Devil on Your Back PDF ✓ Devil on PDF or

Devil on Your Back PDF ✓ Devil on PDF or

Devil on Your Back (Butcher Boys, #2) [Reading] ➼ Devil on Your Back (Butcher Boys, #2) Author Max Henry – When all you have left is choice how do you ensure you make the right one I thought that losing my family was the linchpin to my suffering; the thing which would forever hold my head under the dark wa When all you have left is choice how do you ensure you make the right one I thought that losing my family was the linchpin to my suffering; the thing which would forever hold my head under the dark waters of regret But I was wrong so wrong What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and what threatens us only serves to feed the beast Devil on PDF or My boy is in trouble and it’s time this father stood up for what he should have a long time ago Only after years of believing I deserved to spend my days alone punishing myself for the mistakes I made I’ve finally found the truth—her When she needs me as much as my son how will I decide which path to take Will I be doomed to forever make the wrong choice And will I once again lose everything I love and drown in my regret.

About the Author: Max Henry

Facebook as long as she can remember Max has always had a love of the macabre and thought provoking side to life Which probably stands to reason why each of her books takes the reader on an emotional journey that not only promises twists turns and suspense but a heart wrenching journey where her.

10 thoughts on “Devil on Your Back (Butcher Boys, #2)

  1. Melinda ~ Twinsie Talk Melinda ~ Twinsie Talk says:

    I received a copy of the book for an honest review Max Henry was able to consume me from the time I opened this book until I closed it This is about Vince Malice dad I was so ready to hear his side of things and why he let things happen Sonya and Vince were perfect for each other both had pasts they just were not ready to let go of After Vince lost his wife tragically his son ran away and he lost everything he picked a fight with bikers one night hoping they would end his life However they brought him back to the club and nursed back to health by Sonya Sonya was a widow after losing the love of her life These two skirted around each other never giving in for years because they were holding on to their pasts too tight not willing to let go When trouble starts brewing for the MC Vince realizes his estranged son is in the middle of it He wants so warn him but without involving the MC Kings gives him assistance and makes him take Sonya along This gives him the opportunity to not only set things straight with Malice but also get to know Sonya better Can if be enough tine to right all the wrongs between him and Malice? Will Malice forgive him? Can Sonya and Vince let go of their past to allow a future with each other? I loved this plot story to hear Vince's side of things what he went through Then to hear Sonya's story My heart broke for them both To see how the Butcher boys and the MC meshed together for a while was great I fell I love with Sonya and Ramona and I cannot wait to see what is in store in the upcoming books There is so much to learn about Ty and Bronx and there is still so much left to the unknown A few of my favoritesWhat’s hot about a man who gives you lame pick up lines and tells you he wants to ‘rock your world’? Puke Puh lease Men that are straight up are usually only after some physical gratification Sure that’s good to have but call me fickle at this point in my life I want someone who can arouse me in other ways like with words in a messageFor years I’ve been certain that staying closed off keeping to myself and guarding my heart with the tenacity of a Rottweiler was the best way to avoid harm But how stupid could I be? Isolating myself not only prevented any possible heartache—it ensured I stayed miserable because I made myself miss out on the good things that come from the love of a good woman“You don’t need to be super human” I reassure her “So what if you aren’t something mind blowing like the only woman in the world strong enough to juggle two motorcycles” She laughs “You’re still important I still find you amazing”

  2. Busy Bumble Bee Book Reviews Busy Bumble Bee Book Reviews says:

    So I know I know my review is like a week late and I truely apologize for that When I had finished Devil You Know I didn't realize that Devil On Your Back was going to be about Alice's aka Malice's dad I thought it was going to be about one of the other boys But I was really happy when I did realize that it was going to be about Vince I really felt like there was so much behind his character and story than we found out in Malice's story And of course in Malice's story it was from his POV     And boy was I not mistaken I have to say right from the start I really felt for Vince He's a man who made some mistakes after losing his wife Which was understandable     I loved Vince right away Even though at times he wanted to give up and messed up as a father I think he was strong Because he kept on living and realized his mistakes and was trying to make them right     I also loved Sonya What can I say? Sonya was a sweetheart caring understanding She also understood the dark place that Vince lived in losing her own husband     I loved this book It was nice to see a father and son finally get reunited and get to know each other again I also loved seeing Vince and Sonya's relationship start and grow Both of them realizing that they don't have to forget their spouses who are gone But realizing that they can love again There of course was a bit of drama And there were some smoking hot sexy scenes with Vince and Sonya    I'm giving this one 4 Out of 5 Stars and can't wait for the next one

