Demon Envy MOBI å Paperback

Demon Envy MOBI å Paperback

Demon Envy ❤ Demon Envy pdf ⚣ Author Erin Lynn – Being a teenager can be hell especially when you're friends with someone who was born there Kenzie Sutcliffe woke up to another normal morning until a demon popped up in her shower While trying to get Being a teenager can be hell especially when you're friends with someone who was born there Kenzie Sutcliffe woke up to another normal morning until a demon popped up in her shower While trying to get rid of a monster zit she dropped her acne lotion in the tub And when fifty bucks' worth of it swirled down the drain it freed a demon from his prison portal A mysteriously geeky looking demon So now Kenzie is saddled with a creature who looks and acts like every other guy she knows that is annoying At least Levi has a job if you can call it that He has to stir up envy and jealousy in humans or he starves All he's tempting Kenzie to do is to crawl back into her bedroom and hide there forever Because no one is going to be coveting her life after this.

10 thoughts on “Demon Envy

  1. jesse jesse says:

    This was a VERY fun read indeed I think I'm going to read it again sometime in the near future

  2. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadToocomLotion meant for acne treatment is supposed to help remove those huge craters on your face not open the portal to a whole other world At least that's what Kenzie Sutcliffe thought that is until she accidentally dropped the bottle into the bathtub having than half of it spill into the drain resulting in a guy appearing out of nowhere Who cares if her mother is going to kill her for wasting all that lotion and all that money there's a guy in her bathtub and a demon at that If only he was cute than the situation wouldn't be so bad but his jerk comments do not help either It's bad enough that Kenzie has to focus on finally getting her drivers license after so many tries and to get Adam Birmingham longtime crush and hottie to ask her out Those are now the least of her worries The portal to the demon world is officially open in her bathtub and it's up to Kenzie to figure out how to close it and help Levi the demon from having to go back Life just couldn't get any worse well for Kenzie it can It only takes one day for Levi to become popular whereas Kenzie still goes unnoticed And having Levi live with her isn't all that better since her siblings do seem to like him than they do her and he is using her bathroom Let's just hope that Kenzie can remove herself from all of this jealousy which is what Levi feeds off of and can successfully close that portal before demons enter her life Hilariously funny and absolutely uniue DEMON ENVY makes demons look better than vampires Move over Buffy because Kenzie Sutcliffe is the new girl in town but she just doesn't really know what to do yet DEMON ENVY just screams `READ ME' and readers will want of Kenzie and her whiny ways and Levi and his jerky but caring attitude Erin Lynn definitely knows what readers want and let's hope she knows that what this reader wants is a seuel

  3. Karen Keyte Karen Keyte says:

    Kenzie Sutcliffe has a host of typical high school problems She wants to fit in but she doesn't want to sacrifice her individuality She wants the boy she's crushing on to notice her but she doesn't want to take the first step and risk humiliating herself Kenzie would also like to get her driver's license someday although fate seems determined to prevent that At least she's got her acne beat thanks to a very expensive lotion prescribed by her dermatologist and reluctantly paid for by her parentsThat very same zit medicine causes Kenzie her biggest problem yet When she accidentally spills some down the tub drain all Kenzie is worrying about is what her mother will say about wasting the expensive stuff Apparently what she should be worrying about is the fact that her acne lotion can open a water portal to the hidden demon prison that is surprise located directly below her house Now she has a demon named Levi who happens to look like a sixteen year old boy sitting in her bathtub and telling her his plan to escape the demon penal system forever Naturally he needs Kenzie's helpUnlike most YA paranormal literature Demon Envy is light hearted and relatively free from angst Kenzie has a normal dose of insecurities and Levi can be annoying he is a demon after all but they are both sweet and likable Erin Lynn a pen name for adult author Erin McCarthy delivers a breezy funny well written romp that will have you hankering for the next book in the series

