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Altruism KINDLE Altruism Matthieu Ricard Contra Saustall.eu The Author Of The International Bestseller Happiness Makes A Passionate Case For Altruism And Why We Need It Now Than Ever.In Happiness, Matthieu Ricard Demonstrated That True Happiness Is Not Tied To Fleeting Moments Or Sensations, But Is An Enduring State Of Soul Rooted In Mindfulness And Compassion For Others Now He Turns His Lens From The Personal To The Global, With A Rousing Argument That Altruism Genuine Concern For The Well Being Of Others Could Be The Saving Grace Of The 21st Century It Is, He Believes, The Vital Thread That Can Answer The Main Challenges Of Our Time The Economy In The Short Term, Life Satisfaction In The Mid Term, And Environment In The Long Term Ricard S Message Has Been Taken Up By Major Economists And Thinkers, Including Dennis Snower, Amartya Sen, Joseph Stiglitz, And George Soros.Matthieu Ricard Makes A Robust And Passionate Case For Cultivating Altruistic Love And Compassion As The Best Means For Simultaneously Benefitting Ourselves And Our Society It S A Fresh Outlook On An Ardent Struggle And One That Just Might Make The World A Better Place.

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    I won this in a Goodreads giveaway.There was a lot to get through in this book but everything was relevant We all have the capacity for altruism as shown in the research the author presents Witheffort we can improve society withattention and cultivation of this.

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    This is the book that never ends It just goes on and on, my friends Ricard is ultimately unconvincing, but he makes some great observations on happiness Ricard insists that we are born altruistic, yet spends the majority of the first half insisting that we can learn altruism and reiterating how we can do i...

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    There is a lot in this book, to like and or dislike if you are a devout meat eater, you may not wish to read this book It gives insight into trying to be a better person, for yourself, your family and the planet There are many hidden agendas that are brought to the forefront by companies, people...

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    This book is only partly successful in that it successfully discusses how altruism can positively change an individual and by extension the world, but it never successfully explains how this would be globally effective in modern society with sociopaths, Ayn Rand devotees, etc

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    Great concept, but read like a textbook Would love the cliff notes version

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    A looooooooooooooong read, but full of fine gems and things to discuss, debate, and consider.

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    Altruism would have been to make this book a lot shorter As with all self help, what matters is if it resonates Maybe this is the book you need now, but it didn t do it for me I felt it lost the forest for the trees Be nice OK Nuff said That doesn t really...

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    This is an absolute must read if one is interested inthan a Fox News perspective of the world I feel deeply moved after completing this work It s importance speaks for itself I m glad some obscure librarian had this book on display at my local libr...

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    I thought the book was really good I do think that there were some problems, though I wasn t quite convinced by his argument that there s altruism in nature There s some, but there s also a lot of predatory behavior But I do think that book is needed and worthwhile.

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    A must read for everyone.

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