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Paperback ↠ Falling together MOBI å

Falling together [Reading] ➿ Falling together ➶ Marisa de los Santos – From their first day of college orientation Pen Cat and Will seemed born to be close friends Eventually though Cat's decision to marry an unpleasant mate had loosened their magical bond and without it From their first day of college orientation Pen Cat and Will seemed born to be close friends Eventually though Cat's decision to marry an unpleasant mate had loosened their magical bond and without its center the group had drifted away from each other Now six years later when Cat emails her former cronies asking them to join her at their college reunion they cannot resist Whatever nostalgic dreams the pair nurtured however dissolve when they are forced to confront a dangerous situation in which everything they believed about themselves and each other is brought into uestion With its vividly drawn characters; plausible plot developments another triumph for the author of Belong to Me.

  • Paperback
  • 358 pages
  • Falling together
  • Marisa de los Santos
  • English
  • 10 August 2016

About the Author: Marisa de los Santos

Marisa de los Santos is the New York Times bestselling author of LOVE WALKED IN BELONG TO ME FALLING TOGETHER THE PRECIOUS ONE and her newest novel which continues with characters from the first two I'LL BE YOUR BLUE SKY Marisa has also co authored with her husband David Teague two novels for middle grade readers SAVING LUCAS BIGGS and CONNECT THE STARSMarisa and David live in Wilmingto.

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  1. Chris Chris says:

    I won this book from Goodreads and was excited since I rarely win anything A new author to me with good reveiws from her two prevoius books I couldn't wait to read it I really wanted to like this book and I tried to like this book I feel bad that it just didn't happen for me The author has a lovely command of language to the point of being poetic; however as the book progressed its beauty turned tedious for me and I just wanted her to get to the point she was trying to make The story is about 3 people that becames best friends in college only to end their friendship after college Before their 10 year reunion Cat emails Pen and Will out of the blue that she needs them Then started the flashbacks to lay the backstory which at times I found confusing I have to be honest that I stopped reading about 100 pages into the book The characters did not come to life for me nor did I particularly like them Pen who seemed to be of the main character of the 3 friends came across as whiny and lead me to stop readingIf you like the coming of age genre with dialogue than action this might be a book that you might want to try

  2. Jenny Jenny says:

    For a diplomatic review please see the post at Hyphen Falling Together has the elements to make a good novel a talented writer who excels at parsing grief and unhappiness a lesson about the value of living in the moment and appreciating what we have and an important warning—unhappiness lurks everywhere and we shouldn’t let it get the best of us But it ended up being too sincere and cheesy There was a predictable happy fairytale ending where all the lose ends are tied up but the author unnecessarily attempts to stir up drama in the final ten pages before restoring everything back to the way it was Three inseparable college friends separate post college they promise to never get involved in each others' lives and six years later they’re all unhappy The main character Pen is a single mother chasing after a married man stuck in a dead end job and fixated on the absence of her dead father Will has anger management issues because of his emotionally abusive father and his mother is on the wagon maybe and is dating a man old enough to be her son Cat has run away from an unsatisfying marriage with her dopey husband Jason but doesn’t tell anyone where she’s going which leads Pen Will Jason and Pen’s five year old daughter to pack their bags for exotic locales to find her Sounds convoluted doesn’t it? I had trouble understanding why this motley crew would go chasing after someone who doesn’t want to be found The author admittedly says she was wanted to write about the Philippines so the book seemed a little bit like a vehicle for reconnecting with her heritage and an excuse to recount her travels From Hyphen review You can tell she is charmed by the country in her vivid descriptions of the beauty of a coral reef the joie de vivre captured in a jeepney and the wisdom of the lolas grandmothers but unfortunately all of that happens in the final uarter of the novel I wish she wrote about the Philippines from the beginning instead of creating this convoluted reason for her characters to get there Falling Together aligns itself with other novels in which self actualization occurs during third world travels—big epiphanies always seem to happen because third world folks have some “ancient wisdom” which teaches them how to live and that can be a little clichéDe los Santos wanted us to fall in love with Pen and Will because she wrote some good lines for them and tried to make them sound snappy and witty but I found their dialogue too earnest and I didn’t really care about them Pen says “holy cluck” a lot and it makes her sound immature Perhaps she’s never been able to move into adulthood because the loss of her friends stunted her development but I don’t think De los Santos intended it to sound that way I was also upset at Pen because she said Will could have “saved her” from her grief and that made me cringe Why couldn’t she have saved herself? I wanted to give her a swift kick in the ass and tell her to stop being so passive and whiny I learned that when you and your best friends have such a freakishly strong bond that you need to move away from them to give your marriage a chance that friendship is probably a little effed up

