Her Rogue Knight eBook ´ Her Rogue ePUB ↠

Her Rogue Knight eBook ´ Her Rogue ePUB ↠

Her Rogue Knight [Read] ➭ Her Rogue Knight Author Natasha Knight – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Since her mother’s death Gemma has raised her younger sister Alys and kept her family safe until the day they are caught by surprise and Alys is taken by a band of outlaws In desperation Gemma’s f Since her mother’s death Gemma has raised her younger sister Alys and kept her family safe until the day they are caught by surprise and Alys is taken by a band of outlaws In desperation Gemma’s frail elderly father pleads for aid from a reclusive knight by the name of Sir William and pledges him Gemma’s hand in marriage in repayment for the safe return of her sisterWhen Gemma ignores her father’s instructions and sets Her Rogue ePUB ↠ out on her own to rescue Alys she discovers that this gruff unkempt and yet undeniably handsome brute is than her match and the lesson is brought home with a sound spanking on her bare bottom With no time to waste taking the brave and feisty yet hopelessly naïve eighteen year old back home Sir William has no choice but to bring her along as he pursues her sister’s captors Though he might not admit it however he relishes the thought that he might have to punish her again and with every glimpse of her delicious curves his lust intensifiesIn spite of his firm chastisement and his demand for her unuestioning obedience Gemma finds her feelings for Sir William evolving rapidly She begins to wonder what it would feel like to be stripped bare and held tight in his strong arms helpless and blushing yet longing for him to claim her hard and thoroughlyEven as her desire for him grows stronger she frets about the secrets he keeps from her His skill in battle alone tells her that he is no mere woodsman and the hilt of his sword bears a marking that cannot be mistaken—a symbol that she believed had passed into legend Can she trust this man with her life and that of her sister Will he fail her in her hour of greatest need or will Her Rogue Knight prove himself worthy of not only her submission but her love as wellPublisher’s Note Her Rogue Knight is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings sexual scenes elements of BDSM and If such material offends you please don’t buy this book.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 132 pages
  • Her Rogue Knight
  • Natasha Knight
  • English
  • 13 February 2014

10 thoughts on “Her Rogue Knight

  1. KatieV KatieV says:

    Spanking kink Pretty interestingimaginative mystical medieval backdrop for an erotica Erotica always gets a pass on historical accuracy and well plot for the most part but this one was fairly imaginative Not my favorite by this author but it was pretty good for the genre I think she is one of the better writers of spanking erotica Hope the younger sister gets a story

  2. Kristin Elyon Kristin Elyon says:

    Let me just start off with wow Look at that cover Beautiful cover that really fits the story Okay now back to the story It's packed with action and adventure a real great story line There is never a dull moment with these two and Gosh that Sir William is one to die for He's sexy dominate and just so wonderful dreamy sighOkay Fan girl moment over This book is full of so many luscious sentences beautiful descriptions and alluring personalities that I could totally see this being made into a movie The mysteries take off from there and the storyline has plot twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat Gemma is such an appealing character that you cannot help but relate to herThis is a beautiful heart pounding love story achieving a level of romantic passion emotion and anguish like that of Jane Austen’s Persuasion For me Her Rogue Knight is like a bottle of wine or a box of really good chocolate the really expensive and sinfully good kind There is an absolute beauty in this book and it seems to lie in the details I absolutely adored this story and cannot wait to read about from this author

  3. Lina Lina says:

    CLICK HERE FOR FULL RECOMMENDATION FAVORITE UOTESIn case you don’t know how I feel about virgins I’ll reiterate that I adore them—especially when they’re masterfully defiled So as you might have guessed this book contains a masterfully defiled virgin It’s also full of adventure mystery and some magic There’s a tall dark and brooding alpha knight and a defiant and independent heroine This story is a must read for spankophiles for sure Anyone into discipline strong heroes and an entertaining story will enjoy this bookMy list of book with virgins can be found here

  4. Astraycat Astraycat says:

    Alpha male hero and immature disobedient heroine a short read with lot of spanksing Just hoped heroine's little sister get her story though

  5. Dakota Dakota says:

    It was alright The H is a knight of King Arthur after his death The h is a daughter of a fay and human laird The little sister is taken by evil people mistaken for the h and is going to be sacrificed for immortality The H is sent out to save her the h thinks she can do it on her own The H catches up with the h and they set out on the uest together The H is kind of a dick The author tells you that he loves he but he wants to dominate her a little to much to truly feel they are euals He's just a bit too mean He enjoys the embarrassment she feels when they fool around which I am NOT into He may love her but that sucks Overall it was alright He spanks her a little to punishing for my taste At one point he spanks her with stickers which I did not get at all The sex was alright but just too tied in with the punishment aspect to be super hot They have anal sex and before hand he punishes her for not waiting like he wanted with a ginger root in the butt for 30mins Meh 255 it was imaginative so that was a plus but still it needed just a bit fluff

