Hardcover ¾ Järnblod PDF å

Hardcover ¾ Järnblod PDF å

Järnblod [PDF / Epub] ☉ Järnblod Author Liza Marklund – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Annika Bengtzons syster Birgitta är försvunnen Det sista livstecknet är ett sms – Annika hjälp migKvällspressens papperstidning ser ut att gå i graven Om det inte sker ett mirakel kommer chefr Annika Bengtzons syster Birgitta är försvunnen Det sista livstecknet är ett sms – Annika hjälp migKvällspressens papperstidning ser ut att gå i graven Om det inte sker ett mirakel kommer chefredaktör Anders Schyman att gå till historien som den som lade ner den svenska journalistikenUnder tiden pågår en uppmärksammad rättegång om ett ytterst bestialiskt mord på en uteliggareDagarna går och Birgitta kommer inte tillbaka Hennes försvinnande innebär att Annika måste konfronteras med sitt komplicerade förflutna Järnblod är en mörk och våldsam thriller om relationer och försoning identitet och hämnd Det är också den elfte och avslutande delen i Liza Marklunds succéserie om Annika Bengtzon.

About the Author: Liza Marklund

Scandinavia’s undisputed ueen of crime fiction Liza Marklund is the No international bestselling author of the Annika Bengtzon series Liza Marklund was born in in the small village of Pålmark close to the Arctic Circle in Sweden She is an author journalist columnist and goodwill ambassador for UNICEF She is also co owner of Piratförlaget one of Sweden’s most successful publishing.

10 thoughts on “Järnblod

  1. Tony Nielsen Tony Nielsen says:

    Liza Marklund has done us proud with her series of nine books featuring the character Annika Bengtzon who started as a rookie reporter in Red Wolf and on the way through became a household media name in Sweden In so doing Marklund rose to the top shelf of the authors who have made the Nordic noir a serious genre in the world of literature ranking alongside Jo Nesbo Henning Mankell Stieg Larsson and others 15 million sales worldwide is a testament to her successApparently as the title suggests The Final Word is the last hurrah for the Annika Bengtzon story and its as usual a riveting read The paper that she works for in Stockholm the Evening Post is facing the realities of newspapers and the challenges from new media Annika herself is facing up to the demons that still resonate from when she killed her abusive boyfriend in her teens Her new life with partner Jimmy his children and her own is a sanctuary from her day to day struggles Her cachet with the owners of the Post is uestionable but always she is seeking a story that will put the paper at the forefront of Sweden's readers Basically this is another great yarn from Liza Marklund and if it truly is the last we will read about Annika Bengtzon she certainly goes out in style

  2. Bruce Hatton Bruce Hatton says:

    What appears to be the final book in this excellent series follows on directly from its predecessor Without A Trace The Timberman Ivar Berglund is on trial for the murder of a homeless man and torture of a politician although the police fear their DNA evidence may not be sufficient to ensure a conviction Meanwhile Annika Bengtzon's problems continue; the Evening Post faces imminent closure and her younger sister goes missingAs before the story alternates between the two female protagonists Annika tries to save the paper and locate Birgitta while Nina Hoffman searches for evidence to convict Berglund Although there is resolution in this book in typical Liza Marklund fashion there are tragedies along the way

  3. ITyphoon7 ITyphoon7 says:

    I simply loved the seriesThank you very much Liza Marklund and of course Annika Bengtzon

  4. Sharon Sharon says:

    Jarnblod The Final Word No 11 The Final Word the eleventh and concluding installment in the Annika Bengtzon series was a very good read Having not read any in awhile and only enjoyed the excellent tv films it was very pleasant to read Marklund again and resume Annika's journeys as she tries to handle a young family solving a very old crime and helping to delve into many murders unsolved All the while dealing with her own missing sister and the announcement that her paper will cease to exist in paper form soon The author chose to give her chapters by date with various characters activities happening within the chapter without any real separation which at first was strange but flowed well once the storyline progressed Nina travels through Spain trying to trace events while Annika traces events at home going back to her youth and also her past Even taming some ghosts Thomas remains an asssadlyGood series

  5. Gerda Gerda says:

    Another great read about Annika Bengtzon The last in the series Events from previous books come together in this book I think it's a very well written end to the series I'm not sure what the author intends to do next she's to young to retire I do hope she'll start another series of books

  6. Catherine Catherine says:

    Not as good as her others

  7. Tracy Tracy says:


  8. Gary Van Cott Gary Van Cott says:

    As the title suggests this is the last book in this series It is very good but I don't have anything to say about it that I haven't said about these books already

  9. Jeanne Jeanne says:

    A good but far from great read Ambivalent about reading works by this author

  10. Jorgen Lundgren Jorgen Lundgren says:

    Excellent story teller first book I read by Liza but not the last one

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