  3. M M says:

    I would like to dedicate this review to goodreads the existence of which motivates me to finish unredeemable books so as to rip them mercilessly I picked this book up because I unlike many others was able to check my inner snob at the door and actually enjoy her previous books Now don't get me wrong they were shallow silly and adolescent but like having ice cream for dinner the experience was pleasant going down even if it was sickly sweet and notsomething you'd want to brag about So all I was asking for was of the same some light trite mediocrity SHE DIDN'T EVEN DELIVER THATPerhaps it's the childish contrarian in me but when an author creates overblown characters I am meant to love I will hate them The ridiculous characters that the heroines hate? I will root for them Worse yet DLS draws her heroes and villains with criteria such as who whom?? has better grammar I am not making this up She is such a language snob that even vocabulary is meant to distinguish good and evilThen there is the ridiculous premise Three college friends break up because one is getting married and well if things will change their dynamic then what's the point? Real mature So they go live their dysfunctional over the top we are just so awesome lives never knowing what's happening with each other in a world of Facebook this seems unlikely and meanwhile the overly overblown amazing Cat who got married and broke up the group married a total jerk for no forseeable reason and runs away prompting the two other friends to reunite in a hot pursuit of Cat all the way to the Phillipines I can't think of anyone I wanted to stay missing as much as this Cat the charm of whom was lost on me considering that she was dumb enough to marry badly and cut off her friends and refuse to be in touch The whole thing was painfully dumb badly executed and pretty much a waste of time

  4. Rosemary Rosemary says:

    Falling Together is a love story of friendship It is about three friends who are so close to each other that even when they are not together they are together Marisa de los Santos writes with a poets soul bringing the reader into the lives of the characters with her beautiful descriptions of their lives and the world they live in I give this book five stars up there with my favorite books of all time because I love an author who can write so beautifully that your life is made better by reading the books they write

  5. Jessica Jeffers Jessica Jeffers says:

    I'm not entirely sure why I decided I wanted to read this book I was fairly lukewarm on Love Walked In which I felt to be a cutesy story with no real depth and mediocre prose that was trying too hard I just really wanted a uick easy read and this is what I ended up with Pen Cat and Will meet their first week of college Pen walks in as Cat is having a seizure in the bathroom and Will happens to be in the hallway as Pen begins to panic Once Cat recovers the three are bonded for lifeor the next six years when their friendship dissolves leaving Pen lonely and struggling with a life she didn't expect for herself A few weeks before their ten year reunion both Pen and Will receive a cryptic email from Cat begging them to come to the reunion because she needs them They are initially angry when Cat doesn't show up at the reunion Instead it turns out that Cat's husband Jason wrote them the email because Cat has gone MIA and he wants their help finding her Despite the fact that neither has spoken to cat in six years and despite the fact that Pen and Will viciously hate Jason Honesty time I gave up reading about halfway through I got frustrated that it took nearly a third of the book just to set up the plot de los Santos spent entirely too long rehashing the fact that these three used to be thisclose that Pen misses her friends terribly and she is less than satisfied with how her life has turned out I spent the entire time just wishing we could get to the point already It didn't help that the characters were not as interesting as de los Santos seems to think I felt that they were actually fairly cookie cutter for any run of the mill chick flick and their friendship felt too forced I get that they were close but their interactions were just too cutesyI hated that there was not real awkwardness between Pen and Will when they first reunite and I had a hard time believing that Cat would ever view spoilermarry the guy that left her alone in a crater while she was having a seizure hide spoiler

