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When Crazys Coming, The Midlife Misadventures of a Midlife Diva (Midlife Diva, #1) When Crazys Coming, The Midlife Misadventures Of A Midlife Diva Midlife Diva, 1 Author Trumillia Lunnie Thomas Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Sixty Daysone Long Summer Mikki Robbinson Has A Problem At Least That S What Everyone Tells Her In The Fall Her Only Child Leaves For College, Leaving Mikki With A Life Of Her Own And No Clue What To Do With It Sixty Days, Her Best Friend Sonni Challenges Sixty Days To Find Mr Right Now What S The Worst That Could Happen Crazy S Coming Mikki Accepts Sonni S Challenge After All, The Likelihood Of Finding Mr Right In A Sea Of Online Candidates Was Unlikely One Disastrous Date After Another Causes Mikki To Wonder If There Will Ever Be A Mr Right Now In Her Future.Until She Met Baby.Mikki Realizes That Before She Can Love Again, She Will Have To Free Herself From The Ghosts Of Her Past That Have Kept Her Life And Her Heart Frozen In Time Will She Be Able To Let Go Before It Is Too Late Crazy S Coming

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    I heard about When Crazy s Coming on Goodreads, and I must confess I was curious to read it because A it sounded like funny chick lit and a real, serious adventure in growth, both at the same time a good combination and B the main character s name is the same as mine, although spelled a little differently, which piqued my interest.I was FAR from disappointed Mikki is the narrator, and she has a genuine, down to earth, witty voice all her own In some ways she s worldly wise, a successful career woman who s spent the last 18 years as a single parent raising a son In other ways, though, she s an innocent she hasn t paid much attention to her emotional side, and her disastrous relationship with her son s father has left her afraid to move beyond it She s convinced herself that she doesn t need to move beyond it.This sounds like serious stuff, and it is But this is a funny book I had to laugh out loud on almost every page Mikki didn t so much tell the story as show it to me as it happened, and her private thoughts and reflections on the events are often hilarious, partly because she can laugh at herself.The thing I really, really like about this book is how visual it is The author puts us in Mikki s mind, behind her eyes, and we see the things she sees often absurd, like her mother wrestling with a crab leg at Red Lobster We also see th...

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    I m really enjoying this book I usually read my books fast, but this one I slowed down with because I don t want it to end.Ok I finished it and didn t slow down reading it much It has a great storyline with also some humor T...

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    I won a free copy from the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway Program and think that it interesting I would recommend it to everyone.

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    I absolutely love this book The characters are so much fun entertaining Mikki is having quite the adventure I don t want the book to end can t wait to read about Mikki.

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    This is a very witty book, but took some while before I was able to connect with the characters Perhaps because this is a genre that I seldom read I would like to thank the author however for sending me a copy of this book, which I won in the Goodreads First Reads Giveaway some time ago.

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