Kindle Edition ↠ Wicked Heart PDF å

Kindle Edition ↠ Wicked Heart PDF å

Wicked Heart [Download] ➿ Wicked Heart ➻ Leisa Rayven – Liam uinn is talented gorgeous and one of the biggest movie stars in the worldHe's also the only man Elissa Holt has ever truly lovedAfter being out of her life for six years he and his gorgeous fianc Liam uinn is talented gorgeous and one of the biggest movie stars in the worldHe's also the only man Elissa Holt has ever truly lovedAfter being out of her life for six years he and his gorgeous fiancé are set to star in the new Broadway show Elissa is stage managing The only trouble is when late night rehearsals bring Elissa and Liam together the line between what is and what could have been gets blurred and one moment of weakness will lead to a scandal that echoes around the worldElissa knows that falling for Liam again would be a tragedy in the making but as any good romantic will tell you love doesn’t always follow the script.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 320 pages
  • Wicked Heart
  • Leisa Rayven
  • English
  • 22 March 2014

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  1. Aestas Book Blog Aestas Book Blog says:

    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Leisa Rayven will make you laugh cry and swoon in this fantastic addition to the Starcrossed series Elissa and Liam’s love story is brimming with emotion intensity and hotness that will keep your heart racing Once you start reading this book you won’t be able to stop 5 STARS “I’m not saying goodbye” he says as he shoves his hands in his pockets”Because this isn’t over One day fate’s going to fix this Bring us back together I believe that” Whenever you start a Leisa Rayven book you know you're in for a roller coaster of feels and romance From the very first chapter the intensity sparked when Elissa was confronted with the only man she'd ever loved who happened to also be the same man who broke her heart and her trust after years apart without so much as a goodbye They'd met six years ago by chance and even though she promised herself she'd never give her heart to an actor they'd fallen for each other But Hollywood was calling his name and life just didn't allow them to stay together then And when his actions crushed her her heart was never same After their brief time together she went on to become a Broadway stage manager and he became the world's hottest most successful and lusted after movie star And as luck would have it he landed the lead in the Broadway show she was currently managing throwing all their past hurt longings desires and heart break right back into the spotlight That alone was enough to turn her world upside down but to further complicate matters his co star happened to also be his beautiful sweet fianceRECIPE FOR ANGST “In that moment he’s not a movie star and I’m not his stage manager We’re the same two desperately connected people who fell down a rabbit hole years earlier and climbed out forever changed” Now I know that some of you are going to read the blurb and think this book is a love triangle and I know some of you don't like love triangles I don't either buuuuuuut grins just trust me on this one okay?? I don't care if you adore or detest love triangles if you're a fan of romance read this book TRUST ME You'll be thanking me by the end I can almost guarantee itIt's very rare for me to say this but this book is genuinely PERFECT In my eyes it is 150% perfection Actually I'd even go so far as to say that This is the best book I've read this year “I’ve missed you Liss It hurts not seeing you for all those years but this? You being right here and me not being able to have you? Hurts so much ” Every single interaction between Elissa and Liam was supercharged with spine tingling feels and raw sexual tension I was laughing out loud one moment swooning the next fanning myself hyperventilating tearing up falling in love This book put me through almost every single emotion you can think ofI felt for Liss so strongly as I was reading The whole book is told from her POV so all you see is her side of the story which was perfect for this book by the way and my heart broke right alongside hers because this girl had actually really gone out on a limb against everything her instincts told her and trusted him She'd had this amazing time with a man she fought so hard to believe in and then just when she'd given her heart over he'd broken it And now here he was right back in her life again With him half a world a way it had been easier to forget the pain but with him right here and engaged to someone else while her feelings for him were just as strong as they'd been when they first met IT TORE MY HEART OUT “Jesus Christ” He rakes his fingers through his hair “Could you please stop talking to me like you’re my bank manager? Like we don’t even know each other?”