A Pigs View of Heaven PDF µ View of ePUB ☆ A

A Pigs View of Heaven PDF µ View of ePUB ☆ A

A Pigs View of Heaven ➫ A Pigs View of Heaven Read ➳ Author Stephen McQuiggan – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk There's something in Troughton's Moss that's been there for ages It speaks to the people of Ellsford whispers in their ear burrows into their minds like a Brainworm and it tells them what to doTHE MAD View of ePUB ☆ There's something in Troughton's Moss that's been there for ages It speaks to the people of Ellsford whispers in their ear burrows into their minds like a Brainworm and it tells them what to doTHE MADONNATwenty years ago A Pigs Epub / it spoke to Paul Cunningham and set the wheels in motion He brutally murdered then raped a young woman A short while later within the narrow confines of her grave she gave birth to THE CHILDGrown to adulthood it Pigs View of PDF/EPUB é moves undetected amongst the people of Ellsford with only one purpose THE END TIMESThe time has come The Moss is beginning to give up its dead sacrifices made in its name throughout the ages THE CHOSEN ONEDobson Heather a child of the Moss himself has been marked But is he Ellsford's salvation or their damnation.

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  1. Hal Bodner Hal Bodner says:

    Stephen Mcuiggan's A PIG'S VIEW OF HEAVEN could have been a truly great novel I mean that And though Mcuiggan's creepy tale of murder and destiny may constitute a good book perhaps even a very good one it fails to achieve greatness In all aspects save for one the book rivals early Stephen King and Peter Straub Here you'll find the same epic uality to Mcuiggan's writing notwithstanding that the book is set in a small British town reminiscent of 'SALEMS LOT and GHOST STORY I liked the novel uite a bit but I vacillated between giving it three or four stars when I realized that I liked it far for its potential than for what was actually on the page In the end I decided that Liked it was honest than Really Liked It though had I been only slightly less frustrated by the book my decision could have easily gone the other way Mcuiggan certainly knows his way around language To make another comparison with better known authors his prose often rivals Anne Rice or even later McCammon only with a poetic flair The author has a penchant for metaphor that surprisingly isn't at all pretentious Many writers especially those who use so called elevated language to create an ersatz sophistication which reuires a thesaurus to translate could glean some valuable and constructive lessons from Mcuiggan's prose His flair for language is deceptively complex for something that at first appears simple often reflecting the surrounding events in the story When he writesBy the time he reached the pavilion he was sweating his breath a tracker dog before him the reader's visualization is swift and complete Some of his prose borders on poetic such as this little gemHis hand stuck on the steel handle stealing skin instead of fingerprints And in a single evocative sentence that carries so much meaning than the words alone suggest Mcuiggan writesShe pushed her daughter along at a dangerous pace her knuckles swollen and angry from the cold or lack of a wedding ringMcuiggan also has a talent for story He keeps several plot lines going at once to create a story of a prophecy gone bad There is nothing cliched here; all of his ideas are fresh and newMcuiggan's bete noir on the other hand is his ability to craft characters That is not to say that his fictional creations aren't believable; they are But the author fails to give any of them a distinctive voice and thus they never emerge from the page as separate personalities Instead his characters blend together into groups of types such as the Young Men the Villagers the Older Women with little to distinguish them from one anotherGiven the complexities of the novel's plot it becomes almost impossible for the reader to remember who is who In the end this is a fatal flaw We don't really know the people and thus we fail to muster much sympathy for them or to care very much what happens Mcuiggan also makes the very strange and frustrating choice to give several of his characters very similar names making it even difficult for the reader to follow the story By the halfway point I felt lost and hopelessly mixed up Yet there is an awful lot of good writing in the novel along with some genuinely creepy or highly emotional moments I recommend it albeit with a slight hesitation Some readers are likely to become confused or frustrated and toss it aside which is a true shame In any case Mcuiggan is certainly a writer to keep an eye on and once he masters the craft of creating characters with distinctive voices I think we'll see some great work out of him I for one am certainly looking forward to it

  2. Catherine Grant Catherine Grant says:

    Small town horror that is relentless in it's brutality and despair I needed a brain bleaching after this with something happier like Jack Ketchum The writing was lyrical clean and skillful I see big things in store for Stephen Mcuiggan who wove the story of five friends trapped under the spell of an undefined hungry darkess into a satisfying ending that was anything but cliche Each character was a surprise in their complexity and originality and kept me engaged up until the bittersweet end

  3. Reading Reindeer Emigrates To Pluto Reading Reindeer Emigrates To Pluto says:

    Review A PIG'S VIEW OF HEAVEN by Stephen McuigganSomething exists beneath the swampy Troughton's Moss something evil ancient and very hungry hungry for blood and flesh for murder and mutilation In the village it can readily find malleable humans to carry out its desires For its purposes humans are virtually interchangeable For no that's sufficient; but eventually this Something wants to act on its own A PIG'S VIEW OF HEAVEN is a dark look at evil within the human heart and without at deception and illusion desire and dismay

  4. Irene Irene says:

    I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book from the minute I saw the cover and read the description and it did not disappoint me This is a dark and twisted tale full of nasty little secrets that are beginning to come to light Depravity and evil abounds in Troughton's Moss

  5. Stuart West Stuart West says:

    Irish author Mcuiggan's A Pig's View of Heaven is a twisted albeit flawed masterpiece of horror writing I haven't read exuisite prose like this in a long time a true joy to read Mcuiggan can twist a metaphor with unexpectedly fresh phrasing The story involves a group of slacker friends in a small Irish town drawn into a web of murder and supernatural secrets I think The final third of the book becomes a bit confusing almost rushed There are numerous characters maybe too many rousting about and it doesn't help that they're referred to by up to three or names first last nicknames But these are minor uibbles when the writing is this spectacular Come for the horror stay and savor the prose Truly outstanding and recommended

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