Farewell to Kindness The Golden Redepennings #1 ePUB

Farewell to Kindness The Golden Redepennings #1 ePUB

Farewell to Kindness The Golden Redepennings #1 [Reading] ➽ Farewell to Kindness The Golden Redepennings #1 By Jude Knight – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk For three years Rede has been searching Canada for those who ordered the murders of his wife and childrenNow back in England he has inherited an Earldom from his cousin George and is close to finding For three Kindness The PDF ✓ years Rede has been searching Canada for those who ordered the murders of his wife and childrenNow back in England he has inherited an Earldom from his cousin George and is close to finding the investors who ordered the deaths in an attempt to destroy Rede’s fur trading enterprise He travels to his country estate in Longford West Gloucestershire to Farewell to Epub / be close to the investigationHe does not need the distraction of an overwhelming longing for the lovely widow who lives in one of the cottages he owns A widow over to Kindness The Golden Redepennings ePUB ↠ with a small daughter whose distinctive eyes mark her as George’s childFor six years from the night Anne blackmailed George at arrow point for an income and a place to live she has to Kindness The eBook ↠ been in hiding with her sisters and daughterShe hides from the scandal of her daughter’s conception More importantly she hides from the Earl of Selby who has sinister plans for the sisters He no longer has legal rights as guardian to the older sisters but the youngest sister is still only He cannot be allowed to find herThe last thing Anne needs to Kindness The Golden Redepennings ePUB ↠ is an inconvenient attraction to the local Earl Rede is everything she has learned not to trust a man a peer a Redepenning If he finds out who she is she may lose everythingAs their attraction builds against a backdrop of the village Whitsun Week festivities several accidents make Rede believe his enemies have found him and leads Anne to wonder whether Selby has found her.

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  1. Mari Christie Mari Christie says:

    This is the second book I have read by Jude Knight The first the novella Candle’s Christmas Chair was my first introduction to both Jude and her writing and the impetus for an invitation to join a fledgling group of Regency writers Her writing somehow manages to be both lush and controlled She creates lovely descriptive scenes that open up the place and time without overwhelming with historical detail and the use of language is period appropriate and provides an “old fashioned” flavor that lingers especially in her characters who are not aristocratsAnd on the topic of aristocrats Knight is able to create upper class characters whose role in the story is perfectly placed in the narrative For instance her heroes and their sidekicks are never unapproachable as are many in books of this genre yet her villains exemplify their class in ways that are intimidating and ruthlessly aware of their own power If I have one critiue of the work it is that I would have liked to see of the villainsI am not going to go into a long storyline here because plenty will do so but I will say that the twists and turns were unexpected and well paced in both love story and action and the obstacles were realistic and never forced for plot’s sake Her hero Rede needs no love affair to distract from his purpose a former love to avenge giving him an authentic reason to avoid his growing passion for his love interest The heroine Anne is self aware protective of her family and well able to stand on her own two feet making herself an example for the younger women in her family to follow suit At no time does she need the hero which makes their eventual happy ever after that much satisfyingA five star book from a five star writer

  2. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    This was such a captivating read set in a village not too far from Bristol It had all the essence of the village from neighbourly people to the gossips and the various activities that is village life The story centres around Anne Forsythe her family and Stephen Redepenning Earl of Chirbury Rede Rede is unlike the previous earls and is a man of honour He is also handsome and brave Anne is a strong woman who cares deeply for her family and will do anything for them There are many secrets to unfold and a mystery concerning who was behind the death’s of Rede’s family This was a story I just had to keep reading right to the exciting ending There were also a number of interesting secondary characters and I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series I received a copy via Booksprout and have voluntarily reviewed it All the thoughts and opinions are my own

