Paperback ✓ Storm Horse Kindle å

Paperback ✓ Storm Horse Kindle å

Storm Horse ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ Storm Horse ⚣ Author Nick Garlick – With his mother missing and his father dead 12 year old Flip's new home is a remote storm tossed Dutch island Menaced by the local bullies and with a shadowy mute girl as his only friend Flip tries to With his mother missing and his father dead year old Flip's new home is a remote storm tossed Dutch island Menaced by the local bullies and with a shadowy mute girl as his only friend Flip tries to adapt to life on his uncle's farm but his whole life changes when a sunken transport ship leaves a drowning stallion floundering in the waves Risking his life to rescue it Flip is told he can keep the troublesome horse if he can teach it how to work for its keep.

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  1. Alice (MTB/Alice Tied The Bookish Knot) Alice (MTB/Alice Tied The Bookish Knot) says:

    35 out of 5 starsThis book had been on my TBR for nearly 4 years Storm Horse is a Middle Grade novel set in Holland and follows a young boy called Flip He is eleven and was living with his Dad in the centre of Amsterdam until he drowns in a river Flip's Mum left the family a few years prior due to the breakdown in relationship between her and her husband Flip is then sent to live with his Uncle Aunt and cousin on an island off of the Dutch mainland and becomes a target for a set of cruel bullies just after his arrival During a fierce storm he and 'the ghost girl' rescue a horse out in the ocean and Flip wants to keep it as his own A story about bonding adventure and friendship The length was short and overall the pacing was uick I wasn't a fan of most of the characters throughout particularly Flip's Uncle who was prone to some angry outbursts I did enjoy the connection between Flip and the horse The world was hard to visualise for the majority of the read

  2. Aoife Aoife says:

    Flip is an 11 year old boy living in Amsterdam The Netherlands when his world gets flipped upside down and he has to move to a Dutch island to live with his uncle While Flip begins to discovers the joy of country living he also experiences some loneliness and bullying but one day rescues a horse from the sea who he calls Storm Now Flip has to work hard at making sure he can keep his new friend and keep him safe from those trying to harm himThis is a brilliant middle grade book and perfect for any one who loves horses or just loves some boyish adventures Flip is an extremely adorable main character and I really love his character development throughout the book from a meek mild boy afraid to even talk to his uncle to someone who isn’t afraid of standing up for what he believes in or who Flip’s connection with horses is extremely enviable and his relationship with Storm is lovely to read about while i would have loved a bit of Flip learning to ride this isn’t that kind of book It focuses on the building of relationships and the trust between boy and horseThis book confronts bullying and Flip does suffer from bullying and intimidation throughout He learns himself how to stand up for himself and be proud of who he is and i loved it In typical children’s book form the bad guys get their comeuppance which was extremely satisfactory I also enjoyed the inclusion of the ‘Ghost Girl’ She was a bit of mystery added to the book but I really liked herI love that this was set in somewhere I’ve never been and somewhere i’m unfamiliar about so just the ways of life and language was new to me and I loved hearing stories about the island like the sunken village and the uick sandAdventure friendship and horses Perfect for fans of The Black Stallion or Black Beauty Definitely recommend it

  3. LouLou LouLou says:

    Please read review in its entirety at to his middle grade literary roots author Nick Garlick takes a departure from sci fi fantasy and offers a different style for readers in Storm HorseIt’s the mid 1960’s and through some unfortunate circumstances 12 year old Flip comes to live with his uncle’s family on their farm located on the small Dutch island of Mossum Third person narrative captures smooth fluid writing as readers get to know Flip and discover his new surroundings alongside him The author captures readers’ attention with his description of farm and island life while realistic conflict moves the story forward as Flip faces internal and external conflict A wonderful character for readers to become acuainted with Flip displays tenacity with his adjustment to his new circumstances bravery as he overcomes fears and sensitivity with his consideration for othersAlthough the story revolves around Flip he is not the only intriguing character that is presented; there is a curious child Flip dubs as ghost girl some unruly bullies and caring individuals that come in human and animal form Readers will enjoy the presentation of light mystery and the few action and adventure scenes that will be sure to raise their heart rates A fantastic book for animal lovers Storm Horse is a traditional euine novel that is comparable to classics such as Black Beauty and My Friend Flicka

  4. Abigail Stutzman Abigail Stutzman says:

    When I first saw this book in the library I thought it was going to be somewhat of a ree write of the black stallion wow was I wrong This book is amazing it kept my interest and I could put it down