  4. Sara Sara says:

    I have to admit when I first read the plot I was intrigued though not all that thrilled And I was a little reluctant at first about reading this book but when I started reading I just couldn't stop Addictive I liked Kenzie though some times I wanted to kick her for various reasonsI loved Adam he's so totally sweet and hot and lovely I admit at first I wasn't all that into him I was perplexed but then he ended up being a sweetie Kenzie and Adam are so cute togetherI also liked Levi but I wasn't as charmed as I was with Adam Levi is caring fun and at times a total jerk But I liked the relationship building between him and Kenzie I wonder what will await us in the next book? I'm so curiousZoe reminded me a little of my 5 year old self when dealing with money Lol totally funny And she was cute I liked the way Zoe and Levi were buddies Kenzie's father was totally hilarious Typical behaviour of a father toward a teenage daughter Her mother was cool too The story was awesome and new Very nice I enjoyed this bookRecommended

  5. Laura Leonard Laura Leonard says:

    I would rate this 3 12 if I could but it's just not a 4 in my book This breezy treatment of demons provides a nice way to pass an afternoon Kenzie accidentially opens a portal in her shower through which appears Levi a demon who feeds on envy What better group for him to feed off of than teenagers He convinces Kenzie that he is not such a bad guy or demon and that it would be best if he lived with her and went to school with her while they figure out how to close the portal and prevent other truly evil demons from escapingI tend to like my demons and slayers tougher no one will ever top Buffy and my humor biting That said this is a good choice for someone looking for a lighter treatment of the supernaturalA 2008 uick Pick for Reluctant Readershttpwwwalaorgalamgrpsdivsyal

  6. Giselle Giselle says:

    Demon Envy is about a girl named Kenzie who is into drama and is best friends with Isabelle She is really clumsy and then a demon named Levi pops up into her bath tub and evi tells her that she opened a demon portal She has to find how to close the demon portal Meanwhile she begins to hang out with her crush Adam who is a jock but despite all their differences they like each other a lot A text to self connection would be with Kenzie because like her I am clumsy I bump into things a lot and I mess up things a lot I'm not really that graceful I rate this book a 5 because it was really good I wish it was longer because I read it in one day I recommend this book to people who like books about teenage girl lifes but with a twist of fantasy into it

  7. Myhotstylist Myhotstylist says:

    What a fun little book Here we meet Kenzie a normal 16 year old girl with a small problem She spilled her 50 zit cream in her shower and opened a demon portal Out pops a demon named Levi the demon of Envy and her whole world is turned upside down Levi cons his way into moving in with Kenzie enrolling in her school and manages to weasle his way all the way up to the top of the social ladder at her school Now its up to Kenzie to close off the portal before its too late Will Kenzie ever get her licence? will her crush Adam ever notice here? Will She ever learn that her life isnt so bad after all?This was an awesome story about acceptance and appreciation I cannot wait to read the next installment I hope there will be many to come

  8. Sierra Sierra says:

    Demon Envy wasinteresting I liked the plot laughed a lot and enjoyed Kenzie's sarcasm and wit; it was just funny Time to break this down I did think that the main character Kenzie was a little bit whiny but that's what made her funny I didn't so much enjoy how Levi got dumped in her life zit creamin a shower? where's the logic there? but he was pretty cool I'm an excessive Dude user so each time Levi said that I smiled knowingly If you like books that are uick less than 200 pages then I really think you will like this The ending doesn't really leave you hanging but it definitely makes you want to pick up the seuel Speed Demon I give it 45 mostly because it was so funny

  9. Blerta Blerta says:

    Kenzie woke up to another normal morning until she went into her bathroom to pop a zit and a demon popped up in her shower because 50 bucks worth of it swirled down the drain and it freed a demon from his prison portal So now Kenzie is stuck with a creature who looks and acts like every other guy she knows that is annoying He has to stir up envy and jealousy in humans or he starves All he's tempting Kenzie to do is to crawl back into her bedroom and hide there forever because no one is going to talk to her after they find out she has a demon in her bathroom living with her

  10. Jinx Jinx says:

    The first time I bought this book the book had pages 28 115 missing so I bought another copy which had the same result giving up angain i waited one year before buying another copy resulting with 2 pages missing I am satisfeid Levi and Kenzie They make such an adorable couple but I feel sorry for Amber and Adam since they both seem like great charecters I can't wait to buy Speed demon now

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