The Fault in Our Pants PDF è The Fault PDF/EPUB ²

The Fault in Our Pants PDF è The Fault PDF/EPUB ²

The Fault in Our Pants [KINDLE] ❅ The Fault in Our Pants ❥ Steve Lookner – As I was approaching the mall exit this cute little girl with barretted braids appeared in front of me and said What's that in your noseThey're called cannula I said These tubes give me oxygen which h As I in Our Kindle Ó was approaching the mall exit this cute little girl with barretted braids appeared in front of me and said What's that in your noseThey're called cannula I said These tubes give me oxygen which helps me breatheWould they help me breathe too she askedI dunno wanna tryNah she replied I don't wanna look like a weirdoWanna know a secret I askedYeahI licked my finger and rubbed it on her arm I just gave The Fault PDF/EPUB ² you cancer I whisperedThe Fault in Our Pants is the hilarious new parody of The Fault in Our Stars Just listen to these reviewsGrand Augustus WatersA douchefest Hazel Grace LancasterWill there be a braille edition IsaacWhy wasn't I in the movie KaitlynAll the big scenes that weren't in the book but should have been are here For example The scene where Hazel tells Isaac that always no longer applies if your significant other goes blind The Fault in Our PDF/EPUB å scene where Hazel wastes her Genie Wish by wishing for a million wishes The scene where Hazel tries to take it past first base in the Anne Frank HouseAnd many From support group to the swing set of tears from Augustus' trophies to Amsterdam from Van Houten to Venn diagrams it's all in The Fault in Our Pants So go ahead give it a shot You know you want to read it than Paper TownsABOUT THE AUTHOR Steve Lookner is one of 's top parody authors He began his writing career as an editor of The Harvard Lampoon and has written for such TV shows as Saturday Night Live and MADtv Be sure to check out Steve's other parodies including City of Boneheads A Parody of City of Bones The Mortal Instruments Book The Lightning Fart A Parody of The Lightning Thief Percy Jackson the Olympians Book The Maze Bummer A Parody of The Maze Runner and Gone Bitch A Parody of Gone Girl.

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  1. Sԋҽʅʅყ ƚԋҽ Wҽιɾԃ αɳԃ Wαɳԃҽɾιɳɠ Wαɾɾισɾ Sԋҽʅʅყ ƚԋҽ Wҽιɾԃ αɳԃ Wαɳԃҽɾιɳɠ Wαɾɾισɾ says:

    A reviewer I follow here named Aly posted about this and said she thought it looked hilarious I had never heard of it or the author before As one of the seemingly few people who did not think The Fault in Our Stars was an epic life changing book this was great I found the original book pretentious and way overrated so this parody was perfect for me Lookner gets in several funny digs on vegetarians when Hazel and Augustus are in Amsterdam at the Oranjee restaurant on their date the waiter tells them Let me give you some honest advice If you're going to order vegetarian it's a bit of a waste to spend your money eating here Or at any fine restaurant He also makes a few jabs at famous authors like Veronica Roth Suzanne Collins and JK Rowling Hazel's parents are potheads everyone at Group is a douche Peter Van Houten is almost continuously attached to a beer helmet there's lots of juvenile mentions of bjs and hjs and even a couple diarrhea jokes It's very silly and right up my alley I only spent 1 at for this totally worth it

  2. Jonathan Appleton Jonathan Appleton says:

    I am a fan of pretty much all stuff John Green While this wasn’t his work I enjoy a good parody It relies a lot on sex humor which is supposed to be a lower form but I never claimed to be highbrow so if it is done well it is good enough for me I can’t stand scatological humor BTW we each have our standards I supposeHere is an excerpt “Hazel you’re not gonna meet any guys sitting on the couch You aren’t a little kid any You’re becoming a woman And to be perfectly blunt every woman periodically needs some cock” She had a point sort of Every woman does periodically need some cock But at the Support Group there was only gonna be Cancer Cock That is a good line IMHO Yes it is a bit cheesy but it follows the book albeit a bit twisted – I like twisted This would have been a four star review if the bulk of the story did this sort of job keeping with the storyline Also it does get a bit juvenile which should be OK since it is a parody of a YA book but the line between childlike and childish does get crossed for me at timesSo here are some thoughts1 If you loved the book and like parodies than you this short read will put a smile on your face2 If you loved the book so much that you can’t stand any sort of fun being made of it please see a gastroenterologist to have that stick removed The only thing worse than taking nothing seriously is taking everything as if it were the word of God including the word of God 3 If sexual situations make you uncomfortable than avoid this4 If you expect sexual situations in writing to get you excited this will be disappointing 5 If you know the book and can enjoy some light hearted ribbing than by all means it’s only 099

