Mated eBook å Kindle Edition

Mated eBook å Kindle Edition

Mated (Wildemount Alphas #3) ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Mated (Wildemount Alphas #3) Author Cora Wolf – 100% Pure Sexiness No Filler Stand alone paranormal werewolf romance No cliffhanger just a happy and sexy ending Shifters are dangerous and they don’t give a damn about human laws Every girl with an % Pure Sexiness No Filler Stand alone paranormal werewolf romance No cliffhanger just a happy and sexy ending Shifters are dangerous and they don’t give a damn about human laws Every girl with any sense knows to stay far away from an alpha on the prowl for a new mate But Maisie’s very human ex is the one trying to kidnap her and the alpha werewolf is the one rescuing her and insisting that he stay and protect her She isn’t sure if she should run away or jump in to his big tattooed arms Everett has a plan Find a few sweet and sexy human girls to be his mates claim a prime piece of territory and start a pack Nowhere in the plan is he supposed to rescue a curvy and alluring girl getting shoved in to the trunk of a car And he definitely isn’t supposed to get so attached to her But the moment Everett sees Maisie he knows she’s his first mate But Maisie isn’t interested in being anyone’s first mate or first wife or first anything She needs to tame the wild werewolf and show him that just one mate can be so much better than three Reader's Note This story contains some seriously sexy scenes If you're not interested in reading about curvy ladies who like their bodies getting it on with tough growly alphas then this story probably isn't for you Categories BBW Werewolf Shapeshifter Paranormal Romance.

10 thoughts on “Mated (Wildemount Alphas #3)

  1. Amanda Amanda says:

    My only real problem is the lack of epilogue it's a pet peeve of mine I just always feel like it rounds out the book to have a glimpse at happily ever after

  2. Jara Beaubien Jara Beaubien says:

    Maisie is very human and her ex is trying to kidnap her and she does not want anything to with him until one man appears and rescues her Maisie is not too sure if she should run away or jump into his arms Everett has a plan in his mind that is to find a few sweet and sexy woman and start a new pack away from where Nowhere in the plan is he supposed to rescue a curvy and alluring girl getting shoved in to the trunk of a car And he definitely isn’t supposed to get so attached to her But fate has other ideas and well you will have to read the story to find out

  3. BJ BJ says:

    The H has plans for his future He wants a big pack 3 mates and lots of cubs The h is human he helps her when she is attacked by her ex looks after her wants her as his first mate The h knows little about shifters but knows she will not accept being part of a group of mates The evil ex outsmarts the H but eventually H prevails wants the h enough to have her as his only mate It was Ok

  4. Julie Julie says:

    DisappointingThe male was hard to like and the human female well she had a backbone but left her bestie without a good bye nothing It is a short story and not a good one at all The wolf seemed robotic not worth the read

  5. Monica Monica says:

    Here is my summary of the story I liked Maisie because she is an independent woman and can be hard headed LOL She’s one of those heroines who doesn’t like asking for help when she needs it She’s enad with Everett but still wary Shifters are known but nobody really trusts them yet and they are ok with that and keep to themselves Everett has this idea to be like his father Which isn’t a bad thing but he happens to have 5 mates and has produced 19 cubs So Everett wants 3 mates to reproduce and have cubs Maybe not as many as his father but close to it In a way this totally freaks Maisie out and she refuses to be Everett’s mate because she doesn’t want to share him Good for her She stands her ground  It takes him uite awhile to understand where she is coming from Everett is different he’s kind of a cavemanold worldchauvinistic type of guy He’s sweet and totally alpha and very protective but he doesn’t seem to understand human females that well LOL At the risk of losing Maisie who he wants really badly he realizes he loves her and can’t live without her If that means he only has her as a mate then he’s ok with that Jay her ex is a creeper and a little bit crazy and comes after her a few times She has this best friend Lisa I liked her at first but she turned on her in a way and pretty much was a specist Although I’d like character development and get to know about these 2 characters I relaly enjoyed the read Cora always delivers Sweet storyI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review

