Her Cold Revenge PDF/EPUB Æ Her Cold PDF \

Her Cold Revenge PDF/EPUB Æ Her Cold PDF \

Her Cold Revenge (Wanted, #2) ❮Reading❯ ➵ Her Cold Revenge (Wanted, #2) ➭ Author Erin Johnson – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Grace Milton has only one goal bring to justice the Guiltless Gang the outlaws who slaughtered her family That's why she had to abandoned Joe and the Apache she couldn't afford any distractions Now sh Grace Milton has only one goal bring to justice the Guiltless Gang the outlaws who slaughtered her family That's why she had to abandoned Joe and the Apache she couldn't afford any distractions Now she's making her living as one of the only female bounty Her Cold PDF \ hunter in the Wild West despite the doubts and protests of others But when Joe shows up in town Grace is torn Feelings she thought she had left behind at the Apache camp are rekindled and the passion threatens to pull her away from her mission But soon rumors surface that two members of the Guiltless Gang are nearby planning a daring train robbery and now Grace is faced with an impossible choice Will she stay with Joe and forget her vendetta or risk everything her love her life to fulfill her all consuming need for vengeance The second book in the gripping Wanted series this Western revenge epic is a must read for teen readers who are fans of relentless action and suspense and heart wrenching romance.

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  1. Sherreka Burton Sherreka Burton says:

    I received this ARC at BookCon 2015; thoughts are not based on the final published version of the book and I was not paid for this review One Sentence Summary Grace is set on avenging her family’s death at the hands of the Guiltless Gang but will she able to do so when Joe comes back in to her life? TimeSetting Old West back in the dayReview I was actually pretty excited that I got this book the EXACT same way that I got the first book of the series by spinning a wheel at the publisher’s booth Maybe next year I’ll win the last one as well? We can dream So this book continues the story of Grace and her need for revenge against the Guiltless Gang She is now living as a female bounty hunter and we all know when a woman enters a “man’s” profession people tend to get a little ornery Grace does a few awesome things in this book but she also does some stupid things as well I don’t understand being prepared and still being caught off guard There’s one scene I just couldn’t believe the foolishness whatever I personally did not want Joe to come back just yet because I need Grace to toughen up on her own But alas that was not to be fulfilled I kind of wanted this not to be a trilogy because the story just doesn’t have anywhere to go developmentally for Grace since I’m sure Joe is going to be around they’re still going to have the same arguments about her being safe and him being a distraction and the Guiltless Gang will be captured But hey that’s how all romances go right? Oh wellFavorite Character Emily came through in the clutchLeast Favorite Character The Watkins brothers are ridiculousFavorite uote EhRecommend? SureRe read? Probably not I don’t think I need a recap to get the next book’s message

  2. Christina Banach Christina Banach says:

    This series just gets better and better Having read the first Wanted book Grace and the Guiltless I had high hopes for book 2 Erin Johnson did not disappoint Grace the badass heroine who is on a uest to get justice for her murdered family is the very epitome of ‘girl power’ However she is also at times a vulnerable and selflessness character which greatly endears her to the reader it would be difficult not to warm to or root for a girl so brave and thoughtful The tale has a wonderfully action packed plot and such was my enjoyment of the story that I read it in one sitting Fast paced filled to the brim with memorable characters amongst a vivid backdrop this is beautifully written book is a must read for teens or adults alike

  3. Salama Ngala Salama Ngala says:

    SPOILER ALERT The book is incomplete on Wattpad Seuoyah and Dahana finally elope in chapter 15 and Erin Johnson has broken my heart into a million pieces Apparently switch press couldn't allow her post chapters ust when things were about to get interesting Guess I have to buy the copy on now

  4. Jenten0018 Jenten0018 says:

    Can't wait for the next one to come out The only complaint I really have is that I wish all the action hadn't been shoved up at the end I wanted it to be longer and drawn out It all happened just so fast

