Driven by Emotions MOBI Ö Driven by Kindle -

Driven by Emotions MOBI Ö Driven by Kindle -

10 thoughts on “Driven by Emotions

  1. Spider the Doof Warrior Spider the Doof Warrior says:

    This is a cute companion book to this great movie It has the perspective of each emotion telling the same story Some parts were a bitmeh Like writers do not write AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH he screamed But this was only in Joy's section Joy is a bit too perky but she learns to value Sadness as her counterpart Can't appreciate Joy without Sadness Am I the only one who keeps picturing my headuarters and my colourful emotion personifications? I see a room that is blue full of clockwork Dir en grey posters every band I love's poster My personifications would all wear Dir en grey T shirts except for Disgust who wears a Victorian Men's suit with several shades of green and I'm sure my Anger is a dude with horns with fire between them like a chibi Hellboy My Islands of Personality would include Dir en grey Island Music Island Animal Island Animals I think are Cute that Most People Think are Scary Island Awesome Book Island Harry Potter Island Friend Island Family Island but that could be bigger Tori Amos Island

  2. Sophie Crane Sophie Crane says:

    Great book for a kid or an adult like me on the autistic spectrum Tells the same story from five different points of view Really fun to read together

  3. Linda Nguyen Linda Nguyen says:

    Really cute super uick paced read The writing was uite simplistic but in this case it didn't really bother me since I was expecting that Loooved the movie and found it to be a very faithful adaptation of Joy's chapter The nice thing about this book though is that the story is told from the perspectives of all the other emotions as well Because of this we get a handful of stuff that wasn't included in the movie

  4. Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids says:

    Ever wondered what all five of the Emotions thought during Riley's move with her family from Minnesota to San Fransisco California? Well know you'll know Fans of the movie Inside Out will enjoy getting a different look into the movie as each of the Emotions Joy Anger Disgust Fear and Sadness tell their side of the story of the events that took place during the movie Driven by Emotions features a chapter dedicated to each Emotion allowing the particular Emotion to tell the story without interruption While this chapter book is a fun read I think some readers will find it lacks illustrations The only illustrations found through out the book are featured on the select character's new chapter Overall we thought this was an okay read though we liked getting to read the story from each Emotions's point of view

  5. ElsaMakotoRenge ElsaMakotoRenge says:

    I love Inside Out and I’ve been meaning to read this book for ages The writing is pretty simple but considering Riley is 11 and the five Emotions are hers I was fine with that I really enjoyed it but for such a nicely made Disney book I wanted some illustrations That is why I gave four stars instead of five I think the nice glossy paper and setup of the book called for some cute concept art and there really isn’t except for the very first page of each Emotion’s telling of the movie and then it’s just the eyes of each character Still highly recommended if you enjoyed Inside Out

  6. Chelsie Erin Chelsie Erin says:

    It is bad to say but I think my rating could change once I see the movie Since this is a book written after the movie I feel like there are components that won't fully make sense until I have seen the movie There aren't a lot of solid visual descriptions in this book because I think the assumption is made that people have the images in their heads already It was interesting to read this story from different perspectives I liked fear and anger the most There takes on the story were the most uniue Over all I hope that the movie lives up to the potential Again I feel like there are things missing from this book that will come to light in the movie and I just hope that it does justice to the changingmixed up emotions of a pre teen

  7. Angieleigh Angieleigh says:

    Written before the movie came out If you want to know what the movie is about before seeing it read this first It's told from the viewpoint of Joy Disgust Fear Anger and Sadness If you want a condensed version read the junior novelization Our emotions tend to rule us and this is a mostly funny yet poignant story about what it's like to experience changes especially when we're growing and our personality is developing from infant to toddler to our early years to our burgeoning teenage years I enjoyed this so much and am glad my nephew talked me into reading it Now we need to watch the movie

  8. Meri A. Levine Meri A. Levine says:

    Good but could have been betterThis book was good but it could have been better To me it was exactly the same thing that happens in the movie but not just from joy's perspective Which I likened how each emotion told their side of the story so you could tell what was happening back in headuarters and when sadness was alone

  9. Meredith Spidel Meredith Spidel says:

    This is a gorgeous hard cover book my kids like looking at It's a bit above their age range but would be the perfect gift for a school age child working to sort out all the emotions they are dealing with

  10. Jason Jason says:

    No big surprises after seeing the movieGood effort on capturing the perspectives of the different emotions which will be eye opening for the target audience chapter book readers

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Driven by Emotions ➟ [Epub] ❤ Driven by Emotions By Elise Allen ➩ – Como muchos de nosotros Riley a sus once años de edad es guiada por sus emociones Alegría Desagrado Temor Furia y Tristeza Hasta ahora ella ha sido una niña feliz porue Alegría siempre ha tenidoto Como muchos de nosotros Riley a sus once años de edad es guiada por sus emociones Alegría Desagrado Temor Furia y Tristeza Hasta ahora ella ha sido una niña feliz porue Alegría siempre ha tenidotodo bajo control Riley ama su hogar en Minnesota tiene una gran relación con sus papás y vive para jugar hockey con su mejor amigaUn día las cosas cambiaron Riley y su familia recorrieron miles de kilómetros para mudarse a San Francisco La vida de Riley se puso de cabeza de un día para otro y sus emociones aún Driven by Kindle - siguen mareadasAunue el mundo de Riley se salió intensamente de control Alegría Desagrado Temor Furia y Tristeza te contarán desde su perspectiva su divertida versión de la mudanzaAlegría ¡La mudanza a San Francisco fue increíbleHa sido una de las mejores aventuras ue hemos tenidoDesagrado ¡Me da igualYa lo superéTemor Fue una experiencia horrible ¡Casi no salimos vivos de esta Furia ¿Increíble ¡Les enseñaré lo ue es increíble¡GrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrTristeza Cuando recuerdo lo ue vivimos me sumerjo en una ola de melancolía.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 240 pages
  • Driven by Emotions
  • Elise Allen
  • English
  • 12 December 2014

About the Author: Elise Allen

Lover of books Disneyland dogs and the Philadelphia Eagles.