Bride And Gloom Epub å Bride And PDF/EPUB ²

Bride And Gloom Epub å Bride And PDF/EPUB ²

Bride And Gloom (Sometimes love 2) ❴PDF❵ ✑ Bride And Gloom (Sometimes love 2) Author Pete Sortwell – In the first book of the ‘Sometimes love ’ series ‘Dating in the Dark sometimes love just pretends to be blind’ Jason Harding thought he’d committed the ultimate betrayal No not cheating; he In the first book of the ‘Sometimes love ’ series ‘Dating in the Dark sometimes love just pretends to be blind’ Jason Harding thought he’d committed the ultimate betrayal No not cheating; he pretended to be you guessed it blind For Emma the woman he was stupid enough to think he was fooling it wasn’t anything like a betrayal It was both sweet and sad at the same Bride And PDF/EPUB ² time and as people in relationships have a tendency to do if they don’t split up because of one party’s wild lies Emma and Jason decide to get marriedJust how Jason manages to deal with the huge life change that is marriage is what this book is about From getting his specially made suit tailored to his short height to trying to keep a lid on his best man’s plans for a wild weekend in Liverpool he is going to struggle to make to through to the wedding without having a full nervous breakdown His second best friend Boris also returns in this book although he has lost his taxi his wife and his ability to seem sober even when he’s drunk six litres of vodkaJason is foolish enough to add Neil Emma’s wayward cousin and Terry the owner of Jason’s favourite fish and chip shop to his list of groomsmen This is the fairly tragic band of men that are to ensure Jason makes it to the church on time in possession of both his of his eyebrows and of course the rings.

8 thoughts on “Bride And Gloom (Sometimes love 2)

  1. Joyce Joyce says:

    Emma and Jason are going to get married The trouble is Jason's friends They are always getting into some kind of scrape or another Jason's friends decide to give him a stag party weekend and Jason just wants to rest and wait to get married Jason is 4'10 and Emma is beautiful and blind so Jason is always thinking she's going to dump him I listened to this on audible and the narrator does a great job It was a funny cute story

  2. Terri Terri says:

    I read listened to this book in audio format via audiblecom I love audios and this book is awesome in audio too The narrator doesn't disappoint us when it comes to delivering a laugh your butt off comedy This is a laugh your butt off comedy Book 2 Bride and Gloom which is carried over from Book 1 Dating in the Dark is about a man who is getting married with the help of his friendsIn Book 1 Jason had pretended he was blind so he could get dates on the Disabled Dating network Jason's friends had enlightened Jason as to how a blind woman can tell if someone isn't blind which Jason hadn't thought of or even researchedNow in Book 2 Jason is getting married to Emma His friends are going to help him get ready for the big day In this book Barry Jason's bff is hilarious The stunts Barry pulls not to mention anything that could go wrong the at the last minute does thanks to Barry I loved the fear Jason had at the church when Barry had Jason sweating bullets A totally hilarious look at what it is like for a guy to get married when he has clowns for friends and OH Yeah Russian Vodka We can't forget that The author Pete Sortwell did an awesome job on this series I loved both of these books and laughed so hard I have to say these 2 books are my favorite among this author The narrator Chris Dabbs did a great job delivering this book to us with all his goofy voices and antics only making the book funnier I love the voice Chris uses for Barry too It fits Wonderful job guys

  3. Teressa Teressa says:

    Bride and Gloom is the seuel to Dating in the Dark and I love this series It's laugh out loud funny and the characters are great Jason and Emma are getting married and the guys decide to have a bachelor party with a stripper This gets really funny with Barry Boris and Jerry Enter Emma's cousin Neil A sloppy fellow who uses drugs He's on with the partyJason is somewhat reluctant about the whole thing but goes along after all Emma's blind and if she caught on she wouldn't see anything anyway It ends up a disaster for Jason as he gets beat up by the stripper Enough said but this is hilarious HaI hope this series continues It was refreshingly different and lots of fun Pete Sortwell is a great author and throughout all the antics there's always a good bit of morals in his stories Great workChris Dabbs is perfect for this story He speaks very clearly in a rather fast pace He has good voice inflections making this feel like a comedy you can actually see unfolding Another awesome narration I look forward to Audiobook received in exchange for unbiased review

  4. Renee Renee says:

    More laughs from Pete Sortwell This is the seuel to Dating in the Dark Sometimes Love Just Pretends to Be Blind and continues from where Book 1 left off Jason and Emma have fallen in love This is the story of the bucks party and the wedding Throw an almost midget an obese best mate an alcoholic Russian a paintball obsessed fish and chip shop owner the bride's gay best friend and her drug addict cousin in a party bus for the weekend and you're in for a bumpy ride Will Jason finally grow a pair and stand up for himself?I listened to the audiobook edition which I received in exchange for an honest review The narrator portrayed the characters and the dry British humour really well He spoke clearly and at a good pace

  5. Rory Costello Rory Costello says:

    This is a seuel and it had a nicely done first act to follow As such there was a fair chance it would be a cut below Part I and I did find that to be the case here This one is still funny warmhearted and enjoyable but the sitcom tendencies of Dating in the Dark are pronounced here as is Sortwell's British predilection for bathroom humor There's too much clowning with the lads here and not enough Emma she's simply not in the story at all for the most partEven so it's a good diversion I viewed its greatest strength as the insights into difficult friendship

  6. Miss Dizzy Read Miss Dizzy Read says:

    Brilliant follow on to 'Dating in the Dark' still as funny and dare I say heart warming who'd have thought it I'll remember these books for a long time for lots of reasons thanks again Mr Sortwell

  7. Amber Amber says:

    Enjoyable but main character is a bit of an idiot

  8. Carlean Bacot Carlean Bacot says:

    This was a light fun read Could have done without the F word

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