Bone Key MOBI å Hardcover

Bone Key MOBI å Hardcover

Bone Key ✿ Bone Key kindle Epub ❃ Author Les Standiford – Reviewers nationwide have joined such writers as El Leonard Tony Hillerman and Stephen King in praising Standiford's John Deal novels but his new Deal may be the best one yet On a trip to Key West to Reviewers nationwide have joined such writers as El Leonard Tony Hillerman and Stephen King in praising Standiford's John Deal novels but his new Deal may be the best one yet On a trip to Key West to talk with a wealthy developer about a new building project Deal stops to help a young black man who is being rousted by police on a lonely beach road The young man is appreciative which makes it all the shocking two days later when he turns up dead What happened The police won't say The locals won't talk An old girlfriend appears but Deal can't tell if she's there to help or hinder him References keep being made to a seventy year old tale of piracy and murder as if it should mean something to him All Deal knows for sure is that the he looks into it all the layers he finds and the people seem to have died And that unless he can get to the bottom of it soon the next death just might be his own Filled with intense character driven action and rich textured prose Bone Key proves again why Standiford's stories are some of the best suspense novels out there Rocky Mountain News.

10 thoughts on “Bone Key

  1. Meg Vanek Meg Vanek says:

    I really enjoyed this book I am not a huge mystery reader but I liked that this one was set in Key West where I spend a lot of time I was pleasantly surprised that this kept me in suspense and was really a good read while weaving in the atmosphere of Key West

  2. MontiLee Stormer MontiLee Stormer says:

    Another book read by one of my favorite narrators Scott Brick purrrrr downloaded back in December of 2005 when I was drunk with Audible credits I think some books you just have to be in a frame of mind to listen to and maybe now is the time for Les Standiford32610I'm three hours 5 hours to go into this audio book and I'm afraid I've bailed I'm finding it to be the driest mystery I've ever read and I just don't care what happens to anyone any I expect to be happening right now other than descriptions of wines and I like wines and jogging while hung over Maybe when I clear the rest of my bookshelf this summer I'll get back to it

  3. Jennifer H Jennifer H says:

    35This was a fun read another one of those south Florida macho men solving mysteries down in the Keys kind of books For me it was just long enough and had just enough going on to be a good book The author disclaimed at the beginning that he was going to take literary license with the layout of Key West and he did I was glad he said that otherwise I would have thought I'd completely misremembered the island

  4. David Ward David Ward says:

    Bone Key John Deal #7 by Les Standiford GP Putnam's Sons 2002Fiction Mystery Thriller John Deal tries to solve a mystery where a young black man was killed apparently while in police custody Nobody will help and Deal keeps hearing allusions to a seventy year old mystery and implications that he should know about it My rating 610 finished 2009

  5. Sandi Sandi says:

    This is a series I have always enjoyed in the past but this particular entry was just so so I was disapointed that one of my favorite supporting characters did not appear on the page and the current day plot was not really that compelling though I did enjoy the sections on Key West's history

  6. Pabloslist Pabloslist says:

    70 yrs after freighter goes down in FL Keys with 300 cs of Chateau Brian single bottle sparks torture piracy murder

  7. Tom Tom says:

    Listened to this on a drive to Florida The various characters were well woven into the plot but I would rather not have some characters killed off

  8. Patt Patt says:

    Listened to this one in the car We both enjoyed it fast moving and suspenseful We both guessed wrong on the identity of the criminal

  9. Marjoladue Marjoladue says:

    Very entertaining Obviously written a while ago The scenes in Key West were from the past and fun to read about A good plot

  10. Meredith Meredith says:

    dream seuences didn't make any sense as this was the first novel of his I read Kind of throws the reader off It picked up toward the end and the pieces got tied up into a neat little bow

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