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I Always Knew ❰Download❯ ➵ I Always Knew Author Caroline Grace-Cassidy – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk To the outside world Beth Burrows has mended her mangled heart – only she knows she will never get over John Callan but she’s finally moved on She can’t explain it to people but it was no ordina To the outside world Beth Burrows has mended her mangled heart – I Always Kindle - only she knows she will never get over John Callan but she’s finally moved on She can’t explain it to people but it was no ordinary romance It was a visceral chemistry of mind and heart that she knows only too well possibly only happens once in a lifetime Work has been her saviour and she is carving out a career for herself as a pretty good Jewellery designer Her creations are very much a part of her Her designs are all an expression of her personality In a weird way she has John to thank for this business He created this artist within her But it’s almost three years on and Beth’s contented in a relationship with safe and reliable Rory That is until her best friend and John’s sister Alice announces that she and Dan are getting married Beth’s life is turned upside down again when John is asked to be the best man to her chief Bridesmaid In the middle of all this Beth’s parents are moving to Nerja in Spain and out of the blue offer Beth and Rory to move into their home Rent free What excuse could she possibly have not to do move in with Rory None until she finds him one night in an unthinkable situation When she comes face to face with John after three years she makes some truly awful life decisions It’s time to face what’s really in her heart What she always knew.

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  1. Book-shelf Shelf Book-shelf Shelf says:

    As always the Irish do it best This is a story of huge per potions love and friendship interwoven There is a part of every single one of us in Beth be it we loved and lost or we have found the one nothing ever is that perfect or trouble free This story gets into the emotions deep and takes the reader on a journey which is eye opening and heart wrenching Without giving to much away i can safely say this book has left me speechless and is a must read

  2. Wordsmith Wordsmith says:

    My heart sank at the acknowledgements The author seems to have thanked nearly everybody in her universe including her child's teacher This and glowing five star reviews that I found suspect gave me an inkling of what was to come The story has some merits The characters do not fall into that category The main woman Beth is not very likeable she is immature and uite frankly I thought she was rather a bitch She does have a tiny bit of a conscience and she does love her best friend who as with all best friends in chick lit is an unbelievable saint 'unbelievable' meaning 'I don't believe it' There are two main men one is impossiblyas in not possibly nice the other the one Beth 'can't get over' is a self centred immature two dimensional prick I couldn't connect with any of the characters main or peripheral One character appears out of the blue with a chapter all to herself and then again many chapters later so that I had nearly forgotten about her We don't know who she is until uite late in the book it would sit better if we were told; I see no reason why she should be a mystery The child Lucy is written uite well thoughThe writing on the whole is fairly bland although interspersed there are some really nicely written passages that show some real emotion There is far too much description too much showing and not enough telling Some of the conversational bits are a bit odd with only one person talking I wanted dialogue Along with the over long descriptions there is too much back story particularly for minor characters The writingstory gets better about halfway through although tails off towards the endSome of the timing was off A nine pound baby is born a month earlier than its due date and at least two months earlier than is possible given the story line There is another way off beam timing that I won't mention as it would be a spoiler And two other places that I couldn't tally with the timelineThis book will appeal to some people; it's not a complete disaster But it didn't appeal to mePublisher Please check your book on e readers before pressing the button to make it live There are missing hard returns made for some very confusing reading and hard returns where they should not be The hyphenation process means that a lot of hyphenated words include a hard return and some hyphens are missing so words are run together My star rating of the story isn't affected by this but it spoilt the reading of the book and so subconsciously it may have had an impact on my enjoyment and conseuent review

  3. Steph Steph says:

    I really wasn't thinking much of this book for a brave while there was plenty happening but I just wasn't warming to Beth at all she split up with John who was according to her the love of her life and they had been together 5 years and he just dumped her and ran and that was 2 and a half years ago so now she has a new boyfriend Rory who she's been with for a year and a half and they are fairly happy But she just doesn't shut up about her ex John every tiny little thing sends her off in a wondering dream about him and I get that they need it to tell the story but she's just so pathetic and annoying and immature and she does my head inThen we have Alice her best friend and Johns sister and she is described as just too perfect perfect in everything full stop it's annoying and her attitude is so little miss perfect you just can't warm to her neitherRory is kinda pathetic and John is an arseholeAlice's fiancé Dan seems to be the most normal fella and he's nice enoughBut then something totally unexpected happens and the story goes off in a totally different tangent but it's good because it brings Beth out of her pathetic ways and immaturity to finally stand on her own two feet and Alice is showin as being slightly humanVery sad and unexpected and sudden but written in such a beautiful way at times and I thought little Lucy was so cute and endearingSo this book and the people really grew on me and I really had no idea who Beth would eventually end up with as it could have gone either way or in a completely new way

  4. Samantha Doyle Samantha Doyle says:

    Simply put the best book I have read all year It defies every cliche of the womens fiction genre and the character developmemt and their emotional journeys are incredible The read of the summer 5 Big Bright Shiny Stars

  5. Barbara Barbara says:

    I'm possibly biased as I know the voice if the main character so well Really enjoyed this take of love longing Caroline is a great story teller and is an expert at pacing The story rattles along carrying you with it all the way And takes plenty unexpected turns A good light read