  6. Megan Megan says:

    Oh It truly pains me to give this book a one I hemmed and hawed over if it really deserved a one I mean it's like educated chick lit Can't be that bad There were some entertaining parts near the beginning I suppose And it's not as if she is some no talent hack I mean she has an MFA and a PhD for God's sake And she is a very uniue writer I've read all of her books and I will say I could pick a paragraph she writes out of a line up I don't know if that's always a good thing seeing as I don't always like it but there are few other authors who have such a distinctive turn of phraseI think she has two main problems and this goes for other books of hers not just this one One her language can be beautiful but is usually just overwrought Every book of hers I find a few phrases or lines where I think Wow She really hit the nail on the head explaining that super specific emotion Of course to have her trying to make life changing poetic moments out of every move and breath her characters make can get VERY ANNOYING For example Will smiled at Pen and Pen wished she could put the smile in her pocket for the rest of life Para phrasing here because the book is back at the librarybut that was almost word for word one of the lines Barf I can take some sentiment like that I am not a completely heartless person But every other sentence? I wanted to scream ENOUGH I KNOW PEN'S HEART IS RACING IN HER CHEST ABOUT SOMETHING OR OTHER MOVE THE PLOT ALONG I even consider myself a somewhat emotional person who is always overthinkingbut when she speaks from the character's point of view even I thought God Come on Who has this much time to analyze their emotions and friendships from 8 years ago in their daily life?? WHY AREN'T THEY WORKING INSTEAD OF PONTIFICATING ALL DAY?Which brings me to my second point Her characters and plots are very unbelievable She tries very hard to make them not perfect and uirky and many dimensional But it's uirky in a aw shucks look how uniue I am I say 'holy cluck' instead of the f word' way where everyone loves them for it Not in a real life way I don't know how to explain how unbelievable her characters are unless you read the book Again she has little bursts of clarity where I believe her characters are like real people But traveling all the way to the Phillipines for a friend true a best friend who you haven't seen in years? A best friend who CHOSE to run away and is not kidnapped or lost or anything? And you aren't even sure she's there? I can't see many adults putting their whole life on hold for what amounted to an adult sized hissy fit friends or not Anyone would be concerned and sad if they knew their friend had ran away but I don't know if they would take it this far I didn't believe that Will would so willingly have two best female friends I get that she was trying to go against the stereotype and say hey look straight guys and girls can be super close They can but I just think other guys and girls would have to be present I don't think even the most open minded of guys straight or gay is going to only hang out with 2 girls 247 There may be a few times where hanging out ends to just be you a few girl friends and one guy? Sure But over and over again without it being some weird sex thing or someone falling in love with someone etc? I don't see that anywhere no matter how liberal or conservative the place But that's just me Marisa has a good foundation to become a better writer She just needs to be edited and needs to stop making her characters so earnest and starry eyed And plot focus and less sap and going off on tangents please The end

  7. Tina Tina says:

    Original post at One More PageI've always dubbed March as a special month because of my birthday and I take advantage of that by meeting up with as many people that I can especially those that I haven't seen in a while It's always the best excuse IMHO It's my birthday let's meet up Of course I often ended up treating the people to coffee dessert or sometimes even dinner because of that fact but I never really minded that In the past month alone I've been out almost every weekend and two to three times on week nights to meet up with my barkada my closest friends college roommates thesis mates book club friends church community friends old friends new friends people from almost all stages of my life I took the time to meet them this month Sometimes I end up traveling farther than I want to staying out and losing sleep and being so exhausted that I don't have time to read or blog but I think all of those times were worth itThis is one of the reasons why I chose Falling Togetherby Marisa de los Santos as my birthday read Pen Cat and Will met in college and have been the best of friends ever since Their friendship was so strong that even their romantic relationships took a back seat from their friendship making them an almost impenetrable circle But that was the past and it's been six years since Pen has seen Cat and Will after they walked out of her life She never stopped missing them even if they had missed major milestones in her life such as the birth of her daughter Augusta or the death of her father When Pen and Will receive an email from Cat asking them to meet at their college reunion they couldn't refuse But when they were faced with the unexpected at the reunion Pen and Will set off to find their missing friend all across the world in a journey that really changed everything for themI love Marisa de los Santos I can't help but swoon over the way she writes there's a certain beauty and elegance in her writing that just makes everythingwell fall together for me Falling Together is a pretty slow book one that builds up slowly and flashes back on a lot of memories to tie up the numerous strings spread out around Pen Will and Cat Her characters come off feeling like they are also your friends and not just friends with each other like you're a part of their circle Pen is reminiscent of Cornelia in Love Walked In and Belong to Me with her observations and her small eccentricities although I think I would choose to be with Cornelia over her because I find her of a darling than Pen Cat is sufficiently made into a mystery and it made me wonder what her motivations were in doing what she did Will is almost like Teo Sandoval in Marisa's first two books but also not uite Maybe the half Filipino aspect of Teo made him attractive to me than Will Sometimes it feels like these characters are a little too whimsical or maybe a little too different or maybe even a little too perfect sounding but Marisa includes little uirks that make them less of those a little too'sSpeaking of Filipino one of the main reasons why I was so excited to read this book was because a part of it was set in the Philippines Marisa de los Santos has Filipino roots and I can't help but feel so proud about how she described the Philippines and the Filipinos in this book Here's an exampleMaybe it was the food or the muted light or the ceiling fan's slow hypnotic paddling of the air or maybe it was simply that every journey and Pen had come to see herself as a person distinctly on a journey has its land of the lotus eaters its drowsy slowdown in momentum There would be time to winnow out the reasons later but as she sat in the living room of the house in which Cat's father had grown up surrounded by someone else's family Cat's family the one she had flown across the world to find with a plate of food on a tray in front of her all Pen knew was that she wanted with her heart to become a part of the place to unpack her bags hunker down and stay p 284And something about the foodBut there was nothing nothing special about it great piled tangles of noodles rife with bits of vegetables meat and shrimp; a concoction of eggplant okra green beans suash and bitter melon called pinakbet; banana blossom salad; whole fish crispy and gleaming with sauce; thin egg rolls called lumpia that Pen could have eaten like popcorn; and glory of glories down the center of its own special table a roasted suckling pig burnt orange glistening dizzyingly fragrant Pen had a momentary ualm at seeing it whole but once dismantled the sublime combination of hard crackly skin and nearly white meltingly tender meat caused such rapture in her mouth that she gave hearty thanks to God that she was not a vegetarian p 286 287That last paragraph made me hungryThe second time prepared she stayed long enough to understand that the coral reef off Balicasag Island packed gorgeousness per suare centimeter than any other place she had ever been At the same time that it was exactly like something she had seen on a nature show it was like nothing she had seen on a nature show because everything from the imperious butterfly fish trailing their scarves to the brown undulating ribbons that Pen assumed were eels but might not have been; it frustrated her not to know to the neon blue coruscations so penny small ad uick that they might have been tricks of light each thing every individual scrap of embodied beauty was palpably unmistakably aliveSo were Pen and Augusta alive and in the thick of it Pen had expected to look down and see fish and she did but when she looked to her side there they were too suspended next to her face or flowing by in iridescent streams and when Will swam over to take Augusta to see an anemone clownfish and Pen dove downward the fish were above her as well p 303I'm not being biased here but that last paragraph is absolutely true I almost suealed with delight when I found out where exactly they were heading in the Philippines because I was just there a month ago So much beauty and it's just one island A word of warning though if you're expecting them to head to the Philippines early on wellthey won't I had to adjust my expectations with that because I thought that the characters would spend a longer time in my home country but the travel happened at the last third of the book But even so I'm not really complaining and it's not really a wild goose chase for their friend all across the world When I got to the end I felt like even if I was made to wait for the part I wanted to read the most the timing was pretty right and I was so invested in the characters and the story that I want them to find their answers in the place I called homeI was perfectly perfectly charmed with this book Again I may be pretty biased about it because so far I've loved every book that Marisa de los Santos wrote Even if I can't relate to it much by that I mean nothing like that has ever really happened in my life there's something in her books that makes me feel that she wrote it just for me or someone like me who craves for this kind of life fiction For this kind of story that talks about love and friendship and family and the ties that bind and all of those things falling together in one complicated and beautiful messI'm not sure if Falling Together is for everyone but if you've ever read and liked Marisa de los Santos' other books then you will probably like this Just how much is another thing but as far as I am concerned Falling Together is the perfect birthday read And I am definitely keeping this one on my shelf

