Survive the Day War Kids #2 eBook Ì Survive the PDF

Survive the Day War Kids #2 eBook Ì Survive the PDF

Survive the Day War Kids #2 ❮Epub❯ ➞ Survive the Day War Kids #2 ➝ Author H.J. Lawson – Jada and her friends have been living in America for over a year now At school she blends in with the other children but she knows that she is different They didn’t have to kill for their freedom Th Jada and Day War MOBI í her friends have been living in America for over a year now At school she blends in with the other children but she knows that she is different They didn’t have to Survive the PDF \ kill for their freedom The memories of her past haunt her each time Gerard takes her to visit someone from her father’s list as they try to find out where he is being held But the Day War ePUB ✓ what they don’t realize is they would have been safer in Syria A hidden enemy is attacking America from the inside and no one is safeAnnabel dreams of a happier life One with a normal family instead of one that chooses heroin and the Wild Boar Riders biker over her The only person she can trust is Brandon another person living on the streets They bond over their hatred towards Troy a pimp and drug dealer who takes great pleasure in ruining lives As the passion grows between Brandon and Annabel so does the chaos in New York City as it is now under attack They are forced to flee to an unknown hideout beneath the heart of the City Ethan is scarred by his father’s death He has spent his entire life planning for revengeAnd the day has finally come.

10 thoughts on “Survive the Day War Kids #2

  1. Lou Lou says:

    Better have an eye on this author because SHE ROCKSThis was my reaction when I recieved the bookIf was great this one is even BETTERThe first chapters were shocking because of the sexual abuse but I think that those scenes were necessary to understand the personality of the charactersThere are new characters that provide a hole new perspective of the war and I have to admit that I really like the villain His motivations are understandableI definitely wasn't expecting the new war and how apocalyptic the story becameDid I say apocalyptic? Yeah I didThis is a series that I'll love to see in a movie a great adaptation of course not the boring movie based on the first 50 pagesIt's a fast reading but It'll be in your head for DAYSAnd my uestion for the author is WHEN IS THE NEW BOOK COMING OUT??? I want need the new book because that ending wasThe next thing I'm going to do is get a paperback Thanks to the author for providing me this copy This fact didn't influence the review

  2. Shin The Bookworm Shin The Bookworm says:

    I received the free ebook copy but this has not affected my review and rating in any wayThere were new characters introduced There's Annabel the only key witness to the Wild Boars Rider gang's trial; Brandon who helps Annabel to escape from Big Red the crazy leader of WBR and his gang ;Ethan the guy behind the chaos and there's the homeless funny Meemo Jada and his group escaped the war in Syria but now they're caught up in the middle of terrorist attacks This was such a tight gripping read that took me on the edge of my seat and not wanting to stop reading because I just so love the adrenaline rush this book gives The author did a great job with the plot the character development and the shifting of POVsFrom drugs to suicide bombers terrorist hiding in an US airman uniform and crazy Wild Boars Rider gang; this read has so much thrill and suspense Then there's the heartbreaking scene in the Brooklyn bridge after the bombing The people running for safety the cries and pleas for help from those injured and trapped the people killed by the bombing the others who fell for their death on the river and there's the unexpected death of Victoria The ending was unexpected and left uestions Were they gonna actually leave Haytham? Where's Kyra's father and Haytham's family? Were they safe? Will they be able to get in the second plane? All these uestions are swarming in my head and I really can't wait to read the next bookI was totally absorbed in this read that I lost track of time I finished reading this at 3Am This second book lived up to my expectation of action packed scenes There should be film adaptation from this book I know I will be having that book hangover from this read for daysThis is a highly recommending read to anyone especially those who wants an adrenaline rush of a book

  3. C Richmond C Richmond says:

    Well what can I say Absolutely awesome read This story has taken me through many emotions Telling the story through different characters along the way I love how all the characters cross each other's path in an un obvious way and how each character has it's own story I actually could feel my heart racing as each one of them runs for freedom facing everything thing that is throw in their path How the destruction once again changes them and the information unfolding along the way is outstanding The uncertainty of what will happen next in their lives will leave you just hanging and wanting I need to now know the outcome of what happens next I feel like I need to know how these series of events will change them in the future Will they ever return to the place they grew up? Will they ever get some normality back?I have so many uestions to ask Their lives could turn out so many ways I can't believe I am feeling like this so hooked and needing to find out I guess that I will have to wait for H J Lawson to complete a further book for me to find outPlease hurry I've not enjoyed a read like this in a long time

  4. Kassandra Davis Kassandra Davis says:

    What another great suprise I loved this book beyond all speech it just took me forever to put my love in writing 50 Years from now I would not be suprised if this series is considered a classic the way this world engulfs your mind your thoughts your worries is truly an astounding talent If you like books any book this will not dissapoint You will always have a spot on my bookself Ms Lawson

  5. Kristin Schultz Kristin Schultz says:

    Best series EVERI love this series This book left me hanging at the end didn't like that These books are full of surprises and left me wanting HJ Lawson write of these suspenseful amazing books

  6. Kary Kary says:

    really good book hope there is a third

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    Every kid in school should have to read this bookIt's Excellent

  8. Patricia Patricia says:

    Scary and timely

  9. Betty Betty says:

    It was great i look forward to read part 3

  10. Catherine Putsche Catherine Putsche says:

    Survive The DayBy HJ LawsonThis book is the second instalment in the War Kids Series and continues to follow the lives of several young people who were once trapped in the war in Syria who flee to America to start afresh In this character driven story the reader is introduced to a number of new characters all of which blend nicely in with the main Characters Annabel Jada and Ethan who each have their own uniue back story On Annabel’s journey to freedom and a better life she befriends another homeless guy by the name of Brandon and confides in him about killing the tramp who tried to rape her She also confesses that she is the key witness in the Big Red Trial and that she has escaped a witness protection program because the WBR kept finding herJada is on a mission to find her father who is believed to be in a prison fifty miles away from Damascus the lost city and that Gerard and Christian are working on plans to go there However along the way Jada reads a letter from her mother that is addressed to Gerard and discovers a shocking secret that will change the course of her missionEthan is hell bent on avenging his father’s death with a deep hatred for Western cultureAfter a year of transition in to their new lives in New York City the City itself is soon caught up in a terrorist attack on Rikers Island and they find themselves fleeing to escape one danger to enter yet another and soon realise that they would have been much safer in Syria as the unknown threat continues to cause chaos and mass destruction as people start to loot and die when one of many bridges explodes Victoria dies as her head is crushed by a car Jada and Annabel’s paths meet in the chaos and Jada warns Annabel and Brandon to get out of the city as fast as they can as this is only the beginning of the terrorist attacks and perhaps a decoy to an even bigger threat Big red starts running after Annabel as he spots her with his gang in orange jump suits The adrenaline fuelled scene when Big Red catches up with Annabel is breathtaking yet terrifying and adds tension and conflict to a unexpected yet phenomenal endingI can honestly say I am hooked and can’t wait for the next instalment HJ Lawson is a genius story teller and her writing skills are exceptional beyond doubt

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