  6. Linda Levine Linda Levine says:

    Maisie is trying to learn from her past mistakes She has always been with the bad boy She totally changed her life around and left that life behind until her ex tried to forcefully bring her back Everett sees the attack and saves her He decides she is meant to be his mate However his plan is to have several mates so he can build a stronger pack She is not interested in that kind of arrangement but really does want him Maisie has to decide what she is willing to accept and keep safe at the same time from her ex and his palsI enjoyed the story I haven't read one in a long time where the male shifter was the main character and wanted several mates So many of the books now in this genre allow the female to have several mates and the males are supposed to accept that It was nice to see a different take on the issue and explore the feelings of jealousy that would often be part of that kind of relationship I liked that Maisie was not a weak character and was willing and able to stand up for herself She believed she was worth and made the changes in her life to get away from those who did not treat her well Everett is kind of thick headed at first but you grow to understand why he feels the way he does and appreciate him for being a strong protectorI received an ARC from the author in return for a honest review

  7. Cheri Cheri says:

    A really good short shifter book Hard to find but this is one I also have a new author to follow Everette's plan to start his own pack gets interrupted by attempted kidnapping of human Maisie by her sorry ex who refuses to let her goSaving her makes her his responsibility to protect it has nothing to do with her soft tempting curves and feisty nature nothing at allMaisie thinks she'll never see him again when he shows up at her friend's house How did he find her? Learning he is a shifter with plans to set up a pack with three or mates ruins any interest in long term for Maisie She can't help being drawn to him even though she tries to convince him she can take care of herselfWho will convince the other will they form a lasting union or go their separate ways? Has the nasty ex given up or is she still in danger?So many uestions Along the way there is some super hot sex interesting verbal sparring and real adjusting to other life styles This is a strong recommend for me I got this one for free and just purchased the second one in the series however this is A STAND A LONE not a cliff hanger

  8. Lori Lori says:

    Not engaging don't botherNOTE There is a reference some would consider as TMI you probably won't care though Honestly I was bored and annoyed I'm trying to figure out how to describe this and very flat comes to mind The characters aren't given full personalities She doesn't have enough history to let us know her and his history is summed up in a couple of paragraphs towards the end of the story The action scenes made no sense ANYONE in the first situation would call the police She kinda blows it off like Oh well I feel certain rules need to be followed when writing a book logic must be taken into consideration The reason the cops weren't called? It would have ended the book To finish this I will just say that this book is poorly written with a story that is just plain stupid The ending? I wished this had been a paperback and not an e book so that I could have thrown this I am going to see what other reviewers saidit'll be better than this book

  9. Robyn Robyn says:

    Tall dark and oh so sexy Everett is on a mission to find his mates and buy as much land as possible to start his own pack Maisie is a girl just trying to stay out of the way of an ex boyfriend Jay Maisie just wants to be left alone her stalker ex Jay does not know the work NO Jay is harassing and very dangerous In a possible kidnapping Everett comes to Maisie's rescue Maisie gets away with her friend Lisa Everett cannot stand to be alone from Maisie Her scent her looks and her body call to him Tracking her down that evening they exchange not only some small talk but some hot passion Cora Wolf does a great job introducing the Wildemount Alpha clan Can Maisie convince Everett to a monogamous relationship? Can Everett give up on the idea of a large family Pack made up of multiple mates? I cannot wait to read of the Alpha and his mate

  10. Nancy Fontaine Nancy Fontaine says:

    This book has a strong female character who is trying not to pick the bad guys again Her last boyfriend is stalking her and when he finds her tries to kidnap her His attempt is stopped by a shifterEverett who decides to continue to watch over her while trying to get her to be his first mateEverett is on his way to Texas to start his own clanHowever he needs at least 3 mates or so he thinks Maisie and Everett have an interesting way to figure things out You will enjoy this bookI received this book in exchange for an honest review

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