  3. Caroline Caroline says:

    Bravo Judith KnightStephen Redepenning or Rede as he prefers is everything readers want in a regency hero protective responsible determined honest and in charge He enters the stage from his previous life as a fur entrepreneur in Canada with than his share of pain and grief His wife and children have been murdered and he is determined to have vengeance or as he insists justice If one hero satisfies the author gives us John Price Rede’s heroic right hand man; the wounded Major Alex Redepenning his cousin; and David Wakefield his friend More books must be forthcoming The book is chock full of vividly drawn and appealing secondary characters an entire village full of them She has a positive gift for bringing these people to life Rede's servants are an intrepid and appealing bunch The villagers range for mouthy gossips to folks just struggling to get byEven the villains are vivid Of the collection of badies only George Redepenning has paricular redeeming ualities but none of them are cardboard The Baroness is the Cruella diVille of the countryside all the prey is worse than little dogsAnne Forsythe the heroine is smart and brave Her prowess with a bow and arrow and willingness to participate in the climactic battle are marvelous Only occasionally did this reader want to give her a firm shake and say “For goodness sake tell Rede what is going on”Rooting interests about and the book moves along at a good pace All in all an emotionally satisfying read

  4. Janet Wertman Janet Wertman says:

    Great readSet in the early 19th century it is not my usual era I focus on the Tudors but it was a wonderful time I had forgotten how I much I enjoy Regency Era fiction with its gallant men and strong women And Jude Knight adds a mystery to bootI am in awe of the author’s plotting how she weaves the plotlines together in a carefully building crescendo I am in the middle of a much simpler book so I well know how difficult it is to bring these story elements together properly In all thoroughly enjoyable “Capital” I think they may have said back then

  5. Bobbie Bobbie says:

    I loved this book I especially like how Jude Knight creates characters who are strong and resolute endearing and admirable and women who take charge of their own destiny and don't need a man to rescue them In this story a young woman's daughter and her schoolmate are kidnapped and her mother and Rutledge whom she calls Rockledge must go to find them and rescue them Knight's characters are intriguing with many layers to them and this is a throroughly entertaining love story unlike any other Check it out for a great read I look forward to reading this entire series and Knight's other books too

  6. Jude Knight Jude Knight says:

    It's with the proofreader as I write this comment It's my first full length baby so I love it of course I may feel differently in a few weeks when it's released On pre release 2 March and published 1 April

  7. Tracy DeNeal Tracy DeNeal says:

    I was blown away by this story I had to close the app and walk away at the end of it I could not compose my review immediately I needed a few hours to mourn and reflectI read Alex's story a few days ago and do not remember it reflecting on the horrors experienced in this story This story put me through the ringer The antagonists were pure evil I worried for the good guys constantly Accidents piled up Rape was casual Girls disappear never to be seen again Villagers were mean and pettyYet at the center of the story was a man and a woman Rede is a man focused on vengeance for the family that was cruelly wrenched from him in the wilds of Canada Anne is a woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders Her one goal is to survive under the radar until her youngest sister reaches her majority Neither of them is looking for loveJude Knight here creates a world where the lords of the manor have taken their pleasure where they will over the generations This penchant has resulted in certain family traits appearing around the surrounding area in farm hands stable boys tavern wenches chamber maids you name it Even Anne's daughter Daisy sports the Redepenning look As you can imagine right or wrong trouble ensuesAfter reading this story I am chomping at the bit to get to David and Prue's story There was so much going on in Alex's story with Susan that I need to read hers as wellBack to the reason for my emotional upheaval in this book Well I am not a reviewer who spoils a book for others You will just have to read it for yourself I will simply say that this book was very well written The characters were well developed The relationships felt real The emotions were palpable The action was exhilarating The villains needed killing I wanted to dish out some biblical justice on a few of them Yes there were multiple villains all acting for separate causes It was exhaustingRead this book You won't regret it

  8. Janet Janet says:

    Stephen Redepenning aka Rede the Earl of Chirbury wants the beautiful widow Anne Forsythe from the moment he first sees her She lives rent free in a cottage belonging to the estate courtesy of his predecessor and cousin George And her daughter’s distinctive eyes mark the little girl as George’s child Anne Forsythe has good cause to be wary of men peers and members of the Redepenning family The Earl of Chirbury is all three and a distraction she does not need If she can hide her sisters until the youngest turns 21 they will be safe from her uncle’s sinister plansI know that if I start to read one of the author’s books I won’t be able to put it down this is no exception Beautifully written with characters that leap out of the page at you The pace of the story is very good flows effortlessly There are plenty of secrets also Rede needs to find his family’s killer As in lots of books that contain secrets I shouted several times talk to each other A lovely series starter thanks to Booksprout for the copy