“I don’t know you any”“You’re the only one who’s ever known me” At one point I even cried She'd done everything in her power to protect her heart but when she fell for him she fell with all her heart and soul She fell forever And the pain of her not being able to have him just about broke me I wanted to hug her slap some sense into him cuff them to each other and march them down to Vegas for an immediate wedding because THEY NEEDED TO BE TOGETHER DammitSeriously I almost couldn't take the angst I wanted to simulaneously hug the book has hard as I could and throw it across the room THERE IS A LIMIT TO WHAT ONE HEART CAN TAKE Gah Feels So many feels And then taking a step back to a serious look on this situation it was like ok let's be honest I love Liam and as Elissa says he makes me swoon like it's his damn job but how am I actually supposed to forgive this dude for what he did? I mean he makes my heart melt into a puddle of goo every time he comes near her but I was genuinely getting nervous that there was really no way out of this messBUT THEN Ahhhhhhh A huuuuuge reveal that just ahhh Omg YES YES YES It was perfect BRILLIANT I did not see it coming I repeat DID NOT SEE IT COMING Like I didn't even suspect thisYou guys Liam is pure book boyfriend material He'll make your heart melt as soon as you meet him but once you learn his secrets be prepared to swoon even harder It's been a long time since I fell this strongly in love with a book boyfriend but if I had to pick he'd be right up there with the old school favorites like Kellan and Travis and Will Just give him a chance and before you know it he'll steal your heart “I notice that every single person has their eyes glued to him and this is why he’s a star Liam is one of those actors who just has it It’s part talent and part confidence and just enough raw vulnerability to make you want to fuck him and hug him at the same time” Leisa Rayven is brilliant She is the ueen of angsty romance Her books have the perfect balance between angst and emotions that always delivers a heart felt deeply satisfying love story With the way she pulled this book together she has completely gained my trust as an author It was genius From now on I will read anything and everything she writes next Honestly even if she were to write a book about a subject that I'm not comfortable with I'd still read it without uestion because I totally feel like I trust the direction she'd take the story in I can't tell you enough how much I LOVED THIS BOOKWicked Heart can be read as a completely separate standalone novel You do not need to read any other books before reading this Unless you want to So how does this relate to the other Starcrossed books? Bad Romeo and Broken Juliet are a duet about another couple Ethan Cassie Ethan is the brother of Elissa the heroine of this book Wicked Heart is a single standalone novel about Elissa Liam I've read all three books and highly recommend them all But you can easily choose to only read Bad Romeo Broken Juliet or you can only read Wicked Heart or you can read them all together The choice is yoursThis book rocked my world It is the perfect read for fans of heart racingly intense angst smoking hot romance and passionate love stories I highly recommend pre ordering it immediately and clearing your schedules for release day because once you start this book you won't able to stop “You’re everything to me You always have been” Rating 5 STARS Can be read as a standalone Pre order WICKED HEART Kindle Pre Order WICKED HEART Paperback For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter ✦ Subscribe by email

  2. Christy Christy says:

    5 stars After reading three books by Leisa Rayven I have now dubbed her the ueen of second chance romance This woman writes angsty second chance romance stories better than anyone All three of her books have been huge hits for me I devoured this one I started it and read it in one sitting When you start this book be prepared to read into the wee hours of the night You will be unable to put it down It was completely addictiveElissa Holt is Ethan Holt’s sister and the best stage manager around She is amazing at her job but she’s being tested She is now a stage manager to a show that Liam uinn is staring in Liam her gorgeous sweet funny and sexy ex AND it’s not just Liam It’s his fiancé Angel too Things with Liam and Elissa ended six years ago It’s still a mystery about what exactly happened but things aren’t always as they seem Things are strained between them but Elissa is ever the professional Or she tries to be Thankfully she has a best friendroommate named Josh that has her back There were a lot of parts in the story that stressed me out in the best way I had to know what had happened to cause this divide between these two It’s so glaringly obvious that something is still there Goddamit I hate this Love Longing Attraction Need Everything he brings out in me I’m so tired of wanting what I can’t have Wanting him I can’t do it any I know what you’re thinking if you’ve read the blurb but put anything you’re thinking out of your mind I swear this was so different than I expected it to be and in the best way possible Things I thought were going to bother me in the beginning were such non issues I loved both Elissa and Liam so much but let me tell you about Josh Josh kind of stole the book for me He was fantastic hilarious and the best friend ever I would love a Josh book I also thought Angel was pretty great and I didn’t even want to like her from the start I couldn’t help myself Wicked Heart is another fabulous addition to Rayven’s Starcrossed series If you’re looking for a read that’s captivating and addicting and you love slightly angsty sexy and fun second chance romances pick this one up You won’t be disappointed One thing you’re absolutely not allowed to give up on is true love When you find it you should grab it with both hands and never let go because although it might not always be easy or convenient it’s worth it