  5. Petra Be Petra Be says:

    A very good adventure for pre teens esp those who love horses

  6. Michelle Michelle says:

    When I first saw Storm Horse what initially drew me in was the book cover it matches the story perfectly and conveys what the story is about I had never heard of the author before nor had I read any of his work so I had no expectations going into this bookStorm Horse begins with Flip the protagonist travelling with his Uncle to his new home He is to stay there with his Uncle Aunt and Cousin after the death of his father What begins as a lonely start with lots of hard work thrown in soon turns out to be so much when Flip rescues a drowning horse from the sea When the characters were first introduced I really didn't think much of Flip's Uncle Andries I thought he was too overpowering to controlling of Flip and his move and he did not show any sympathy towards him for having no family left The island that Flip is travelling to sounds desolate and sad but as Flip explores he discovers about the island and begins to  make a few friends and enemiesMr Mesman I have never detested a character as much as I detested him He thinks he owns the island as he has money and imagines himself as the owner as someone who can buy up the land for his own needs His sons are just as bad and cause trouble everywhere they go The are spoilt brats with not a single conscience between themStorm Horse was an interesting read it has a mixture of older and poorer times people work hard to get where they are and do not lay down easily They have a backbone a way of life and a clear guide on what is tolerated and what isn't I liked the slid feel of the island and it inhabitants once I go into the story they had thier own history written all aroundAs a character Flip is not only resilient but resourceful and strong He has lost his family is sent to live with strangers who are his family even his way of life has changed Be he is not afraid to get stuck in to lend a hand and prove he is worthy of thier trust and friendship The things he does for Storm go above and beyond what most people would do and even in the most daring life threatening situations Flip does not hesitate to do what he believes is right Final Verdict Storm Horse was a surprising read but one that I really enjoyed It was easy to fall into this world the author has created and when the final page turned I found myself wanting it to continue

  7. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineAfter the death of his father in the 1960s Flip has to move from Amsterdam to a remote Dutch island to live with his aunt and uncle on a farm His mother left when he was younger and his father was a career thief so a uiet country house with his cheery aunt and his uiet and stalwart uncle is not the worst place to be He meets a girl who does not talk can hang out with his cousin and is given a hard time by local bullies whose father owns the local hotel He also has rescued a horse who escaped a sinking ship and is allowed to raise it on his uncle's farm It takes a lot of money to feed a horse however and money is tight Flip sells the record player that was his mother's and buys a little time but an odd incident with the horse in the hotel puts him in peril The hotel owner wants to buy his uncle's farm and build another hotel on it How can he save his new found home and keep the horse that he has come to love?Strengths I liked this one It moved uickly and kept me interested It was a good length and didn't spend too much time on any one topic I liked Flip and the other characters were intriguing as well I could use a whole lot of books like this stand alone fairly upbeat adventurous and fast paced Weaknesses The plot of a hotel trying to take over is not new but the setting made it interesting The cover isn't great but I think I can sell this to a lot of readers What I really think Oddly compelling I think this will do well with boys who like Watt Key's Fourmile It has that sort of mature feel without being utterly depressing The Dutch setting is a bit uirky but not hard to follow

  8. Nayuleska Nayuleska says:

    Wow Just wow Regular readers know how much I prefer the main character to be female From the summary I was really only interested in the Ghost Girl as the mute girl gets called but from the first paragraph I was hooked on Flip's story too I got tearful on than one occasion for all that Flip suffers People that young shouldn't have to go through that loss Taking care of Storm changes Flip's life It gives him something to focus on while working through his grief and the turmoil of emotions surrounding his missing mother Typically it isn't an easy ride it's not just the bullies Storm is far from a perfect horse not his fault and than once Flip gets in trouble and nearly loses Storm for good The ending is beyond happy it really is I'm so lucky I could read this in one sitting there's drama in almost every chapter the happy ones are a pleasure to read with the others putting me on the edge of my seat because it felt like there was no way out other than the awful outcome which Flip thought would happen for each of the various scenarios Storm ends up loving him pulling him through and out from the hard times helping him to forge bonds in his new life and building bridges with Ghost Girl which will prove vital by the end His grouchy uncle isn't all that bad his aunt is wonderful to Flip and his cousin is a sweetie who I loved to spend page time with I'll be lending this to a friend and can't wait to reread it Psst I'd really like a seuel too I received a copy from the publisher for an honest review on my blog Nayu's Reading Corner

  9. Darby Karchut Darby Karchut says:

    A sweet tale in the tradition of boy and horse stories Flip had my heart from page one

  10. Chris Meehan Chris Meehan says:

    Another great read aloud for school

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