The Sinner's Marriage Redemption MOBI æ The Sinner's

The Sinner's Marriage Redemption MOBI æ The Sinner's

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  1. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Three weak stars because the buildup of the blissfully happy heroine to take a fall just didn't pay off The heroine knew the H from her childhood he was the housekeeper's son Once he makes it big in business he decides he wants her for his trophy wife He woos and wins her in two weeks time and then completely takes over her life with her consent She has lots of internal doubts and a horrific backstory that she never shares with the hero until it was too late He had no idea buying her family's manor house was going to bring back memories for exampleWhen the heroine discovers that he intervened and lost her her job so she would be a full time wife and eventually a mother she leaves him Since her trust is shattered he has to make a big gesture He legally transfers his business and his homes to the heroine The heroine is important to him than his life's ambitions She is no longer an object to him but a person to be missed and loved The heroine melts HEA There's an epilogue where they have turned the manor house into a recreation center for handicapped children and are celebrating Christmas I really wish the hero had married her for revenge or something That would have made the betrayal all the stark and the hero's manipulations would have been born out of a strong emotion He didn't have to manipulate her it was just the shortest distance between two points That kind of behavior is chilling in my mind for some reason Revenge is such a pure emotions compared to the slippery slope of the ends justify the means That the heroine had been so compliant didn't help matters She saw what she wanted to see I do think the hero loved her but his control issues were icky The heroine really was in la la land most of the time Her father prostituted her blue blood mother for business deals and was planning on doing the same with her at 17

  2. Jen Jen says:

    35 StarsI don't read many HPs but every once in a while I give in and head to the land of Harleuin for a little fun and relaxation This time when I set out to choose my read I knew I didn't want the usual over the top macho Greek or Sheik hero I like a little diversity when it comes to my HPs and I didn't want to read about a female MC so dumb andor naive she probably shouldn't be legally allowed to leave the house by herself In my experience that's a tall order for an HP but The Sinner's Marriage Redemption managed to deliver the goodsI read HPs for one reason and one reason alone The DramaThe over the top the better I blame it on being too young at the time to watch all of those shows like Dynasty and Dallas in the eighties Anywho this book took a while but the big gowns big jewels and deceitful behavior eventually made an appearance My only moment of annoyance and keep in mind I'm grading on an HP curve was towards the end of the book when the heroine disappointed me and temporarily gave into her douche of a manOverall this book took care of my HP craving for another year or so I can't ask for than that

  3. Jenny Jenny says:

    Horrible Awful Bored me to tears Worst Harleuin ever

  4. Danielle Danielle says:

    Overall I did like the book and the story that Annie West story she had to tell in her contribution to the Seven Sexy Sins miniseries Annie West knows how to write an angst emotional roller coaster ride romance that's why I enjoy her so much This one was no exception It was enjoyable read My one complaint about this story was the beginning which felt really rushed I understand that the whole point was to show the whirlwind romance between Flynn and Ava but I think I needed pacing there It needed to show how Flynn wooed Ava and how Ava fell hook line and sinker for his woo I wanted to see the romance in both Paris and Prague Even though I didn't necessarily like Flynn's motivation or reason for Flynn going after Ava in the first place I found him as an enjoyable hero I think because his intentions weren't meant to hurt even though it did hurt Ava just try to achieve what his father couldn't Did he think of the conseuences of it all? No but he was never cruel or a jerk like other alphas I read in the past And I believed he always cared about Ava showing it various different ways throughout the book Loved seeing that side of him I rooted for him Ava Poor Ava had been through too much at such a young age I mean what her father did was just plain disgusting and he was cruel beyond measure So she faced some great abuse in her life She had some pain going on and I really felt for her Even though she had seen a lot in her life she did come off a little naïve when Flynn was wooing her But I think that was her hope coming through which shows that she hadn't given up She wanted love in her life and wanted it with Flynn A future with him That showed a lot But as the story went along I saw her strength and growth She realized she deserved in life It was nice to see her stand up for herself once she realized what Flynn did I liked seeing that change I rooted for her I also liked seeing the comparison between Flynn and Ava and her parents marriage and how their were similarities but also differences It was such a parallel between the two but was the differences that were the key that showed how different these relationships were with one being completely abusive It was just a nice juxtaposition The true highlight of the book was the passion and sexy times that Flynn and Ava shared And it was some hot and scorching times they had It upped my temperature a few degrees There were a lot of moments like that It was just a passion filled ride for sure I loved every moment between them between the tender first time to the sexy raw passionate last scene up against the window It was satisfying and just really good reading The love story was good because it was apparent that there was caring going on and it just wasn't about lust They were tender and cute moments between the two I enjoyed this story very much and was entertained all the way through It was another great read by Annie West It was emotional and painful at times but then sexy and passionate It was satisfying read

