The Shootout Solution Epub ✓ The Shootout PDF/EPUB

The Shootout Solution Epub ✓ The Shootout PDF/EPUB

The Shootout Solution ❴Ebook❵ ➠ The Shootout Solution Author Michael R. Underwood – Jasper Fforde meets Leverage The Genrenauts travel across dimensions to the worlds where genres live fixing off track stories to protect our EarthLeah Tang just died on stage Not literally Not yetLeah Jasper Fforde meets Leverage The Genrenauts travel across dimensions to the worlds where genres live fixing off track stories to protect our EarthLeah Tang just died on stage Not literally Not yetLeah's stand up The Shootout PDF/EPUB or career isn't going well But she understands the power of fiction and when she's offered employment with the mysterious Genrenauts Foundation she soon discovers that literally dying on stage is a hazard of the job Her first job takes her to a Western world When a cowboy tale slips off its rails and the outlaws start to win it's up to Leah and the Genrenauts team to nudge the story back on track and prevent major ripples on EarthBut the story's hero isn't interested in winning and the safety of Earth hangs in the balance.

About the Author: Michael R. Underwood

's books include Genrenauts a rFantasy Stabby Award finalist science fiction adventure series in novellas A group of storytellers travel between dimensions to the worlds where genres live to fix broken stories Starts with The Shootout PDF/EPUB or The Shootout Solution Collections available Genrenauts The Complete Season OneThe Ree Reyes urban fantasy series Geekomancy Celebromancy Attack the Geek Hexomancy about magicians who channel the power of popular culture Starts with Geekomancy Born to the Blade a political action fantasy about duelist diplomats vying for their nation's interests in a world on the brink of war Co written with Marie Brennan Malka Older and Cassandra Khaw for Serial Box Publishing Collections available Born to the Blade Season One Shield and Crocus a superheroes meets epic fantasy novel where an aging revolutionary makes a deal with his most deadly foe to turn the tide of a fifty year long fight to free his city The Younger Gods a supernatural thriller starring the white sheep member of a family of demon worshippers as he tries to stop his big sister from ending the world Mike started telling stories when he learned to talk and hasn't seen a reason to stop yet He grew up playing video games CCGs RPGs and many other delightful games with acronyms As a teenager the friendly local game store was his home away from home and the site of his apprenticeship in geekdomMike earned a BA in Creative Mythology and in East Asian Studies from Indiana University and a MA in Folklore Studies from the University of Oregon Basically destined to be a novelist He is also a graduate of the Clarion West Writers Workshop Properly euipped with lots of ways to develop story ideas Mike has been a barista a bear builder a sales representative and the North American Sales Marketing Manager for Angry Robot Books Mike lives with his wife and their dog in Balti MD.

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  1. Bradley Bradley says:

    This is SF Well actually it's Western but since I don't want to bother making a shelf for that and it really is SF without being Westworld I'll leave it as SFExcept It's also a writing manual giving us all the insides of How To Write A Story as the means to live while being inside one Or three Or eighteen stories Or however many Tau Heinleinesue The Number of the Beast alternate universes there are when genres spin into umbrella universes that split even further into sub genres that split into yet subgenresAnd the whole point is that the GENRES ARE MIXING AND BREAKING DOWN oh my god the universe is breechingDamn cool concept and I think I'm gonna like this even than Geekomancy because it's not only tapping into nostalgia but it's also going to tap into archetypes in a BIG way in order to Get Things Done Hell it's written in such a way that even the ultra conscious way that the story is written gets sublimated into the characters who consider the fine points of storytelling just so they can manipulate a whole worldview inside the genre And then underneath that or above it I can't really decide where that layer belongs we've got Leah transforming from Reluctant Hero to Kid to Sidekick back to Reluctant Hero in her own tale that is in itself a metafiction of all these alternate realitiesAnd is it easy to follow unlike my review's narrative? Hell yes It's all story tongue in cheek pure adventureIt's good all by itselfThe only thing that could make it better is an ongoing series of novellas doing the same thing and enlarging the concept But Oh Wait It isI'm tickled pink And thanks to Tor I recently got Episode 2 as an ARC Guess what I'm going to do in 2 minutes?

