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The Enchantress Epub The Enchantress Author Sarah Hamilton Ls17.eu When Scarlette Makes A Wish On Her Sweet Sixteen, Her Entire World Changes Casted Into The Enchanted Realm, She Must Seek Out The Last Remaining Portal To Get Back Home As The Adventure Continues, Scarlette Learns About An Evil Queen S Dark Curse That Swept Over The Land The Only Remains Of Humanity Lies In The Hope That The Enchantress Returns, But With Complications, That Seems Like A Fantasy In Itself As Her Eyes Open To The Realm And It S Secrets, Scarlette Must Come To A Decision That Changes Fate And Destiny.

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    I really enjoyed meeting Sarah and her mom at Rochester TBF 2015 on May 16, 2015 I couldn t resist supporting a fellow high school senior Class of 2015 Which is why I really want to give this book five stars, but I m not sure I can So I will give it 4 The story was really simple I really wished that Sarah had expanded her descriptions of things I really wanted to feel how it felt to travel through a portal, or what it was like battling the Evil Queen I was disappointed And there w...

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    Horrible No climax Total Mary Sue All monochromatic characters and a flat plot that seemed repetitive and cliche This author better find a new career path, because writing is not her cup of tea Hopefully she doesn t make a seq...

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