  6. Emma Crowley Emma Crowley says:

    I Always Knew is the third book from Caroline Grace Cassidy and without doubt she has done it again A superbly written book with a great cast of characters you will fall in love with and root for every step of the way This book is perfect for curling up with now that the long winter nights are fast approaching This is a fun comedic riveting story but at times it is full of such raw honest emotion that you will find yourself shedding a tear or twoSet in Dublin we meet Beth Burrows – a jewellery designer who is still waiting to hit the big time in the design business She runs a jewellery stall at the local market trying to earn enough money just to get by Even from the opening chapter the reader really gets a sense that Beth has been through a lot in her recent past and she is still trying to deal with the fallout of these events Of course in any good novel there is always a best friend for the main character who will support the person through thick and thin In this case we met Alice who was just a wonderful loving caring and steadfast friend to Beth Dare I say I loved Alice so than Beth Alice is in a relationship with Dan O’Toole and helping to raise his young daughter Lucy Lucy’s mother had given her up soon after her birth as she felt unable to look after her I thought it was so selfless of Alice to care for Lucy even though she wasn’t her biological child and reading about all the things she did to look after her proved to me what an amazing woman she was Lucy added such a fun element to the novel I loved all her little sayings and the way she spoke She definitely provided plenty of laugh out loud momentsBeth had been dating John Alice’s brother but he left her high and dry to pursue his career leaving Beth heartbroken and struggling to pick up the pieces John makes a reappearance for his sister’s wedding and just when Beth feels her life is finally getting back on track Her ex causes her to rethink everything I felt Beth seemed to lose all reason when John re enters her life It was like he had a cast a spell over her and she had forgotten everything he had put her through I don’t think I would be in such a hurry to re establish connect so easily with a man who had left me heartbrokenEach chapter is told from a different characters viewpoint normally this drives me crazy as I usually feel I am getting into one characters head and then a new chapter sees a change But not so in this case I felt this method really helped me gain an overall view of where the story was going and how each character viewed things in a different way We read chapters from Louise’s perspective Dan’s ex and we start to have some sympathy as to why she had to give up her baby Halfway through the novel was such a shocker as I think I may have read one of the most gut wrenching shattering heart breaking scenes in a long time You just howled at the page surely this couldn’t be happeningThis book was full of twists and turns I just didn’t see coming Caroline has done such a good job of writing about all these characters that I couldn’t wait to get to the end to see how everything panned out With such good writing it was great to read of the complete transformations Beth and co go through This book unputdownable and full of characters that stay with you long after you close the last page I look forward to the next journey Caroline Grace Cassidy will take us on

  7. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I loved Caroline Grace Cassidy’s book ‘I Always Knew’ It was the first book of hers I’d read and having read and loved it I will have to go back and read her othersThe book is set in Dublin where I live and a lot of the popular references were so familiar to me and very wittily described – the plentiful ‘recession taxis’ the cloned schoolgirls the Penney’s six packs of knickers and many other observations made me smile In fact this book often had me laughing out loud so witty and ‘warts ‘n all’ are the main character Beth’s descriptions at times Caroline’s style at times reminded me of some of the best Marian Keyes’ writing Here’s one example that had me in stitches “The flimsy things she called knickers Alice had low rise high rise boy shorts girl shorts she had the whole range I had knickers they came tightly rolled in a pack of six and they covered my arse”The central story surrounded Beth and her un get over able ex boyfriend John Callan These two characters were painted so vividly in the book that I felt I almost knew them Other characters such as Rory Dan and Louise were also easy to identify and empathise with though I found the best friend Alice a little irritating at times in her perfection She does become human as the story unfolds though‘I Always Knew’ is story telling at its best jam packed with laughs action and lots of twists and turns Just as you think you’ve worked out what’s going to happen everything changes and you uickly change your own mind about what you want to see happen Expect the unexpectedI can highly recommend this book as a very enjoyable read light hearted in places sad and very moving in others it’s sure to appeal to a wide audience

  8. Darren Darker Darren Darker says:

    This novel was reviewed by my mum who isn't on Goodreads after she insisted upon meeting Caroline at the launchI enjoyed I Always Knew from the 1st page right through to the lastYou handle the dialogue between the characters so well that at times I thought I was shamefully eavesdropping on them from a seat beside them on a busI particularly liked the part where the piece of nut was caught on Beth's teeth and the gently way she looked after Alice when Dan diedAs Beth said her story is not Casablanca nor the Mirror has Two Faces to me it is the truthful account of real relationships from the chaos to the smoothI am looking forward to reading Already Taken when it comes out

  9. Nan Christine Borton-Smith Nan Christine Borton-Smith says:

    I loved that it want roses and sunshineI'm not a reader of the romance genre in general but if I were this is the kind I would like It does have the elements that we all expect boy meets girl messes it up then figures it out Except this book has a family of characters with well developed back stories everything isn't perfect it's messy like real life This us author I'll read again

  10. Rosa Bonadies Rosa Bonadies says:

    A really good story with lots of twists along the way

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