  3. Robin B Robin B says:

    I'm going to be nice and not leave a star rating Though typically I'd leave only a 1 star for a DNF That's right This was a DNF for me I may go back and try again at some point IDK if I was in a funk or what but this was coming across as so dull and boring to me particularly following the Devil You May Know I ended up putting it aside when I was asked to beta read something then proof read something else then an ARC from a friend came in and I read four or five books just for fun in between all that It's now been a month since I started Devil on Your Back and I have zero desire to go back So it is what it is It's being taken off my currently reading list I'll update this as needed when IF I bother to try again

  4. Challea Ramirez Challea Ramirez says:

    Ahhhh This series gets better as the series goes on who's next on the list

  5. Marci ** 3 star default ** Marci ** 3 star default ** says:

    Gah I just didn't like Vince I also am not sure where the attraction was And have a bit of a doormat for you with the h MC style I will say the author does a good job at painting the characters telling their internal dialog without everyone always seeming book perfect I loved book 1 will keep reading the series and write this one off to just not liking the H

  6. Sheri Sheri says:

    Devil on Your Back is Vince's story We were introduced to Vince in Devil You Know he is the father of Malice a member of The Butcher Boys We learn from book one in this series that Malice had a rough childhood filled with heartache and abandonment from his father However in this book we learn the tragic events that lead a father to a bottle and his son on the streets It is now years later and Vince a widower who just can't seem to get over the death of his wife is given a second chance in life by one of the most unlikely people King is part of a MC and seems to recognize the pain behind Vince's eyes After a bar brawl he then takes Vince back to the MC's clubhouse and presents Vince with a offer he can't refuse A second chance is something Vince isn't sure he is worthy of He is a grieving widower a drunk and a horrible father who lost his son so what could he offer anyone? But with help from the MC and especially Sonyaa fellow widower of a fellow MC brother he soon realizes that maybe he can gain back some of the things he lostSonya was called in to first help clean Vince up but she didn't expect to be attracted to him She was married well she was 5 years ago but with a tragic accident her husband Mike was killed Just like Vince she suffers from heartache and every time she starts to feel a little attraction to someone her conscience kicks in With memories of her former life Sonya tries keeps a distance from others but Vince just keeps popping up Both soon start to share bits of pieces of their past and not only does a bond form but a spark ignitesWith MC danger on the forefront Vince soon learns that his long lost son is in the middle of it He wants to warn Malice about the danger but with not seeing him in so long Vince is worried that Malice won't even meet with him But with help from King and Sonya Vince is given the opportunity to not only warn Malice but also a chance to try and repair what he lost so long ago Can he do it? Can he help save Malice from the danger he doesn't know he is in? Can he get over his grief and help Sonya get over hers? Will Sonya let her past go and learn that she still can have a little bit of the happiness she deserves? I LOVED this book Ms Henry knocked it out of the park with this one This is a emotional story centering around mature characters who not only have tragic pasts but both are suffering with their own forms of regret We are also introduced to a few new characters who I just can't wait to see what the future has in store for them However some of our favorite characters from the first book make appearances also The books ending sets up the next book perfectly and I can't wait Also this book could be read as a stand alone but I highly would recommend reading the first book before this one It will give the reader Malice's point of view on his relationship with Vince I was given this ARC in return for my honest review

  7. Kati Kati says:

    I received Devil on Your Back by the author in exchanged for an honest review Thank you so much Max Henry for giving me the opportunity to read and review Devil on Your Back Holy Moly And Crap On A Cracker I am really loving and enjoying The Butcher Boys series in fact I dare say this series is really becoming one of my favorites series of this year and that's no joke my friends I am really loving the dark elements and the sexy broody alpha male characters that have a very terrible and tragic past And Devil on Your Back is no different I couldn't put this book down it had me on the edge on my seat from the very beginning until the very end Just wow Devil on Your Back is Vince and Sonya book Vince is Malice father who we were introduce in Devil You Know which I was totally intrigued about Vince I really wanted to know about him and about his past I really wanted to learn about his back story And I most definitely got to learn about him and his tragic past he had with his wife and son in Devil on Your Back I don't want to go into too many details about it without spoiling it for anybody But Vince lost everything when he lost the love of his life his wife He life turns way upside down but for the worst and it got worst when his son Malice got older and runaway from him when he was a teenager Years past and Vince just drowns his life with alcohol and wants his life too end That's until he meets the sexy King and his MC crew at a bar Vince and King got into a slight altercation but at the very end Vince impress King with his fight and not giving up And King saw something in Vince so he brought Vince in his MC Family And that's where Vince meets the sassy Sonya who he was really attracted too when he first lays eyes on her But this isn't insta love which I absolutely love about this book Vince and Sonya attraction and love was a slow burn love that took them four years until either of them made a move to be together And it was the sexy Sonya who made the first move when she find out Vince was trying to solve a predicament that his son Malice and his crew was in with a big Cartel Sonya was the one who gave the push for Vince to find his son and help him in any way he can And here is where I am going to leave it off at without spoiling for anybody But there is a huge event that is coming for both The Butcher Boys and The MC and uite frankly I am really scare for all of them I have no idea how they are going to pull it off All and all I really love and enjoy Devil on Your Back that I can't wait to read Devil May Care next Which is the mysterious and psychotic Sawyer books I so can't wait to learn about him