  9. Janet Janet says:

    Best Selling Author Jude Knight does it again folks with A Farewell to Kindness Congratulations Jude Knight on this glorious day of your release A Farewell to Kindness opens up with the drunken Earl George Redepenning entering into his living uarters where he is met by a flying arrow A shocked and stumbling George sees a Lady in his uarters who threatens to kill him if he does not meet her demands He killed her brother and left her destitute to tend to her sisters’ and children Upon the death of her brother he was assigned guardianship However he neglected them and left them penniless Now she demands a small cottage and a sum of money She takes all of his gambling winnings obtains the cottage and demands that he strip his clothes throw them out the window where he is left bare Next we meet the hero of our tale the dashing and handsome Earl Stephen Redepenning known to friends just as Rede He has recently inherited the earldom from his cousin the lazy and money suandering George Rede having come from Canada where he lived for three years in search of those who ordered the deaths of his beloved wife and children Now in England he must repair the damage George has caused to the estates including the Longford Estate where a tenant has resided for years rent free Curious of this tenant’s situation he eventually makes his way to her cottage where he meets and finds himself intrigued by the beautiful and intelligent Anne the lady who was under the guardianship of his cousin George and mother of a Redepenning Her daughter Daisy whom she must protect is underage and in danger of losing her to a distant cousin Simon Stocke the Earl of SelbyRede develops an ever growing attraction to the lovely Anne and wants nothing than to revel in her warmness and have long passionate nights Alas Rede is on a mission to find those who ordered the deaths of his wife and children and the ruin of his fur trade enterpriseAnne learning of the upcoming visit of the new earl having nothing but the memories of the former earl sets the whole town on edge but so for Anne as she must protect her family and knows she has not paid rent in years However when the Earl visits Anne is taken by his charm and care he shows for her darling Daisy and sister Meg who is simple upon subseuent visits Anne finds herself falling for the earl but her daughter is a Redepenning will he find out? Will she lose her daughter to the earl of Selby? Will Rede find justice of those who are out to get him and ordered the death of his loved ones? Will passion once again envelope our hero Rede? Can our heroine learn to love and give her heart at last? Open A Farewell to Kindness and come with me on a journey back in time to the Georgian and Regency periods and delve into the suspense longing and passion of the characters I welcome you into their lives for but a brief moment in timeJude Knight’s writing is impeccable her way of expressing detail truly ignites the senses of the reader where one truly goes back in time smells the delicious foods cooking hears the sounds of the carriages rolling along the cobblestone streets of London or the dirt roads of small uaint villages The reader cannot help but feel the emotions invoked by the characters and sympathize with their plights Ms Knight has truly given the readers an historical accuracy in her writing she pays great detail to the period in which the story takes place to the historical events of the time and she has truly delved deep into her research which is shown through the scenes and depictions of the buildings wardrobe food cultural events social expectations etc This is my first book that I read of Jude Knight’s and I was just awestruck by this phenomenal masterpiece I read it from cover to cover and could not put it down She keeps her reader on the edge of their seats awaiting what comes next This is truly a work of art and I invite you once again to open A Farewell to Kindness

  10. Mary Mary says:

    📒 This is intriguing suspenseful and intense Rede is generous and caring he's also determined and relentless in his vengeance Anne is strong responsible and bold While on the hunt for the men responsible for the deaths of his wife and children he inherits a title Taking his duties as the Earl is important to Rede but he won't stop trying to get vengeance while doing his duty But when he finds Anne at one of his estates not paying rent he can't stop thinking about her Anne is in hiding from her cousin trying to protect her youngest sister from his machinations She wants nothing to do with any man but she finds herself constantly and irritatingly thinking about him But there is to their stories and that is going to cause problems I was completely engrossed in the story wondering what was going to happen next I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the seriesI received a complimentary copy of this book from the author This is my honest and voluntary opinion of it

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