Kindle Edition ã Twisted Knights Kindle å

Kindle Edition ã Twisted Knights Kindle å

Twisted Knights ⚣ [PDF] ✅ Twisted Knights By Lauren Calhoun ✰ – ANGEL has been taken no one knows where to She is struggling to keep her sanity and stay alive Clarke keeps reminding her that she is all alone that no one will come for her she struggles to remain UN ANGEL has been taken no one knows where to She is struggling to keep her sanity and stay alive Clarke keeps reminding her that she is all alone that no one will come for her she struggles to remain UNBROKEN DEMON wakes up after a month of being in a coma to find that Angel still hasn't been found After receiving a random phone call Twisted Knights MC heads across country to bring her home When things take a turn for the worst Demon has to help Angel out of her own HELL All while fighting the demons from his own past Will they find their HEAVEN or be stuck in HELL read on to find out This is the second book in a series Book is Twisted Knights Angels and Demons Content not suitable for and under.

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  1. Julie Jackson Julie Jackson says:

    I received this ARC for a honest review Having read the first book I was very excited to read this oneDemon and Angel have been through hell and back All I can think about is her safety and the fact that I want Clarke dead Angel is taken and Clarke is totally responsible She is beaten and raped Loyal as she is she never turns on the club Demon finally wakes and he is determined to find her and see to it that she is safe With the help of a nomad they finally find her Thought out the pain and heartbreak somehow she survives This book is a true MC book I absolutely loved it and I cannot wait until the book is ready Excellent writing Highly recommended This series is a must read 5 HUGE STARS

  2. wendy Shelton(obsessedbybooks) wendy Shelton(obsessedbybooks) says:

    ARC given on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review I'm speechless Clarke has taken angel and she goes through beatings rape it's horrific what she goes through but she stays loyal to the club even though she thinks she's lost everyone When demon finds out where she is the hunt is on This book kept me on the edge of my sit demon and angel suffer so much that I was glad to read this book I also liked how we seen everyone's pov great series so far looking forward to about this mc

  3. Jecca Jecca says:

    Read for ByoB35 stars

  4. Judy Judy says:

    It is of a novella and is part 2 of a 2 part story The entire story books 1 2 together had the potential to be at least a 4 star But there were too many little inconsistencies that I noticed and while I understand a biker princess can be a bad ass this one was a little over the top with her vengeance I think The twins children by her ex were or less background characters and I would have liked to see that relationship developed between Demon and the kids The overall story had great potential and I'll be following this author and checking out her future books in this series I would like it if there's no cliff hangers for future characters I do recommend you check out this series since both books are out

  5. Caryn Caryn says:

    BETTER STORYThis second half of Demon and Angel's story was written much better I enjoyed the continued storyline except of course the deaths of a certain character The brutality was raw the love was deep and the sex was hot Also the editing was vastly improvedsomeone obviously proofread it first

  6. Racy Racy says:

    Read as part of the Smut Hut Promotions for honest review Man what an emotional roller coaster I truly feel emotional drained This was an awesome book but you will need tissue One uestion to the Author WHY??????Sorry you will have to read the book to find out why I am asking This book picks up where Angel had been kidnapped by her SOB of an ex Truly hate Clarke With everything that Clarke is putting Angel thru she keeps thinking of Demon’s last words “I WILL COME FOR YOU” Will Clarke win on break Angel completely down? Will Steel and Demon get to her in time? Demon and Steel have two goals in mind Main one being get Angel back safely and second one being make Clarke pay The problem is they have not leads on Angel It is like Clarke has taken her and disappeared of the face of the earth There were so many unanswered uestions when it came to Clarke will Demon Clarke and Angel get their answers? I have so many favorite characters in this series Of course Demon Angel and Steel but also Spider and Tat What that you say who is Tat? Sorry have to read the book to find outMy heart truly broke for Demon and Angel can’t image the pain they must of went thru not to mention the pain Spider must of felt Yeah there are several surprises thru out this book Your mouth will drop with some of them I loved the first book in this series but this book was truly amazing You will not be able to put it down You will love it from beginning to end though you will face some heartbreak along the way I think I will end this review will a uote that you will find in both of the books from this series Give it to me baby Let me wash it all away All the hurt All the pain All the fear But keep the anger you going to need it