  5. Alex is The Romance Fox Alex is The Romance Fox says:

    The Sinner's Marriage Redemption by Annie West is the 5th book in the Seven Sexy Sins Serieswowwas this one a sloooooooow one for meI almost gave up a few timesbored most of the way but kept hoping something great would happen But nooooooooooooit never didThe story started off with some promise but by chapter 2I kept missing the plotFlynn Marshall the hero who happens to be the son of the housekeeper who worked for Ava the heroine's rich family He returns years later now rich and very successful and woos Ava who is now not so rich any Naturally he has a second agenda He proposes she says yes She loves him he doesn't love her Hell he was pretty cold towards her most of the timeand she took it all in What an idiot Okay so she does grow some backbone at the end and he comes crawling backI mean the gesture he makes to get her back is totally so not believable view spoilerhe signs over his fortune to her hide spoiler

  6. Nas Dean Nas Dean says:

    THE SINNER’S MARRIAGE REDEMPTION by author Annie West is a Harleuin Presents series release for August 2015Flynn Marshall wanted a perfect wife so he married Ava Cavendish but he didn’t take into account his attraction to Ava And what a scorching attraction Ava was poised and glamourous and looked completely at ease in his business entertaining But he learnt too late that Ava needed respect as a person as well as love What would happen when Ava discovers just why Flynn married her? And what would happen when Flynn finds out the secret Ava was hiding?THE SINNER’S MARRIAGE REDEMPTION is a shimmering tale of love and redemption Author Annie West brought this fast paced and feel good romance that sparkled with red hot sensuality mesmerizing emotion and intense passionHighly recommended for all readers of romance

  7. Tia Tia says:

    This one was a lot emotionally written than the others I've read in a while I like that the heroine was brave and smart She stuck to her guns and the hero fell in line

  8. Helen Helen says:

    This is a story that is about sins and in particular envy when we get to know self made multi millionaire Flynn Marshall and his desire to be a magnate that will be envied by many others and so far he is doing well but he now needs his final goal a wife that will complete his desires one that is beautiful and well connected and who better than Ava Cavendish the girl that he had known for years as his parents worked on the Cavendish estate Frayne Hall so Flynn works out how to win Ava and sets his plan into actionAva has had a dreadful childhood and at the age of 17 finally stands up to her domineering father and leaves to start a life on her own although she is close to her brother Rupert he is away Ava finds herself a job makes friends and gets on with her life never forgetting the last night at Frayne Hall and the help that Flynn had given her and how safe she felt with himFlynn had grown up on the estate his father was the gardener and his mother a cook their boss Michael Cavendish Ava's father was a very hard and uncaring man but not to his family he gave them everything and Flynn has always envied what he had and was determined that one day he would have all of that and and started working hard and made itThis is a story that is very emotional Ava is such a beautiful caring heroine who craved love she never wanted money or acknowledgment of what she does and Flynn who wanted wealth and acceptance into high society and this journey is sensual and heart warming as we see Flynn win Ava over and he does everything he can for her he is caring and romantic thinking that she wants the wealth and jewels but as they get to know each other and Flynn finally sees what Ava really wants this is going to bring tears to your eyes and make you smile It really is one of those stories where you want to push Flynn along to understand what Ava needs Ava's love is so honest from the start and Flynn really does care for Ava not realising that he does love her but of course when she realizes how he has gone about getting her she is devastated but love wins through for both of them I highly recommend this one don't miss this one it is strong and emotional and very sensual story I loved this one another fantastic story from MS West