  5. Jeanna Jeanna says:

    Great in every way In Grace and the Guiltless Grace leaves before sunrise escaping a love that she finds both exhilarating but distracting She must continue her uest of hunting down the Guiltless Gang the people who killed her family In Her Cold Revenge she becomes one of the only female bounty hunters in the West bringing criminals to justice When there is news of a potential train robbery—and two of the Guiltless Gang members are behind it—Grace snags a ticket and hopes to soon find the justice her family deservesWhenever I write seuel reviews it is a reuirement that I spend at least a paragraph talking about how it suffered from seuel syndrome—where it wasn’t as good as the first one However there will be no such paragraph in this review Her Cold Revenge was as good as the first if not better It was great to be back in the world Erin Johnson created back in cowboy boots and horseback riding through the Wild West I’m still extremely surprised I like this series As I said in the first review I don’t read Westerns Living on a farm my location puts me off to any possible Wild West setting Despite my daily life reading about Grace’s adventures makes me realize that I should have been reading this genre a long time ago This seuel is fantastic Readers are familiar with the characters and the story therefore Johnson decided to delve deeper into less plot and romance It was a good choice As much as there was romance in Grace it wasn’t to this degree In Her Cold Revenge Johnson heats it up a few notchesGrace is one strong female protagonist Gone is that annoying girl from the first book who would repeat her mission like a broken record Her Cold Revenge depicts Grace as a bounty hunter brave but merciful Johnson cleverly drew up the relationship between Grace and Joe in which Joe wants to protect her but does not want to suash her strength It is both gorgeous romantic and if Grace keeps pushing Joe away I’m sure any reader would be happy to snatch himAlso I love the act of Grace getting revenge on the people who murdered her family Readers are counting down as those bodies drop and feathers fall From the first one finding justice for her family has been ingrained into readers and they want it almost as much as Grace herself wants it The seuel presents non stop action and original heart pounding scenes that will only leave readers wanting Her Cold Revenge is a great seuel to an entertaining series Joe and Grace will surely win the hearts of many In the second book of the Wanted series things start heating up and it’s not the weather and nonstop adventure leaves readers breathless

  6. Sally Kruger Sally Kruger says:

    Grace Milton watched the massacre of her family and she swore revenge Finding the killers is proving to be difficult than she anticipated Part of that difficulty comes from the fact that she is a woman and the world of law enforcement and bounty hunting in the Wild West doesn't welcome womenAs she waits for the Guiltless Gang to surface she has to make a living so she fights for every chance she gets to bring in petty criminals and claim the rewards Slowly she is gaining respect from some of her competitors but it isn't going to be easy to convince everyone that she deserves to a place with the other bounty huntersAnother complication is facing her feelings for Joe who helped her survive and convinced the Ndeh tribe to take her in when she needed it most Reuniting with Joe has Grace uestioning the emotional and physical attraction that draws her to him and leaves her worried that getting too close to him might make her too soft to carry through with her revenge Grace also feels the need to champion the cause of the other women trying to survive in the tough world of the West Widows and children and her dear friend from the Ndeh tribe are depending on her Despite the distractions Grace clings to her desire to honor her family's memoryHER COLD REVENGE by Erin Johnson is the second book in the Wanted series Intense action hardened criminals and romance all combine to grab readers and keep them wanting Book #3 is due for release in August of 2016

  7. Julie Fulton Julie Fulton says:

    I had read the first story in this series and was unsure whether this seuel would manage to keep up the pace and interest of the original I was delighted to discover that it does Here we find Grace still determined to get her revenge on the members of the Guiltless Gang who so ruthlessly murdered all her family She has found work as a bounty hunter and on hearing of plans to stage a train robbery with two of the Guiltless Gang members among the criminals buys a ticket to be there when it happensThe problem is Joe her love interest has arrived back on the scene and is feeling protective Will Grace be able to carry out her plan with him around? And then there's the small problem of a young girl who wants to be Grace's deputy what will happen when she travels on the very train due to be robbed and starts to 'help out'?Non stop action and romance carry the reader along as the characters are developed I am not normally a reader of western style stories but fortunately decided to give this series a go I have not regretted it

  8. Bobbi Miller Bobbi Miller says:

    As a big fan of Westerns I so enjoyed the first book of the Wanted series Grace and the Guiltless We were introduced to a compelling protagonist Grace a survivor of a horrific family massacre Vowing justice for her family Grace turns bounty hunter and sets out to find the Guiltless Gang This book continues her mission for justice He leaves her beloved Joe to become the only female bounty hunter in the Wild West A fully realized character she’s confident in this seuel and determined than ever When Joe shows up unexpectedly igniting old passions she begins to waver does she choose love or justice for her family This is an action packed adventure better than the first book

  9. Rebecca Colby Rebecca Colby says:

    This is the second book in a series about Grace Milton a girl whose family was murdered by the Guiltless Gang In her pursuit for revenge Grace becomes a bounty hunter in the Wild West and must act to stop two of the gang members from robbing a train The only problem is that Grace’s love interest Joe shows up and then Grace is torn between wanting to be with Joe and avenging her family I’m not normally a Western fan but this book won me over It’s a suspenseful action packed read

  10. Yvonne Ventresca Yvonne Ventresca says:

    In book two of this series Grace continues to pursue the gang who brutally murdered her family She struggles with uestions about faith and revenge even as she seeks justice and falls in love The romantic subplot is passionate but cleanly written Featuring shoot outs bounty hunting and a train robbery Her Cold Revenge is an action packed YA Western

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