  3. Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog says:

    FIVESTARSNetgalley ARCHeartache doesn’t teach you to be resilient It teaches you to protect your fragility It teaches you to fear love And it draws a bright red circle around all the ways you’ve failed as a person and laughs while you cryLOVED THIS ONE SO HARD I don’t know where to even begin with my review on this book I want to start off by saying that you can’t judge an author by only having read one book by them I was one of the rare few that didn’t love BAD ROMEO I actually kind of despised it I decided that I wouldn’t bother to continue on with this series A month ago I received an email from the publisher offering a Netgalley ARC of WICKED HEART Not sure why I accepted it but THANK GOD I DID This book was so addicting for me It was seriously book crack I loved the story and I loved the characters Most of all I fell pretty hard for Liam uinn He is nothing short of SPECTACULAR I am now wholeheartedly apologizing to Leisa Rayven for having doubted her writing ability and I am officially going to be fangirling over her when I meet her this summerLissa Holt is Ethan’s from Bad Romeo younger sister She’s currently working as the Production Manager on the Broadway rendition of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew She’s about to come face to face with the man who obliterated her heart Liam uinn He’s the male lead in the show and he’s the one guy she broke her ”no dating actors” rule for six years ago It has taken Lissa years to get over the heartache Liam caused but with just one look all those feelings come rushing back What’s worse is Liam’s co star on the show Angel Bell is his fiancé and Lissa will be forced to witness their tender and loving gestures towards each other on a daily basis When Liam finally crosses paths with Lissa it is very apparent that she still has an effect on him and there is a tortured sadness in his eyes From there we are brought back six years in the past where these two first met I loved the transition to the past because in this one we follow it all the way through The author doesn’t alternate every chapter between the past and present We get a few chapters in the beginning that are in the present and then we are transported back to the past and we don’t come back to present day until the whole story from how these two met and fell in love and then lost that love is totally explained to us I LOVED how Lissa and Liam first met and how that first date ended made me weak in the knees It’s just how I’d fantasize about meeting that once in a lifetime true love I felt the butterflies in my stomach the entire timeAt the time that the two met Liam was a construction worker and Lissa was a production manager on the set of the Broadway rendition of Romeo and Juliet After their beautiful night together Lissa refused to give her number to Liam The girl was seriously NUTS But she did mention that there were open auditions for the part of Romeo and Liam decides to give it a try So this is how the two meet up again Unfortunately he gets the part and Lissa has a very strict rule about not dating anyone that she works with For two months they have to endure the torture of seeing each other every day but not being able to be with each other Let me just say I was in agony along with the two of them and HOLY HELL on the night that the show is finally over when these two finally get together again my freaking panties nearly disintegrated The sex is seriously EXPLOSIVE I was panting and just relieved that they were finally together but it was bittersweet because Liam was off for Hollywood the next day My heart hurt so much for the two of themI loved that there were some refreshing surprises in this one Like I had expected to really despise Angel but she ends up being a real sweetheart and it’s literally impossible to dislike this character The angst was just on the verge of unbearable but it was oh so good Even though I predicted what the true story was behind all the angst it never did take away from my pure enjoyment of this book Liam uinn had my heart from the beginning and by the end I decided he is so worthy of being added to my top ten book boyfriends of all time listWICKED HEART is due out on May 16th Don’t let this one slip through your fingertips Get that one click trigger finger ready ladies Liam is waiting for you Even though this is book three in the series it can be read as a standalone So see you have nothing standing in your way well except for the nine day wait