  9. Desere Desere says:

    I don’t know about other readers out there but I for one get super super excited when I see Annie West’s name on the cover Her books are inspiring magical and just amazing sometimes so amazing I struggle to find the words to let the world know In this read we meet Flynn Marshall he has three goals in life1 A multimillion dollar business empire2 Acceptance in the highest echelons of society3 A wife to make him the envy of all menThrough pure ruthlessness he has achieved the first goal and he’s well on his way to achieving number two As for number three he reckons it should be as easy as take make win to rush the stunning well connected Ava Cavendish to the altar But Ava is no ordinary always saying I do for the sake of wealth and fame kind of gal she’s got a lot of spunk and she’s not going down the aisle unless things are settled her way I loved to hate the character of Flynn ruthless to the core but so darn charming I could not help but fall hopelessly in love with the guy I loved how he pushed Ava almost very nearly to the breaking point but him backing down at the right moment really was what made me go all gooey Ava was the character that broke my heart I can’t very well tell you why exactly but I will say this her past is one of the very worst But I loved her fire always pushing for her ultimate happiness Now onwards to their journey it was exuisite so much so that it was almost as if the book was pure sexy sin laced with the idea of true love hiding in the shadow I loved the back and forth pull of emotions the author certainly had me at well at the very start of the book The powerful message of life is life it will always go downhill but eventually it will go uphill again it’s a rollercoaster the trick is to know when to get off and when to stay on and when to try a new kind of ride I highly recommend this read for all fans of Annie West romances it’s so shockingly exciting it will feel as if you’re the one sinning instead of the characters getting a little too raunchy 55 star review “ Who says the high rolling life of a ruthless millionaire can’t be turned around?”

  10. Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" says:

    This one was slow going for me I almost DNF'd a couple of times in the first 48% of the book I couldn't get into it a little boring so was the h Anyway it picked up a little bit and I finished I liked the H somewhat he had some insights which led me to believe he has a conscience but the ending was a little predictable and IMHO implausible nice gesture but it fell short view spoilerhe gave her all his assets hide spoiler

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The Sinner's Marriage Redemption ❰Reading❯ ➾ The Sinner's Marriage Redemption Author Annie West – The fifth book in the multi author mini series Seven Sexy Sins A merciless mission There are three goals self made magnate Flynn Marshall set out to achieve1 A multi million dollar business empire 2 A The fifth book in the multi author mini series Seven Sexy Sins A merciless mission There are three goals self made magnate Flynn The Sinner's PDF/EPUB ² Marshall set out to achieve A multi million dollar business empire Acceptance in the highest echelons of society A wife to make him the envy of all men Flynn's ruthlessly accomplished his first goal and he's on his way to the second As for the third he will rush stunning well connected Ava Cavendish to the altar at the first opportunity A trophy bride should complete his plans but passionate Ava and the desire she inflames in this untouchable CEO threaten to turn his carefully ordered strategy on its head Seven Sexy Sins The true taste of temptation Harleuin Presents brings you the multi author Seven Sexy Sins miniseries From greed to gluttony lust to envy these fabulous stories explore what seven sexy sins mean in the twenty first centuryBook To Sin With The Tycoon by Cathy WilliamsBook The Sheikh's Sinful Seduction by Dani CollinsBook The Sins of Sebastian Rey Defoe by Kim LawrenceBook A Taste of Sin by Maggie CoxBook The Sinner's Marriage Redemption by Annie WestBook A Marriage Fit for a Sinner by Maya BlakeBook The Innocent's Sinful Craving by Sara Craven.

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • The Sinner's Marriage Redemption
  • Annie West
  • English
  • 27 October 2016
  • 9780373138401

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