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  1. Matthew Turner Matthew Turner says:

    So today marks the start of something new for me I do out loud bedtime reading with my three boys and often don’t with a few notable exceptions write reviews for the books we read together But I’ve decided I’m going to start However I also realize an adult’s review of a kid’s book has only a certain usefulness So I’ve asked my kids if they’ll contribute to these reviews and they’ve reluctantly agreed My older kids have wised up to me and correctly suspect this is my attempt to disguise “learning” as something fun like that time I arranged for them to have penpals in SwitzerlandMy rating ★ The Big Wish is an excellent book to launch this concept because it was horrible and atrocious but my kids liked it From my perspective it has almost no redeeming ualities It seemed written in 5 minutes The tacked on message at the end was kinda nice ie anything worth having is worth working for but I had to endure a bunch of inconsistent juvenile storytelling to get thereThe plot is simple enough a kid gets a million wishes from a shooting star and goes about wishing for typically immature stuff like huge hamburgers but also some poignant and selfless things like healing for his best friends sick dad and a promotion for his own dad etc The reason I hated it is twofold 1 the plot is inconsistent and illogical The wishing part is fine but the rules that govern what is and isn’t allowed don’t make sense and the things wished for are obviously and conveniently designed to setup some stupid and contrived “hilarity” My kids didn’t notice any of this2 the writing is terrible and the proof reading is worse One sentence even uses an incorrect character’s name and I can honestly say I’ve never read a book with this kind of error My kids didn’t notice any of this and even got annoyed with me for stopping to re read the sentence and point out the errorRating of an 11yo boy ★★ The book was OK but could improve by making interesting speeches and have correct spelling and not add random characters in the middle of the story But it was a little fun and nice and I recommend it to smaller kids around 6 9 years oldRating of a 10yo boy ★★★12It was an OK book I like it a bit but it felt a little fake There were no real adventures or excitements I’d recommend this book to ages 7 13 years oldNumber of nights of bedtime reading About 7 nights

  2. Katy Noyes Katy Noyes says:

    I'm rather stumped by other reviews that give this low ratings I thought it was excellent To me this is the most intelligent 'wish granting' story I've come acrossWhen I told students at my school I was reading a book about a boy granted wishes they immediately said they'd wish for a million wishes Well get what Sam wishes for when he sees a shooting star? ExactlyAn ideal situation right? You could have anything you wanted probably for as long as you lived Sam of course being 11 starts with food and shares his good fortune with his best friend He creates a supervillain for himself to fight shrinks himself into a Honey I Shrunk the Kids adventure It's perfect KS2 storytelling stuffWhere I thought it added to the genres was in the philosophical talk that comes in when they wish for a giant sized burger it's absolutely disgusting because of its giant size When they shrink to the size of ants their bodies fall to earth and uinjure differently to human sized ones It seems biologically accurate and heaven forbid educational Eventually Sam decides to use his wishes for the good of than himself and the idea of making everyone happy and cheerful all the time occurs to him and then the very selfless plan to stop death Just what sort of world will Sam create?I can see why an 8 9 year old might find this a little too much there is some moral debating and uestioning that does slow down the story as Sam ponders the rights and wrongs of what he does with his wishes But I would say a 9 13 year old will thoroughly enjoy the wish fulfilment story Sam's a good boy and role model he uses wishes for his family as well as himself and his choices are similiar to many I'd have chosen myself at 11 if I had been granted wishesI'll probably be buying copies for my school library and recommending the science teachers use some of the ideas in their KS3 lessons that's how much I thought of thisWonderfully fresh take on the wish granting theme

  3. Dimity Powell Dimity Powell says:

    Unfortunately this book was not everything I wished for or expected at least The potential for greatness hangs over this story like a rain cloud waiting to burst but the first person narrative of Sam as he navigates his way through a million wishes just felt too forced for me Moments of brilliance managed to poke their ways through towards the end however when Sam is reconciles his childlike greed for casting wishes with the realisation that having everything you want at the drop of a wish is not all it's cracked up to be He discovers that it takes much to keep the Earth spinning and the world evolving and thus must find a way to solve the enviable or not dilemma of how to use up a million wishes A thought provoking theme but essentially insubstantial story

  4. Mr. Gottshalk Mr. Gottshalk says:

    A boy wishes upon a meteor for a million wishes and his wish is granted Kind of an interesting premise for a story but for about two hundred pages the seemingly limitless possibilities arewell kind of uninteresting It wasn't until the second to last chapter where Sam realizes that the good he is trying to do for the world backfires with some curious conseuences But overall I could not believe this book was even published It gets an extra star for mentioning the University of East Anglia a place I knew well in 1999 2000

  5. Fourborne Fourborne says:

    What happens if you actually got a million wishes What would you wish for? That's what happens in this book sometimes what you wish for may not turn out they way you think

  6. Sanne Sanne says:

    Read this book as a class book Children really enjoyed it and I got some good learning sessions out of it

  7. Kaitlyn Zambrana Kaitlyn Zambrana says:

    Such a great book Definitely recommend reading it Full of laughs and lots of them I love this story line it's just so fun

  8. B B says:

    Ok book I wish there were conseuences about the million wishes I think Kate Messenger with Seven Wishes does a better job

  9. Chyrrelle Chyrrelle says:

    This review was written for LibraryThing Early ReviewersBig Wish by Brandon RobshawI really enjoyed this juvenile fiction audio book It is another take on wish granting stories that I remember from my own childhood like in Aladdin Sam an 11 year old boy and the main character wishes upon a shooting star and receives a million wishes Then Sam begins his wishing He goes about wishing for fun hilarious stuff like giant hamburgers shrinking to the size of an ant and creating his own personal supervillain to fight Then he realizes that he can put his wishes to good use and starts wishing for other people He wishes that his best friend’s dad will heal and for his own dad to receive a promotion at work I love the fact that the author makes Sam realize that having everything in life by just a wish isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be In the end he solves the dilemma of his wishes This will be a very educational and thought provoking book for children ages 9 12 I highly recommend this book not only as a good read but as a learning experience that will reuire children to use their critical thinking skills The Big Wish

  10. Riley Jenkins Riley Jenkins says:

    Sam has been granted every child's dream he wished on a metaphor for a million wishes and sure enough that wish came true Now anything Sam wants is his Most would think that you would run into no problems if you had a million wishes but sure enough Sam comes into multiple dilemmas throughout this story What would you do with a million wishes? What is the first thing you would wish for?Do you think you would use your wishes like Sam did to help your friends and family? Would you tell people about your wishes or only tell a few of your closest friends and family? Do you think Sam did the right thing with his wishes in the end of the story? Would you have done the same thing with your wishes?Robshaw B 2015 Big wish New York NY Chicken House

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The Big Wish ✻ [EPUB] ✰ The Big Wish By Brandon Robshaw ❅ – If you had a million wishes what would you do with them When eleven year old Sam wishes on a star and it comes true he decides to change his life But when he discovers that changing things has conseue If you had a million wishes what would you do with them The Big Epub / When eleven year old Sam wishes on a star and it comes true he decides to change his life But when he discovers that changing things has conseuences that aren't always good it's then that he begins to think again.