  4. Pearl Angeli Pearl Angeli says:

    4 Wickedly Swooning StarsI buddyread this book with sis Bea Click her name to read her review Wicked Heart for me was like a tornado of emotions Ever read a book where you find yourself swooning yet you feel scared at the same time because you know your heart's going to break at the later part? That's exactly what I felt while reading this book Gratefully it ended with a perfect HEA so no complaints at all from my satisfied heartLeisa Rayven has uickly become one of my favorite authors in the New Adult genre This author really has the gift of hooking her readers and making them feel drawn because of her awesomely attractive and well defined characters and of course her brilliant writing style and beautiful romantic plot Once again I'm awed I loved Bad Romeo and Broken Juliet and I also loved this book Wicked Heart focuses on Elissa and Liam's story Elissa an aspiring stage manager met Liam one day Having been broken hearted a few times by her ex boyfriends who happened to be actors she swore she will never ever date and fall in love with one ever again But when she learned that Liam was aspiring to become an actor her heart became confused whether to continue her romantic affair with him or not An opportunity that offered a promising future to Liam's career eventually came to him which led him to abandon Elissa and go to New York This changed their relationship to a whole new level and Elissa ended up broken hearted After years of being apart they met and sparks once again flew Love in an asshole It doesn't care about people's plans It's never convenient It crawls inside of you at the most ridiculous times and makes you feel whether you like it or not And even after the time when you should have learned to stop loving someone it just keeps holding on to them I fell in love with the way the author plotted the scenarios here It made me miss Ethan and Cassie when they were still working together as actors at The Grove because of the stage works done by the characters What made me even fall in love with this book was LIAM effin' UINN Darn why do book Gods continue to shower us with such oozing hot male characters? Liam is definitely one of themThe only thing that uite bothered me maybe it was just me was Elissa's character It's ironic how I find the jolly naughty Cassie in her character Like no difference at all When I've read Bad Romeo and Broken Juliet last year I saw Elissa as someone who's a bit demure or if I'm not wrong a woman with a sense of fashion and sophistication In this book however I thought her character changed or my perception with her character changed either waysAlso I find Liam most of the time an a hole What he did to Elissa during the first half of the book was really frustrating and unforgivable However he was able to redeem himself in the end and yes I forgave him and loved him for thatThe journey that both Liam and Elissa went through in this book was really beautiful How they were able to come back to each other after years of being apart that was so heart warming It made me cry and want to simultaneously punch things just because ALL THE FEELS In the words of Ancient Chinese proverb it's all very well for the bird and the fish to fall in love but where will they make their home? All in all Wicked Heart is wickedly and heart breakingly beautiful Definitely a must read if you are into romantic NA reads with broken and gorgeous heroes I am excited to find out what Leisa Rayven has in store for us in the future Thank you to St Martin's Press for generously sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  5. Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾ Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾ says:

    45 Stars Heartache doesn't teach you to be resilient It teaches you to protect your fragility It teaches you to fear love And it draws a bright red circle around all the ways you've failed as a person and laughs while you cry” I feel like I've been run over by the angst truck I don't know whether I want a drink a hug or a cigarette All I know is that I love the absolute hell out of this book and I'm not even a little sorryAs a self professed angst whore second chance romance happens to be my favorite catnip I lurve it Seriously If there's a grovel involved? Putty Just scrub my completely melted self off of the floor and go about your business because I can't even So when I read the blurb to this book I knew I had to read it COnfession time I didn't love the first two books in this series hides I know I know But save your rotten tomatoes because while I didn't love the characters I knew this author was gonna be one to watch out for me The woman writes good angst and the feels she's able to pack into it I gobbled right up So I knew it was just a matter of time before she was going to give me characters to swoon over and luckily for me Liss and Liam were that I’m not saying goodbye he says as he shoves his hands in his pockets Because this isn’t over One day fate’s going to fix this Bring us back together I believe that Liam wasn't a famous action star when he first met Lissa But for one day six years ago he was her everything That is until he walked away and shattered her heart Lisa never uite recovered and she's held herself aloof to all men since Now a successful stage manager she gets the shock of a life time when not only is the new star of the show she's working on the love of her life Liam But the co star is his gorgeous and disgustingly sweet finance who's also impossible to hateEnter über angst Holy mother You GUYS I couldn't get enough of them The tension was so thick and palpable you can practically taste it And It Was DeliciousI didn't know what I was feeling I wanted to hate Liam but it was impossible I wanted Lissa to make Liam grovel but I also got why she couldn't The connection they share is so obvious and the chemistry between them was so hot it made it completely impossible to put the book down for even a second I used to think that if I just waited long enough fate would bring us back together That our stars would align or whatever and you'd come crashing back into my life to stay But that didn't happen So now I say screw it I'm done waiting Sometimes fate is what you make it The one thing that I need from a second chance romance is a good reason for the separation I want to understand it I want to feel it and I really got that here When everything is finally revealed it's like the puzzle pieces all clicked together It just made sense And I loved that we got that It wasn't some silly miscommunication or something ridiculous It just made you connect with the characters that much Wicked Heart is an angsty and emotional roller coaster with enough sexual tension to make even the toughest reader hurt It was effortless in its execution and beautiful in its delivery Liam and Lissa together were absolute perfection If you don't head over heels for Liam uinn we haven't been reading the same book Ask me to give up a limb and I swear I'll find a way to do it But don't ask me to live without you any I can't I'm so goddamn in love with you it hurts I already can't wait for the next tale that this talented author has in mindI did wish for a little from the ending which is what kept this from being a full 5 stars for me But overall it was still a fantastic read ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

  6. Jennifer Kyle Jennifer Kyle says:

    4 STARS ”How long does it take to fall in love? A second? A week? A year? image error

  7. Brandi Brandi says:

    From the start it was clear Elissa and Liam's story was not going to be smooth sailing After six years Elissa is reunited with the man who broke her heart but a lot has changed Liam is now a famous actor and he isn't alone Liam and his beautiful fiancé are the stars of the Broadway show Elissa is stage managing yeah can you say angst? So much angstI love that the story unfolded through past glimpses weaved into the present I was riveted anxiously waiting to find out what happened to cause these two to go their separate ways because every bit of Elissa and Liam's beginning seemed perfect And I felt so much longing regret and chemistry between them after their reunion I needed answers “I’ve missed you Liss It hurts not seeing you for all those years but this? You being right here and me not being able to have you? Hurts so much ” As the production gets underway Elissa and Liam find themselves unable to stay away from each other but Angel is still very present And eventually everything is revealed now this is where I struggled a bit with the story The build up was prefect the angst and emotion were 100% but when I finally got answers I found myself a bit underwhelmed Everything falls together a bit to perfectly and some of the reveals just seemed a somewhat ridiculous Either way I devoured the first 70% of this story and while I didn't love the ending it was still a solid read ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

