ueen of Demons Lord of the Isles #2 MOBI ß of Demons

ueen of Demons Lord of the Isles #2 MOBI ß of Demons

ueen of Demons Lord of the Isles #2 [PDF / Epub] ✐ ueen of Demons Lord of the Isles #2 ☃ David Drake – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk ueen of Demons continues the grand saga begun in Lord of the Isles following the travels and adventures of Garric Sharina Cashel and Tenoctris across the world of the Isles toward their confrontation ueen of Demons Demons Lord ePUB ↠ continues the grand saga begun in Lord of the Isles following the travels and adventures of Garric Sharina Cashel and Tenoctris across the world of the Isles toward their confrontation with contending forces of evil as the cosmic forces of magic are reaching a millennial peak ueen of Demons reveals some of the dark powers of the evil ueen of the Isles and includes enough ueen of Epub / powerful magical conflict to satisfy even the most jaded fantasy listener.

  • 1 page
  • ueen of Demons Lord of the Isles #2
  • David Drake
  • 14 February 2014
  • 9781857988239

About the Author: David Drake

David Drake is Demons Lord ePUB ↠ an American author of science fiction and fantasy literature A Vietnam War veteran who has worked as a lawyer he is now one of the major authors of the military science fiction genre.

10 thoughts on “ueen of Demons Lord of the Isles #2

  1. Brian Brian says:

    I really enjoyed the first book of this series and was looking forward to continuing it but I have pretty much given up on it from exhaustion Although the characters are interesting and I care about them the author is fixated on keeping the four main characters apart and the increasingly improbable events that he weaves to do so and keep them in danger are exhausting Any time a character sets foot on a boat and the series takes place on a world of islands there WILL be a shipwreck I've lost track of how many magic portals they have been sucked through suddenly and after a while I just stopped caring because you know no matter what happens the characters will get through it only to be thrown into danger This series had a lot of possibility but I'm giving up on it now

  2. Bill Bill says:

    ueen of Demons the second installment in the Lord of the Isles series continues on with the same troupe of likable characters; and much like the first book has a few characters that play vital roles for this book only then disappear However the plot in this book is even weaker than in the first and major events slide by a bit too easilly Overall I found this book less enjoyable than the first However I have already bought the next couple books in the series so I will continue to read At least I still like the principal characters or else I would probably just sell the books on eBay without another thought

  3. Jim Pike Jim Pike says:

    The second part of this story was a very gripping story in of itself The characters that you rooted for in the first book are back and are continuing their fight for the isles I started out in the first book not sure if I was going to be reading the entire series Now after finishing the first and second books I can't wait to read the rest

  4. TeaDrinker TeaDrinker says:

    Slightly less impressive than book 1 due to the clunky nature of the various recaps so I’m still enjoying it 4 stars worth but reading it directly after the first book makes that obvious Again I’m contrasting this with the complete lack of recaps given in Malazan which reuires the reader to pay attention

  5. Michael Nalbone Michael Nalbone says:

    Piers Anthony Stephen Donaldson and Robert Jordan If this was a Wine these would be the flavors

  6. Karas Jim Karas Jim says:

    Not as good as the first oneThere still remains a very interesting supernatural theme underlying the storyA game of chess that has world changing implications

  7. Dark-Draco Dark-Draco says:

    Garric and his friends defeated the Hooded One at the end of the last book The second books starts just after with all of them together once but not for long The King and ueen of the Isles both want to rule and are prepared to employ any means necessary The ueen half demon herself uses fire demons to take what she wants and scare the populace to follow her will Meanwhile King Valence has been persuaded by a wizard to make sacrifices to The Beast a powerful demon trapped long ago Garric his friends and a group of revolutionary lords plot to bring both of them down before their powers get out of control and destroy the Isles Another great story Although they all start off together they are soon broken into smaller groups and having their own adventures all of which will bring them together at the end to face both the new foes Some of the story lines are better than others but they all work well Looking forward to reading the next one

  8. Risa Risa says:

    I liked this book but found it slightly less exciting than the first one and somewhat formulaic as though Drake enjoyed separating his characters so much in the first book that he did it again for no real reason The side plots such as Cashel and Ilna's whole journeys didn't fit with the other plots at all and didn't make that much sense but they were still fun to read The characters are also developed well; Sharina becomes even self sufficient and Ilna softens a little Cashel and Garric both learn about how to be better rulers or friends or companions ueen of Demons was slightly easier to follow than the Lord of the Isles perhaps just because the reader is now used to dimension hopping and strange magical events I was slightly disappointed that there is no well only a modicum of blood sacrifice in this book compared to the great amounts found in the first

  9. Phyllis Griffiths Phyllis Griffiths says:

    More epic uests for Sharina Cashel Ilna Garric Tenocritis and Liane all interwoven in the ultimate uests of the reunification of the Kingdom of the Isles and the saving of their civilization Once members of the four main characters are separated and must find their way back the rest The ueen and The Beast both threaten everything that the friends have been working so hard to save I really like the balance of storylines for each of the four main characters Sharina Cashel Ilna and Garric Strong female as well as strong male characters The roles of Tenocrtits and Liane make them only secondary characters by a hair

  10. Heather Rogers Heather Rogers says:

    This author created a slip stream of worlds that all share a border with his primary world From one moment to the next you can't wait to see where the characters will end up There is a good amount of action and I really like how he runs every character's day at the same time If you let yourself get caught up in one character's adventure then you start uickly reading through the others to get back to that one character I did find a couple of spots where I started losing track of who was where and doing what but overall it was a good read

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