  2. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    Our world is surrounded by genre worlds only slightly removed from us in the dimension of narrative and they have an effect on us via a thematic semiotic lol resonance And there's a group of people whose job it is to keep the genres stable That's where Leah Tang comes in She's just been recruited to help out and her first job is to help out a team with a routine Western storyThis is a light fun read with a focus on diversity and a massive awareness of tropes and the problems with tropes Or the problem tropes Something like thatI will be continuing with them

  3. Joel Joel says:

    A preposterously creative idea with the writing talent and humor to back it up Light hearted and very rewarding I'm looking forward to the the future 'episodes'As a side note the wonderful Mary Robinette Kowal crushes the audiobook narration of this one continuing to win at life as she always has

  4. wishforagiraffe wishforagiraffe says:

    The premise is simple yet somehow ended up hitting me really hard there's our regular everyday world and there are story worlds that exist in another dimension in space orbiting Earth impacting Earth based on which story world that's at issue Problems in the story worlds cause problems on Earth so if you can fix problems on the story worlds you can solve Earth's problems For me someone who is pretty damn worried about Earth's problems on a pretty regular basis this simple solution that is also so much wish fulfillment as a geek was really rather poignant I had to actually put my Kindle down for a moment and take a break because of how happy the concept made me and how sad I was that we don't have such an easy fix The cast of characters will probably be dismissed by folks who hate diversity for diversity's sake or checking off boxes on the SJW checklist but honestly it was really refreshing to see so many non white non male characters They all felt like solid characters not tokens and for being a novella what we saw of each character's motivations made sense and workedSo far as the plot went I saw the twist coming about a mile away but I was happy that was where the story went and I was definitely pleased with how the ending was wrapped up on Western worldI'm impressed with the pacing and the plotting because there's a lot of ground to cover and really not all that much space to do it in These could easily be much longer books but the episodic nature and short time span addressed in text by staying too long in story worlds Bad News Bears means the story has to be tight and it is There are still however plenty of mentions of real world issues and current events This is very much a book that is of this moment this moment being 20152016 with all the socio political class race gender environmental issues that conjures up They don't all get mentioned overtly but it's obvious that the issues are apparent and important to the characters and I expect some of them will come up in later books in the seriesIt's certainly not for everyone and the folks who it would immediately turn off have probably long stopped reading this review If you're looking for a fun adventure that's socially aware and culturally relevant I think this would be a good book for youI was provided with a copy of this book for review by the author

  5. Michael Underwood Michael Underwood says:

    The first Genrenauts novella aka The Pilot Episode Meet struggling stand up comic Leah Tang as she is invited to join The GenrenautsWhen a story breaks on one of the other worlds based on a genre like Western Romance Science Fiction etc the Genrenauts deploy to find and fix the broken story to protect our so called 'real world'I listened to a ton of Westerns as books on tape as a kid and I love thinking about how formative the Western is for American storytelling We see its influence in Action movies Superheroes and It's a genre that has been immensely popular but waned in popularity for uite some time It's making a comeback now and I'm excited to take part in this new wave of stories re examining and re framing the western especially in terms of looking at gender race and sexualityIf you're a fan of the Ree Reyes Geekomancy books I think you'll love Genrenauts too

  6. Ron Ron says:

    “You never choose to be the Chosen One You just are”First do not read the blurb on this book; read the book Especially of you like books or writing As the name Genrenauts implies this story is as much about story telling as it is about the story If I explain why it’ll spoil your delight Trust meImagine a semi normal person is enlisted to help keep the genre worlds and ours safe What are the genre worlds? What do you think? That’s all I’m tellingThe relatively short novel is stuffed with pop culture and literary references Obvious acronyms are not spelled out The obligatory PC is deftly served In other words Underwood credits the reader with having a brain Genre expectations archetypes and time honored tropes are visited and occasionally turned upside down Well designed well told Maybe not uite five stars but I’m rounding up because it’s so much funThink “counter narrative”

  7. Beth Cato Beth Cato says:

    I received an early copy of this novella through NetGalleyI confess right from the start I'm biased I read this as an early draft and loved it and I was overjoyed when Genrenauts was announced as part of a new novella series at Tor The concept is a delightful and original mash up of uantum Leap and Sliders and so many other fun shows Earth has parallel worlds that echo tropes of literary genres and if a story on such a world goes off kilter it impacts people on Earth Leah is recruited straight out of her stand up show and dropped into a bucketful of weird and unbelievable It's a fun ride as they jaunt off to western world where troublesome tropes do exist but are delightfully subverted by Underwood's deft plotting I can't wait for the next installment