  8. Carol Carol says:

    Having really enjoyed Belong To Me and Love Walked In I was a little disappointed in this book It was enjoyable enough and an easy read and I liked the emerging relationship with Jason I always appreciate it when a “bad” character is ultimately shown to have some good ualities tucked away somewhere I noticed that I was often getting lost in long convoluted sentences For example “Maybe it was the food or the muted light or the ceiling fan’s slow hypnotic paddling of the air or maybe it was simply that every journey— and Pen had come to see herself as a person distinctly on a journey in rare solitary un ironic moments “seeker” did not seem too strong a word although what she was seeking apart from Cat and she was sure there was something else she couldn’t say— has its land of lotus eaters its drowsy slowdown in momentum” Even after typing that sentence I still don't know what she means As I read I often had to go back and try to reattach the end of a sentence to the beginning I think the author was going for a “thinking out loud” kind of feel but when one sentence contains hyphens and brackets within parentheses it’s time to do some editing One other complaint I didn’t think Cat was worth finding She struck me as bratty and I couldn’t understand why or how she could keep a good couple apart

  9. Sal Sal says:

    This was her best novel yet and I've thoroughly enjoyed them all I think she could write on any topic and I would still enjoy reading her due to the absolutely delicious use of language witty lush elouent poetic In this case though the subject matter is a timeless one viewed from several angles and showing how we humans so rarely know ourselves well

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Having loved de Los Santos' first two books I was eager to read her third book What a disappointment A thin plot a leading character Pen who is immature and self centered unlikely events throughout the bookdialogues between adult characters that sound like high school hallway conversations and a 5 year old character with sleep difficulties there is no reason to care about thiswho speaks like a 10 year old Worst of all the beautiful use of language that was a hallmark of her first two books was reduced to long strings of descriptions that became tedious I suspect that this was really the first book she wrote and got it published now only due to her success with the first two

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