  6. Tara Finnegan Tara Finnegan says:

    Let me start by saying it’s no secret that I love Natasha’s writing She really pushes my buttons every time And this book was no exception there is a hot dominant male a totally identifiable strong heroine and the fall out is of course gripping That said”Her Rogue Knight” was totally different to anything I’ve read of hers before Yes it had spankings and punishments to make me tremble and sex that sent my thermometer way off the Kelvin scale just as I knew it would And as I eually expected of course she had great characters – Natasha Knight’s books always have great charactersWhat got me this time was that the story was so mesmerising I almost didn’t notice the usual thrills I get; I was so caught up in the magic and fantasy I totally love folklore and the King Arthur’s legends are way up there for me but this book took an old story and made it new and refreshing with a twist of its own Gemma is a daughter of Fey a magic clan that is linked with King Arthur King Arthur is now dead and there are those that want to hurt or benefit from the daughters of Fey Gemma denies her genealogy until her sister is kidnapped then denial is no longer an option Enter one hot knight with a secret who helps Gemma accept what she is Sorry I’m not telling you any you’ll have to read it for the details I was so enchanted with the magic that I almost had to remind myself to savour the hot moments Even if I wasn’t into spanking fiction I would have loved this book and the way the Author made a legend as old as the hills her own The punishments and steaming moments were simply the icing on a very rich cake

  7. Katherine Deane Katherine Deane says:

    Medieval Mixed with MagicThis was such an awesome story straight out of King Arthur timesI loved itIt was such a wonderful mixture of magical fantasy and medieval and had me spellbound from the first chapterOutlaws capture a young girl Alys hoping to sacrifice her for her magic Unfortunately they took the wrong sister Gemma is the one with the Fae inside herTheir father asks Sir William a former Knight with a secret to bring back his daughter and offers Gemma’s hand in marriage in returnGemma is a strong willed feisty young woman skilled at archery and as brave as any man But she has to accept the help of a dominant handsome knight who insists on punishing her when she doesn’t behave To make matters worse she is starting to fall for himSir William is strong and handsome and so deliciously dominant I love a man who knows how to handle a sword how to give a good spanking and how to truly love a woman This man has so much heartI loved the plot the action the fantasy the romance and of course the spankingsThis book had it allI hope that there will be a seuel for Alys

  8. Heart5 Heart5 says:

    I have read several of Natasha Knight's contemporary stories and really liked them This was a bit of a stretch for me as I don't normally read medieval drama but I am really glad I took a chance on this book The writing is excellent the characters really well developed and the sex and punishments scenes are smoking hot After her sister Alys is kidnapped Gemma's father offers Gemma's hand in marriage to Sir William in exchange for his missing daughter's safe return The independent and fearless Gemma doesn't trust Sir William so she heads out one step ahead of him in order to rescue her sister After a thorough punishment Sir William reluctantly agrees to take Gemma with him to rescue Alys From there it turns in to a story of love and magic weaving in bits and pieces from the King Arthur tales Every character in this story is well developed all the way down to Gemma's little sister Alys The story is incredibly detailed and really fun to read Some of the King Arthur bits were a little lost on me but I still really enjoyed the story I hope to see a seuel for this story detailing Alys' journey

  9. Cara Bristol Cara Bristol says:

    When Gemma’s sister is kidnapped by outlaws who intend to sacrifice her because they mistakenly believe she is fey her father enlists the assistance of Sir William a retired knight and tenant to rescue her But Gemma who IS fey does not trust that he can do it so she sets out to rescue her sister He agrees to take her along—provided she obeys his direction Of course she doesn’t which leads her into trouble and earns her many punishments Her Rogue Knight is a blend of medieval historical romance fantasy and magic spanking and BDSM – many elements that somehow flow well together It has a detailed plot strong characters and some pretty hot—although severe—spankings I’ll never think of nettles again without thinking of this story The ending is gripping and keeps you on the edge of your seat If I had one nitpick to mention it would be that the language seemed too modern for the story—although all the other elements the history the setting the clothing worked well

  10. Casey Mckay Casey Mckay says:

    I have loved every book I have read by Natasha Knight This book was no different It was hot The characters were loveable the hero was sexy the spankings were incredible No surprises there I will tell you what surprised me the storyNot to say Ms Knight doesn't always offer a substantial plot but this one caught me off guard My first impressions were medieval knight sassy heroine kidnapping plot okay I see what's comingNo I did not see this coming She wraps in legends and Knights of the Round Table and mysterious pasts and supernatural powers I was enthralled from beginning to end I would have read this book even without the sex and spankings although I much prefer my books withAwesome story and a kinky knight what could a girl ask for?

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