admit that I wish this were the LAST book in the series? As clever and popular as these books are I dread the idea of reading five Or even one for that matter The Brightest Night would have been a good book with which to end the series

  6. Queen Queen says:

    I love Thorn I'm so glad at least one of the dragonets had a worthwhile reunion It's the perfect conclusion to the war The amulet keeps the blood off of the dragonets' claws so they don't have to face hard choices with Burn Blaze and Blister On the other hand they are not unscathed by their efforts to bring peace limping or blinded with battle scars forever I wish the spectators had sung the prophecy while they watched at the stronghold The scavenger pets are awesome especially from the curious view of the dragons Sunny was exasperated with getting brushed off or overlooked in their adventure When she returned her friends or less began to respect and listen to her Old habits are harder to break than that It was too uick of a transition It's hard to see new value in people you've known a long time Tsunami especially seemed to accept the idea of a midnight talk easily than her character would normally do always ready to fight to solve problems I wish Stonemover could be healed He was depressing The SandWing prince is very likeable and he should be involved in the inner circle It's interesting how no one uestions how or why males don't participate in the struggle for the throne The school to intermingle tribes is a wonderful idea that will change their whole world

  7. db db says:

    I read the 1st 5 Wings of Fire books with my 9 yo son This one was my least favorite it felt like the author either couldn't relate to the narrator or was ready to move on from this part of the story Ideally this one would have ended the series These books are intense If the characters were people the political intrigue and treatment of POWs would mean it was not a children's book But they are not people they are dragons so it works These books are wonderfully thought provoking around uestions about destiny war kinship and identity Each book is told from a different character's point of view

  8. Julia Thorn Julia Thorn says:

    The fifth installment in the Wings of Fire series finally comes from the point of view of sunny the dismembered sandwing dragonet who everyone treats like she is lesser than them and always brushes her ideas off In the final book of the series the dragonets are still in the jungle with the rain wings and Glory the new ueen trying to corral the newly placed nightwings and trying to figure out a way to end the war once and for all But Sunny is kidnapped by two rogue nightwings and goes on a huge adventure to get back to the rainforest but to also gather intel on the battling ueens not to mention finally meeting her parents On her escapade sunny becomes a prisoner in the stronghold of Burn one of the battling ueens almost gets killed and stuffed to be put in her weirdling tower meets her mother Thorn who is ueen of the outclaws a town of sand wings who don't wish to be caught in the battle for the sandwing throne and her father a nightwing Stonemover who is an animus dragon a dragon with untold power but cannot move and lives secluded in a mountain When she finally ventures back to the rainforest her friends weren't all too worried about her dismissing her absence as getting lost in the forest while chasing a butterfly but immediately grew concerned as they heard a brief summary needing the whole story and after hearing it thought much of her and her ability to fend for herself So the five dragonets of a not so real destiny gather up to fulfill it whether the prophecy is true or not and figure out a plan Sunny will visit each of the three rivaling ueens in their dreams using a dreamvisitor Starflight the nightwing dragonet found She will tell them to come to the stronghold so the dragonets can choose a ueen right then and there That will be the night to decide what twenty years of fighting and bloodshed have been leading up to Who will rule over the sand wings when it's all over? Blister Blaze or Burn? If you like dragons war prophecies or all of the above then you'll love this book

  9. Aloha Aloha says:

    #SWAGAWESOMENESSYOLOoh my gods Best ending ever Ever Except maybe Percy Jackson that was an awesome ending Also the Fault in our Stars Also Diverg Okay well it's one of the best endings ever But not just the ending The entire book the entire series is AWESOMESAUCE I cannot comprehend how good this book was The Best Book Ever Kidding Eight The Fultano stars Oh my gosh I can't believe how good it was though You should totally be if you thinking about leaving it because it's the best book in that might even come close to the Fault in our Stars Except Percy Jackson divergent the hunger games and seeker series I might seem like a lot of books but listen up those are the only series that actually felt like it was worth my time reading And this is one of them So respect this book

  10. Connor Connor says:

    45 Stars I love this series a ton This is the conclusion to what the first book started but it is not the end I think what brought this one down just a tad would be that we didn't get to see a lot of the 5 dragonets We just stuck with Sunny on her solo adventures which were great but I was hoping to have time with all of them Good thing there are future books

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