  3. farith farith says:

    3 stars Some books are so good so special to you that not only do you not want to tell anyone about them but you want to destroy all other copies of them This is a big relatable uote for readers But let me try with something funnier I mean duh this is a parody They're usually full oh humor right? Every woman does periodically need some cock If that didn't touch you I don't know what canThis book was really funny I enjoyed reading it even tho I thought I wasn't going to because okay I wasn't the biggest fan of TFIOSSo yeah I laughed a lot reading this but also had a couple of issues Fun fact Reading this was exactly like rereading TFIOS That's why I'm not rating it any higher than 3 stars They were the exact same paragraphs of TFIOS the author just added some dirty humor and that was it By that part it disappointed me but I'm also relieved that the author didn't change the essence of the original storyBut yeah that was just the only problem I had with it Overall it was pretty good I liked the sexual humor that the book had and the jokes the author madePS I liked even this filthy and naughty Augustus than the original one lol

  4. Runa Runa says:

    I received this book for free via LibraryThing's Early Reviewers and I'm so thankful I didn't spend money on this piece of garbage This is easily the worst thing I've ever read Oh yeah jokes about child porn and the Holocaust are SO HI LARIOUS The thing is good parodies exist genuinely funny ones this is just not one of them by any means It's vulgar for no reason other than what I assume is the author's disgusting immature frat boy sense of humor? and makes a mockery out of a moving and popular book for easy money Don't give this guy a cent

  5. Debbie Debbie says:

    Pay no attention to this review I can't honestly review this book because it is a parody The author took a really popular well liked book and made fun of it while maintaining a similar plot character names and even recreating dialog To me this is akin to plagiarism although not entirely because the author was able to change enough of it to make it a new work thus getting him out of trouble with the law He does pay homage to the author of the book being parodied by mentioning other titles he ha written and including plugs for the authors website and encouraging readers to buy their own copies of John Green's books instead of getting them via piracy Anyhow this book contains a lot of sophmoric sex humor the kind that makes women roll their eyes and causes high school boys to laugh out loud because they find it hysterical I did not find the book hysterical but I have to give props to Steve Lookner for attempting to take a book that made millions cry and make it funny I believe some topics like kids dying from various forms of cancer cannot be made funny no matter how much sex and sexual inuendo you throw at them

  6. Cee (The Mistress Case) Cee (The Mistress Case) says:

    Hell yeah I'm reading this shit xD

  7. Alexis Russell Alexis Russell says:

    This is in fact the biggest load of bullcrap I've ever read The writing style is poor and the humor is that of a perverted 13 year old boy The storyline failed to flow and the comments bashing very successful talented authors was enough to set me over the edge This was a complete waste of time1010 do NOT recommend

  8. Aiko Aiko says:

    I don't like reading a story about sick children because it is usually pitiful and tries to make me cry though that can be just the stereotype I haveThis story also made me cry many times and I sometimes felt that I couldn't read this any but I do like this story I do like Hazel Augustus the relationship they had and the way they think about their deathYou gave me a forever within the numbered days and I'm grateful

  9. natcal24 natcal24 says:

    Many people have read this book It's uite popular especially for girls my age Most girls would read this book because it's the normal sad love story of two teenagers named Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters Hazel Grace is a smart brave sweet girl trying to make every second of her life count despite having thyroid cancer Augustus is the dream boy any girl would beg to have With his sweet loving and charming sense of humor he really stands out in the book With them both having cancer it seems makes their relationship interesting by having to face the same problems But they don't let cancer get in the way of anything From most couples I've read in books theirs is very uniue and different I loved how they supported each other and were always there for one another I've learned that not everyone has an easy going life A lot of people have problems in their life that they are trying to get through but if you have a positive mindset nothing will stop you from living your life This is a NEED TO READ book if you haven't already read it I would recommend this to all girls because I think that they could get a little something out of this I loved this book so much This is one of my favorites and I would read this book over and over again

  10. Jocelyn Jocelyn says:

    It's impossible for me to rate this book While reading this book I uestioned every single person who recommended this book or praised this book I couldn't believe the author of Turtles All The Way Down was also responsible for this sexapade I was grateful they left out so much in the movie but completely flabbergasted that anyone wanted to make it a movie What was wrong with everyone? John Green is a shamelessly self promoting disgusting pervert But it was a really fast read so I'll j just finish it write a scathing review and unfollow John Green So I finish it And see the real author info What in the what??? Click to the cover of the book Eual parts humiliation and laughter So you see I can't properly rate this book because the entire time I was reading it I thought I was reading the Fault in Our Stars However I do think every one who has read the Fault in Our Stars should also read this

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