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MR. JOE: Tales from a Haunted Life Do You Believe In Ghosts Joseph Barnett Didn T Until He Became A School Custodian In A Midlife Career Change Joe Had No Idea That His First Assignment, Working Nights In A School, He D Be Forced To Confront His Darkest Fears Ghosts Are Part Of My Story, Says Joe I Believe In Them I Have No Choice After You Ve Seen One Ghost, You Can Go Back And Rationalize It But After You Ve Looked A Couple In The Eye Like I Have, You Believe Otherwise, You Doubt Yourself I Ve Done That, Too And Wondered If I Was Losing My Mind But I Know What I Saw And Heard Here S Something Else I Know There Are Many Ways To Be Haunted, And Not All Of My Ghosts Were Dead That S The Other Part Of My Story It Took Almost Becoming A Ghost Myself For Me To See My Life Differently I Believe In Ghosts, And I Believe In Myself But Back When This All Started, I Was Just A Guy Trying To Make A Living.

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