  8. Michael Hicks Michael Hicks says:

    The genrenauts are the literary euivalent of The A Team by way of Star Trek uantum Leaping their way through alternate dimensions defined entirely by genre tropes There’s our Earth Earth Prime and in the vast dimensions beyond there are strange worlds of stories constantly in motion – Romance World Sci Fi World and in this initial episode Western World When things awry in the story worlds they cause ripple effects that bleed over into our own world It’s the job of the genrenauts to fix these broken stories before Earth suffers the conseuencesMichael R Underwood has crafted what looks to be a very promising very entertaining bit of light concept driven science fiction presented in episodic format The Shootout Solution is very much a pilot episode – we’re introduced to the concept and the crew through the eyes of a new recruit hurtled through her initial adventure and given hints of way tumultuous events to keep us hooked into coming back for the next episodeThere’s enough geeky references and nods to genre tropes to keep me entertained and I love the ideas taking shaping in the framework of this particular narrative The sci fi shows of my youth have clearly had a tremendous influence on Underwood and this novella hits that particular sweet spot left unfulfilled since uantum Leap and Sliders went off the air It’s a jolly bit of fun where entertainment is the central goal wrapped up inside an easily digested Big Brilliant IdeaThat said I found myself wishing for a little bit depth and exploration of the central conceits particularly around the idea of the broken stories that activate the genrenauts’ missions I’m hopeful we’ll get some deeper explorations of the minutiae in future installments as the overarching story arc that is alluded to in this novella’s closing moments promises all kinds of wonderful hijinksFunny smart and with a wonderfully diverse cast I’m eager for Genrenauts and I happen to be in luck Episode 2 is already on my Kindle so that’s up next Stay tuned for trope troops

  9. unknown unknown says:


  10. Hobart Hobart says:

    Because he didn't have enough seriesirons in the fire already here's a new series from Michael R Underwood the man behind the Ree ReeGeekomancy series Shield and Crocus and The Younger Gods which may be a series or may be a stand alone This one is sort of familiar territory but differs enough that it doesn't feel tiredSo Leah is trying to make it as a stand up comic in Balti I didn't realize that Balti was a good place for this but sure why not? So the stand up isn't working for her her day job is as a receptionist and isn't the basis for a future So she can't help but be interested when some mysterious man who seems to appreciate her act approaches her and saysI’m Dr Angstrom King Department of Comparative Literature I run a narrative immersion laboratory and I’m looking for new staff I think you might be an excellent fitThe reality behind that gobbledygook is tough to explain in a paragraph but I'll try there are several parallel universes to ours Earth Prime and each of these correlates to a genre in fiction not just books so there's a Science Fiction World a Romance World A Horror World and so on Each of these universes impacts ours in the narratives we tell each other And when something goes wrong the World's narrative it spills over in our reality So there's a group of people like uantum Leap or Voyagers who pop in fix the problem and pop out once stability to the narrative returns The people that are aware of these worlds and that travel between are called Genrenauts catchy eh?So Leah tries it out traveling to Western World to clean up a sticky situation While there she meets some of King's team helps some people out and get a real baptism by fire into this strange new world There's some fun with tropes character types a shootout bad whiskey pretty much everything you'd want sans a suinty Eastwood characterIt's told with a light touch the debt to Leverage and The Librarians is obvious and readily acknowledged with a good dose of action a hint of a looming catastropheconspiracy There's a good deal of literarynarrative theory under girding this whole project it's not as frivolous as it may seemThere's so much emphasis on the premise of this series and with the adventure in Western World that we didn't get a good introduction to the characters In addition to Leah there was King and 2 teammates some references to a couple of others 2 people from the Western world But Leah's the only one that I could say has than 1 dimension to them I'm confident when I say that'll be taken care of in short order in the future though But for now the team is full of types not people Leah is further on her way to being a fully developed character primarily a collection of characteristics and tics at the moment but close She's smart savvy uick on her feet a pop culture junkie Unlike Ree Leah's a professional smart aleck or aspires to be one anyway Not that anyone needs a justification to be uippy and snarky in the face of danger in SF but it's nice that she has one I enjoyed meeting her and want to get to know her better while watching these collection of characteristics congeal into a characterI'm giving this 4 Stars I think it earns a 3 it's so pilot episode y that it's hard to tell I really enjoyed it and I'm in for at least a handful of books so I'll give it a one star bump for the premise I'm eager really eager to get the next one

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