Swastika Over Paris PDF/EPUB å Swastika Over

Swastika Over Paris PDF/EPUB å Swastika Over

Swastika Over Paris [BOOKS] ✸ Swastika Over Paris Author Jeremy Josephs – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk An account of the mass genocide of French Jews under the authority of Alois Bruenner centering on the plight of two French Jewish families The narrative relates the parallel stories of a rich Parisian An account of the mass genocide of French Jews under the authority of Alois Bruenner centering on the plight of two French Jewish families The narrative relates the parallel stories of a rich Parisian Jew and a courageous teenage girl who fought with the Resistance The publication of the book coincides with an international campaign to bring Bruenner to trial from Damascus where he is one of the last Nazi war Swastika Over PDF/EPUB ² criminals still to be living in freedom.

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  1. Graceann Graceann says:

    How I came to read this was rather a circuitous tale I got a recommendation for a novel based during this period and in reading reviews of that I saw repeated references to the much better telling of the story in Swastika Over Paris I'm glad that I opted to read this instead of the novel What Jeremy Josephs brings to light is how when the Nazis came to France and then occupied Paris some French citizens were not only willing but eager to send in their Jewish neighbors All one had to do was send in a letter saying so and so is a Jew and she isn't wearing her star and you could make someone you didn't like disappear Also present in Swastika Over Paris is perhaps the most chilling example of the frog in the saucepan that I've ever read Armand Kohn was a French Jew with impeccable claim to his citizenship and high standing in the community He complied with all the regulations He even tried to eliminate escapes from the hospital where he was administrator He declined suggestion insistence and begging with regard to packing up his family and move to a safer country He had the means and his friends and family members were able to warn him well in advance as to what was coming His response was universally as long as we are together we will be fine Even when he and his family are in a boxcar being deported he is holding fast to this fantasy In this case the fate that he and his family suffered was entirely and easily avoidable and I spent most of the pages devoted to his story saying get out of there out loud Infuriatingly the ever eager monster who was deporting even Jews even faster than Eichmann was asking he was so keen not only survived the War but lived a peaceful and protected life in Egypt and died the natural death that was denied to his many victims Despite the efforts of the Klarsfelds who are my heroes and who I was thrilled to see discussed in this book and many others he was only able to be convicted in absentia and he was completely unrepentant of his actions His only regret was that he wasn't able to eliminate all of Paris's Jewry They even knew the address where he was living why he wasn't brought to justice is a mystery that nobody would be able to adeuately solve for me There's much to the story despite the shortness of the book I haven't even mentioned the brave young woman who fought in the Resistance or the various ugliness that the innocents encountered when they were warehoused in Drancy and later at Auschwitz and other death camps This information is timely and important We are losing the last of the survivors of the Holocaust at a ever increasing rate The last survivor of Treblinka passed away in early 2016 It is up to us who were born after this happened to pick up the banner and make sure the horror is never forgotten

  2. Mandi Bryan Mandi Bryan says:

    Swastika over Paris was a great insight to what France was like during World War II The author wrote the book in third person I think it was very informative this way but if he wrote it in first person and made up a character who went through all the real events I think that would have made it interesting However I do think the way it was written provided much information than if it was written in first person The author I think was trying to inform his readers about the terrible life in Paris France during this time So many books were written about Germany during this time so it is refreshing to see a book written about France The author's purpose for writing this was simply just to inform the readers about this time and this place and how it affected the rest of the world The theme is that evil in this age didn't end in 1945 with the war Evil still exists As long as the people who kept the Jews imprisoned are alive there is evil

  3. Chris Chris says:

    This book was a very uick and enjoyable read We live about 2 hours from Paris and I wanted something that covered the plight of Jews in France It mainly follows the stories of two Parisian Jews; one that resisted the occupation and horror of persecution and another that cooperated in order to try and save his family The book does a good job of giving the reader the feel of Paris at the time while following the family stories from the surrender of Paris to the end of the war and fate of the people in the story I recommend the book as you get good background for a relatively short investment of time

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