  8. NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} NiCoLeTa E. {Addicted To Books} says:

    5 My BLiss stars for Liam and Elissa It's unbelievable I adored this book so much Why it seems unbelievable???Well i had some issues with the previous two books and especially with the main heroine CassieSo i was a little bit cautious about this one and i'm so happy that Mrs Rayven proved me wrong I loved every single moment in there even if i was laughing or i was crying or i was mad with the heroes or when i was antsy as hellI loved very much the two main characters and i loved the way that they were together or not But let me take the things from the beginningIn Wicked Heart we had to deal with Elissa Holt Ethan's sister from the previous two books and Liam uinn a very famous and popular actor Those two meet each other for the new theatrical play that Liam would co star with his lovely fiancée and Elissa would be their stage managerThe only problem between them???This is not the first time that they are meeting each otherLiam and Elissa had history together A history that goes 6 years before and a heartbroken ending At least having my heart broken by Liam uinn taught me one thing It's taught me that i never want to feel this way about a man ever again Elissa is anxious and exciting at the same time for meeting Liam again after all those yearsShe used to be so in love with him is still in love with him and her heart even though the distance and time that passed didn't get the memo that she had to move on from himBut she is a professional and she had to do her job without any distractions But how can she ignore the love of her life to be in another woman's embrace???How can she stay away from him when he seems like he wants to do to her the same things that she is wishing for???And how can she act on her needs when she can't hate the lovely woman that he has by his side??? He's the only man who's ever affected me like this and it's safe to say I hold it against him It's inconvenient and rude Well Liam made something terrible back then and he left the love of his life behindNow he is very famous and with his fiancée they are the most loving couple on the planet Seriously guys They even had their own name Angeliam EwwwwwBut when he is seeing Elissa again something snaps inside of him Will he be able to ignore this attraction for Liss or will he act on it???And with what cost??? I've missed you Liss It hurt not seeing you for all those years but this? You being right here and me not being able to have you? Hurts so much The book was clearly from Elissa's POV and it was written in the present with some chapters from the past In there we managed to see how Liam and Elissa had met and how everything played between themI won't hide from you that sometimes i was feeling devastated from the turn of the eventsSomething was very wrong and it was driving me madLiam's behavior was very strange and it wasn't fitting with what his eyes were saying and that frustated me as hell I've spent years trying to block out how you look And sound And feel And before this show I'd gotten pretty good at it But now here you are in front of me every day and it blows my mind that a single touch from you still has the power to ruin me And whenever it happens I forget about the choices I've made and the circus my life's become and I want you Conseuences be damned Those two deserved to be together and the situation that they were finding themselves were excruciating painful My heart was aching so much for their behalf Especially for Elissa's sake since i couldn't understand Liam's attitude half of the timesWhen Liam and Elissa were in the same room God the sexual tension was unbearableThe air was thick with tension and lust and love And for once again i was thinking how unfair was for them what they have to get through Before and after I hate thisLove LongingAttractionNeedEverything he brings out in meI'm so tired of wanting what I can't have Wanting him I can't do it any But no don't you think that this book was only full of pain and sadness NOBoth Liam and Elissa were funny as hell alone or together And when Josh was adding in the euation i just couldn't stop laughingElissa was a little bit of a freak with order and cheese and Liam of courseShe was so damn funny and witty She was a good person and she proved it with her attitude toward Angel Liam was her thorn and her eternal dream but he hurt her in the past and he was still hurting her in the presentShe had to stay away from him but how that is even possible??? I'm trembling with frustration that my heart still claims him as mine even though he's not It's trying to convince me that he still loves me but how can he? After everything he's put me through he can't This isn't love It's lust And weakness Liam was gorgeous funny a little bit smug and he was also wittyHe was also kind and for an actor he was very grounded But he had made wrong choicesChoices that was hurting him and the only person that he ever loved He couldn't live any with the conseuences of his choices He needed to take his life in his own hands He ought it to himself and Elissa But how he can untangle himself from stardome's web???Will he stand a chance to get back what he had refused to himself before six years??? Or is it too late??? I used to think that if I just waited long enough fate would bring us back together That our stars would align or whatever and you'd come crashing back into my life to stay But that didn't happen So now I say screw it I'm done waiting Sometimes fate is what you make it and I'm making my life with you As i told you i loved Liss and Liam They were such sweetheartsBut except from those two there were two persons that i adored almost the sameJosh was Elissa's best friend and he was such a cute and funny guyThe other person that i ended up to love even though that i wanted to hate was AngelSeriously guys It was impossible to hate that womanThey were both of them amazing and lovely charactersFinally i would like to say that for once again made me sick the game of the famous peopleAll this fame can destroy a person and his life for goodIt was so sad to witness it You can give up on a lot things in life and still be happyBut the one thing you're absolutely not allowed to give up on is true love When you find it you should grab it with both hands and never let it go because although it might not always be easy or convenient it's worth it ARC generously provided by St Martin's Griffin publications via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review

