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Book of Lies Read Book Of Lies Malcolm Green Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Book Of Lies Is An Essential Guidebook To The World Of Mendacity This Fascinating Trove Of Falsehoods Covers Areas Such As How To Get Away With A Lie And Categories Such As Presidential Lies, Sex Lies, Lies To Children, And Even True Lies Book Of Lies Also Incorporates Tips On How To Spot A Liar A Change In Vocal Pitch, Speed, And A Lot Of Ums And Ahs Thrown In Covering Little Known Information Such As Lies Told By Royalty To Common Items Such As Every Child S Favorite Lie It Wasn T Me I Didn T Do It , Book Of Lies Is The Irresistible Tome Of Everything That Is False Book Of Lies Is A Great Companion To Book Of Secrets You Ll Know Everyone S Secrets And You Ll Know When They Re Lying To You Each Book Is Bound With An Irrestistible Red Leatherette Flexicover With Ribbon Marker P

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    Definitely an interesting book containing random trivia, focusing on lies and the truth behind the lies Of course, it also contains the outrageous and outright liesDid you know that Bombay Duck is the name of a dish that doesn t contain duck but contains fish

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    I carried this book with me at all times, as a sort of talisman, reading it here and there, quoting it upon every turn until I decided to stop lying to myself and began using its pages to wipe my ass.

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    really good book hard to find in Pakistan i got it from sunday bazar but a good read for sure you starting to look lies in a different way for sure

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