The Eyes That Moved eBook ñ The Eyes MOBI :å

The Eyes That Moved eBook ñ The Eyes MOBI :å

The Eyes That Moved ❮Download❯ ✤ The Eyes That Moved ➻ Author Rachelle M.N. Shaw – Kendra Merrick has a knack for spotting unusual trinkets and treasures and she isn’t afraid of using unconventional—or illegal—methods to obtain them When she meets Adam a fellow sleuth and coll Kendra Merrick has a knack for spotting unusual trinkets and The Eyes MOBI :å treasures and she isn’t afraid of using unconventional—or illegal—methods to obtain them When she meets Adam a fellow sleuth and collector they embark on their biggest adventure yet the Whitson house The house is a marvel and its secrets are even stranger than Kendra imaginedKendra stumbles upon the find of a lifetime But she may have signed on for than she bargained There’s a darkness in the house that wasn’t there before a pair of eyes in every corner watching waiting And Adam isn’t at all who he claimed to be.

10 thoughts on “The Eyes That Moved

  1. Bren Bren says:

    So this is another juicy little doll horror story And it is scary so if that's what you wantthis one will make you jump if you are alone for sureWhat I did not like however is that there was very little backstory andwithout giving spoilersit bothered me because I did not know how what happened could have in fact happenedIn The Doll another one of these doll horror stories I read recently it is rich in detail and backstory Here not so much Still if it is scares you wantscares you shall get I know there is a part two so maybe the writer goes into detail with the second installment I am starting to get a serious doll phobia here folks

  2. Katherine Katherine says:

    A classic horror short The prose is clean and creepy establishing setting and tone and characterization early on I appreciated the refreshing modern language and I especially liked the fact that we didn't necessarily have to like the characters in order to empathize with themHowever I did feel like the view spoiler description gave a bit too much away given the shortness of the piece Since it is horror readers already pick up the book with some expectation or another In this case it would have been better to leave to the imagination than otherwise hide spoiler

  3. Jennifer Worrell Jennifer Worrell says:

    Glad I finally caught up with this What a delightfully creepy story I was completely taken in by the world the protagonist lives in and devastated by the twist Looking forward to #2

  4. Kay March Kay March says:

    Hello RachelleThere was not enough spooky tension dim terror once Kendra starts to change into a doll and the boy reveals who he is and what he has been doing for so long and why I understand that this is a short tale and it's rather good though predictable as we know Kendra kept a dolls shoe on her pocket and then enters the room at that particular and crucial time the story could gain another level of juice if things could be terrifying and shivering for Kendra as she changes I have enjoyed your writings very much Good rhythms for you

  5. Ana on the Shelves Ana on the Shelves says:

    Classic uick horror story the kind you would tell in a dark room with a flashlight pointed to your faceSimple and effective with a theme that was not the most original but was explored in an enjoyable way It would have benefited of being a bit longer and instead of having the usual monolog of exposition on its climax maybe have some flashbacks in order to let the reader peace the story by himself That way we would have learnt about some key characters that were just mention brieflyDespite that was enjoyable and would recommend to any horror fan

  6. Carolyn Injoy Carolyn Injoy says:

    The Eyes That Moved The Porcelain Souls Book 1 by Rachelle M N Shaw Is a short story about Kendra Merrick who has a knack for spotting trinkets and treasures Then she meets Adam a fellow collector and they embark on an adventure in the Whitson house I gave it four starsI received a complimentary Kindle copy from the author in an promotion That did not change my opinion for this reviewLink to purchase

  7. Emily Emily says:

    Not uite for meFirst off I will say that I believe it was written well Secondly it was extremely short and that was okay too With that being said I did expect something I just didn’t get it

  8. Elise Ravenclaw Elise Ravenclaw says:

    Too shortI did enjoy it but it was way too short The characters were not fully fleshed out and the whole plot could have been detailed It has enough potential for a good scary story

  9. Glenda Thompson Glenda Thompson says:

    SpookyBe careful when you slip out at night Rachelle Shaw creates an environment suitably spooky for her characters Kendra and her new friend Adam encounter than they anticipated At least than one of them anticipated Well done

  10. DJ DJ says:

    If You Liked Dolls Before Think AgainExcellent story that had me sucked in from the start Creepy suspenseful and leaving me wanting If you never thought dolls were scary You may change your mind after reading this

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