  7. Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books) Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books) says:

    Obsessed by books copy given in exchange for an honest review I want you to know that I will love Demon like there is no tomorrow because in truth like you and Steel learned tomorrow is not promisedHeaven and Hellit's a fine line and no one knows that better than Demon Having already watched his first love be gunned down in front of him in his place and die in his arms he awakens after a month long coma to the news that his Angel has been held captive in a secret location The MC have been unable to find her as her abusive yet powerful husband had gone to ground as there is much at stake than they originally thought Angel is in a living hell kept prisoner but they man that has tried to break her she is desperate to keep her secrets Pushed to her limits Angel refuses to snap for him and denies him his end goal even though he tries every weapon in his arsenal including beatings and rape Angel has grown strong under the tutelage of Demon and she has so much to fight for Believing her lover and brother dead she refuses to give in desperate to survive and return to her twins Angel battles to win and outsmart her evil husband This second part of Angel and Demon's story continues on from where we were left hanging and the pace is non stop Brutal gritty and totally MC this book has everything going on Angel proved she is loyal to the bone to her man her brother and the club Demon steps up becoming everything he never thought he could be This book has a perfect blend of violence romance and bitter sweet happiness that is essential for any MC read as the club life is what it isand it's never easy A five star gasp out loud read

  8. Missy Harton Missy Harton says:

    I was gifted this book for an honest review This book is not for the faint of hearts If you enjoy angst violence and bad boy bikers; this is a MUST read This is book 2 of a series Best to read book 1 first Angels and Demons Books 1 and 2 are dedicated to Angel and Demon's story Both books are fairly uick reads that will have you begging for Angel's abduction and Demon's coma have left the MC in chaos Angel and Demon have no idea how much time has actually passed Her evil husband has taken and tortured her Clarke the evil husband wants Angel's help He wants the money the MC took from him Angel refuses she'd rather take a beating than do anything to hurt her brother or his clubDemon and the MC finally know where Angel is being kept The club will stop at nothing to bring her home Blood is shed and lives are lost in the process of her rescue Will the burden of death push Angel over the edge? Can Demon battle his own personal hell in the hope of helping his Angel? Do Angel and Demon find their Heaven or are they doomed by Hell?Missy reviewer for Mommy's Naughty Playground

  9. Tonya Tonya says:

    Review from Abibliophobia Anonymous Book ReviewsThis is a great conclusion for Angel and Demon These two saved each other and are perfect for one another I do wish that we would have seen of them falling for each other that part of the story line felt like it was missing some This is a fast paced uick readAt the end of the first book Angels Demons Angel was taken by her abusive husband The Twisted Kinghts are looking for her and will do whatever it takes to get her back including giving up their life to save her Angel is a strong woman both emotionally and physically Demon really isn't a demon after allI did it all because I love you I couldn't wait another minute to have you back I have to have you Angel you are my drug and I am fucking addicted I don't care if I OD I won't uit you ever I'll give you this one chance you tell me you aren't happy and I can't fix it then I'm gone I made Steel that promise If you aren't happy I will walk out that door and not look backSorry the review is short and vague but I really don't want to give anything away for this story

  10. Samaris Creech Samaris Creech says:

    Angel’s worst nightmare has come true Clarke has managed to find her and suck her back into his depraved world Her only comfort is that he knows nothing of the twins yet even that is of little comfort since he has told her he managed to not only kill her brother Steel but Demon as well; the man who could uite possibly be her soul mate With the crushing blows to her emotions she tries to stay strong for the twins and for the new life growing inside of her A man she has never seen before claims that Demon and Steel are not dead and that he will tell them where she is she just has to stay alive a while longer Easy right? Not It is not in Angel’s nature to be complacent any she fights her captors and pays the price When she is finally rescued it comes at too great a cost How many must die for her to have her happiness? Will finally killing the man who has made her life hell find her some peace? Can Demon and Angel finally have their happiness? Or will the hidden threat of who Clarke was working for demolish them once and for all?

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