The Book of the Damned Epub É of the ePUB ´ The

The Book of the Damned Epub É of the ePUB ´ The

The Book of the Damned ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ The Book of the Damned ✎ Author Daniel Quinn – The book for which I'm best known Ishmael came into being over a twelve year period beginning in 1979 It wasn't work on a single book Rather it was work on different versions of what eventually became The book of the ePUB ´ for which I'm best known Ishmael came into being over a twelve year period beginning in It wasn't work on a single book Rather it was work on different versions of what eventually became a single book Ishmael the The Book PDF \ eighth version and the only one in which the teacher Ishmael appears When I started writing The Book of the Damned in I was sure I'd found the book I was born to write The versions that came before had been like Book of the PDF Í rainy days with moments of sunshine THIS was a thunderstorm and the lines crossed my pages like flashes of lightning When after a few thousand words I came to a clear climax I said This MUST be seen so I put Part One into print Parts Two and Three followed and I began searching for the switch that would turn on Part Four but it just wasn't there I clung to it for a long time after issuing the first three parts desperately hoping to find a way to produce additional parts that would bring it to the conclusion I knew was out there” What I'd done was terrific—and complete in its own way—but at last I faced the fact that the whole thing just couldn't be done in lightning strikes Another ten years passed before I found the way a completely different way in Ishmael which was the embodiment of my message providing the foundation for the clarifications amplifications and extensions still to come But publishing The Book of the Damned had been no mistake It deserved to be published and it still does Those lightning strikes illuminate an apocalyptic landscape never seen before—or after in any of my later books including Ishmael.

10 thoughts on “The Book of the Damned

  1. Dibias Dibias says:

    If you've read Daniel uinn's books you will not find much new here but there's an edge to uinn's beliefs Written by a younger uinn you can sense his bravado his smug dismissal of the world as it is Man is not the son of god he is the son of apes

  2. Jim Thompson Jim Thompson says:

    I love Daniel uinn I love Daniel uinn's core books Ishmael The Story of B My IshmaelI came across The Book of the Damneda few years back read it and wasn't terribly impressedI read it again last week and I have to say that I liked it very very muchThe Book of the Damned is in a sense an early draft of Ishmael Really it's not an early draft of Ishmael at all but rather an early attempt to capture the ideas that drove that later book Ishmael and the other main books may be fiction but the fiction only exists as a frame on which to hang uinn's ideas His one big idea really The Book of the Damned is an early shot at that It has none of the story line that you get in the other books and this time around I was really glad for that I liked getting it straight The ideas unfiltered Although I've read all of uinn's books most of them than once I still found some of the pages in this short simple book surprisingly challenging The straight forwardness of some of uinn's comments hit close to home our tendency for instance to see thousands of generations of humanity as having no meaning as being prehistory because they weren't doing the sorts of things we're doing now And of course there's the whole food production thing the internal struggle the challenge posed by the counterintuitive idea that increasing food production is not the way to solve world hunger I love this book's depiction of Homo magister a new variety of human born with his feet on the path of extinction And I like his explanations of the Law of Life a law not written on stone or in books but into the web of life a law not about thou shalts but written like the law of gravity is written a law that explains rather than dictates one that is always always followedGood book Not sure how it would read for those not already familiar with the ideas The book stops short He wrote three parts then abandoned it for other ways of telling the same story It's an abrupt awkward stop and might leave uestions for some readers

  3. Mark Mark says:

    This is an incredibly insightful look at how over the past few thousand years humans have taken the steering wheel over from God and are leading ourselves toward our own extinction after existing on Earth for millions of years Perhaps the Ptolemaic model of the universe may still be residual in our attitudes regarding existence This book is a reminder that the universe doesn’t center around the Earth and existence encompasses all living things

  4. David Koblos David Koblos says:

    The idea is the same as in his popular book Ishmael only without the background story of a teaching Gorilla I'm not sure which one I prefer This one seems to go into detail while Ishmael is thanks to the story captivating outrageous and ultimately enjoyable However the ideas both books try to convey stand on their own in this work without distraction and without any story to hide behind

  5. Anne Anne says:

    If you read Ishmael than this book might be a disappointment to you A lot of the same ideas are shared between the two mainly the theme of needing to rewrite mankind's story from master of the natural world to member of the natural world Book of the Damned is non fiction sociology and less storytelling and there's an overwhelming doom and gloom pessimistic nihilist tone that I didn't personally enjoy

  6. C. L. C. L. says:

    The law of lifeThinking outside the box has become a slogan sometimes meaningless Much harder to do is think outside our cultural s's Daniel uinn does this beautifully and I think most of us who read him know instinctually he is right Isn't it sad that we live in Paradise and have made a hell out of it?

  7. Dwayne Dwayne says:

    A uick read Straight to the point and brutal with its blunt and correct view of reality For people too lazy to read this can easily be knocked out in a single sitting

  8. Martin Roldan Araujo Martin Roldan Araujo says:

    An origin story for humanYou can really tell this is one of the firsts attempts of the author to explain human Origins and how we're supposed to live Short and sweet straight to the point

  9. C C says:

    This is a mini version of Ishmael I love uinn's thinking Very smart Makes me want to go revisit the Ishmael trilogy

  10. Jeremy Landau Jeremy Landau says:

    Brilliant brutally insightful Looking forward to reading Ishmael soon

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