  9. Geri Reads Geri Reads says:

    45 starsThis book The characters the conflict the angst the dialogue the writingeverything just worked for me I was instantly drawn into the lives of Elissa Holt and Liam uinn From the moment Elisse and Liam met I was invested in their relationship While their attraction was instant it took a while for them to get together I loved the waiting and tension And when it finallu happened it was so good So I was guttedGUTTED when circumstances conspired to keep them apart The angst just about killed me especially when they met each other again and Liam looked like he's moved on Unlike in the previous books where the conflict I felt was dragged throughout the book here it builds With the attraction still simmering between Liss and Liam along with Liam's popularity and not to mention his fiancèe the tension built slowly and sure until it reached fever pitch until shit just hit the fan I was expecting it but I was still unprepared by how much it emotionally affected me Leissa Rayven did a phenomenal job in making readers feel invested in these characters I've always loved Liss in the previous books and in this book I fell in love with her character even She was strong and yet vulnerable Confident but self deprecating She's capable and can hold her own Liam I hated for bit But when reckoning came he came through And although I didn't 100 percent agree with his decision I understand why he had to do it And it wasn't just Liam and Liss that were likable and relatable in this book There are other characters that I really ended up rooting for even though they were part of the reason why Liam and Liss were apart Like I said not only did Ms Rayven built a believable conflict she also created really unforgettable and relatable characters Overall this book satisfied my inner angst whore and my need to have a sweet satisfying ending The author did not make it easy for Liss and Liam but it only made the conclusion all the sweet and satisfying Highly recommended An ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  10. ~♡AB♡~ ~♡AB♡~ says:

    ★★★★ 45 Stars ★★★★Now LIVE in the UK US | UK How long does it take to fall in love? A second? A week? A year? Wow what can I say it's been a long time since I read a book that was so angst ridden and that had me on the edge of my seat I was left wondering how on earth the author was going to pull off a happy ending but what a fantastic journey it was I truly loved this bookElissa Holt is a stage manager working on Broadway she's the best at what she does and highly professional When Hollywood stars and celebrity sweethearts Liam uinn and Angel Bell enter her world to try their hand at theatre she is severely tested as it turns out that Liam is the man who broke her heart six years prior and the sole reason she vowed never to date an actor againElissa is a better woman than I am because there is no way I could have watched the love of my life interact with his fiance on a daily basis but that is exactly what she has to do Luckily she has her best friend Josh for support because it's clear as day that the attraction between them hasn't waned at all in the time they've been apart In that moment he’s not a movie star and I’m not his stage manager We’re the same two desperately connected people who fell down a rabbit hole years earlier and climbed out forever changed Told in Elissa's point of view we live the agony with her and only get glimpses of how Liam is feeling about being in close proximity to the woman he left behind Also we have flashbacks to their time together as young lovers and I was so eager to find out how they went from having such fantastic banter and explosive chemistry to severing contact for good I’m not saying goodbye he says as he shoves his hands in his pockets Because this isn’t over One day fate’s going to fix this Bring us back together I believe that Wicked Heart is a second chance romance that has all the great elements that I like in this kind of story It was angsty heartbreaking and suspenseful and then it ripped your heart to pieces and built you right back up again It was delicious tortureI adored all of the main characters but Liam and Elissa stole the show and so they should have since it was their book Maybe we'll get lucky and get another book that features the other two ;Highly recommend this to anyone who loves the kind of book that makes you feel all the feelings good and badview spoilerThe last 10% felt a little dramatic and slightly OTT which brought my rating down from a five but I loved it all the same hide spoiler

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