  8. Kim Kim says:

    I actually liked this one better than the first one and it really had potential to be a perfect read with the action and plot but there were some things that just didn't work for me I really didn't like Vince much in the beginning and while I saw his loss I didn't feel it but I did feel he was a sorry ass for his actions regarding his son I did feel for him as the story progressed and I was glad to see him find his happy with Sonya and his son But I felt like there just could have been so much to his characterAs for Sonya I liked her overall but she grated on my nerves with her absurdity uite a bit I got the loss of Mike and I got the insecurities at times but damn you are a grown ass woman act like it Also the childish temper tantrums about not being involved in club businessseriously bitch how long have you been in the life get over it and for the love stop acting like a childish bitch about it I don't euate bitchy behavior with being a strong female and I have gotten that in both of the books so far from the females it doesn't work for me I expected a little out of Sonya than I got I didn't dislike her but she wasn't great eitherThe story and plot line once again kept me reading even though the relationship part didn't give me any real feels like I was expecting considering their pasts I didn't really think some of the things that were thrown into this one were really necessary because there was enough unresolved there was no need to continue piling issues in at the end The issues piled in at the end also took away from what should have been a huge part of this book considering who it was about but that was barely even glossed over with a mention of being at a party So once again it was a good read but could have really been great

  9. Jennifer Schultheis Jennifer Schultheis says:

    I received this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review Devil on Your Back is an exciting read that will capture your attention in the very beginning and not let go until the very endand that’s only because you don’t want to be the weird girl who is caught staring at the very last page of the book afraid to say goodbye to the characters Of course once your brain kicks back on and you realize you can re read it at any time you start to let goslowly The point is this story is such a great read and readers will definitely be giving this book another read The story is well written enthralling and easy to follow The characters are intriguing well developed and full of emotion Vince and Sonya surprised me As I kept reading the I became invested in these characters Vince and Sonya haven’t been dealt an easy life They both are mourning their significant others and can’t seem to find peace and let them go Vince turns to alcohol to numb his pain and let his life spiral out of control Certain circumstances lead him to Sonya The attraction is instant and the chemistry is all consuming Sonya is exactly what Vince needs She’s compassionate yet strong and not afraid to voice her opinion Both have pasts but isn’t defined by them The story itself has many layers and the relationship Vince and Sonya form is only part of the story The other part has deal with Vince finding his son and getting him out of trouble One of the many aspects of this story that I enjoyed was that the author gives us a glimpse into what Vince is thinking and what Sonya is thinking With so much going on in the story it was great to get that perspective Devil on Your Back is definitely a book to add to your reading list Reviewed by Jennifer for MNP

  10. Anny hernandez Anny hernandez says:

    I was provided a copy of the boo by the Author for an honest reviewHoly Smoke I just finish reading this book and let me say that I love it love the characters and love the way this series is turning out to be I have to say that when I read the first book I felt in love with it and I wanted to know the reason why Alice father did what he did and I am so glad that now I know I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything awayThis is the story off Vince Malice AKA Alice father if you read DEVIL YOU KNOW than you met Vince this book will take you back in time when Vince was happy being a husband and a father It will tell you how his life became the way it did and how he end up in the MC that's when he met Sonya who also happen to have a bad start in life the book will take you back to the past and right back to the present while being in the present Vince is trying to find a way to get closer to his son and tried to keep him protected and trying to have a life with Sonya and what they feel for each other it will also tell you that Vince will do everything he can to keep those that he care for save And to give all that love that he got inside of him to that one person that he being after for the last couple o yearsI love the way how Vince his love the way he is with his son love it how he is with Sonya I just love his freaking attitudeI really love and enjoy reading this book Author Max Henry THANK YOU for keeping up with this Awesome characters and this Wonderful series I cant not wait to read the next book in the series love it

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